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Airline Japan Airlines
Flight JL729
Class Business
Seat 2D
Flight time 08:10
Take-off 29 Dec 14, 18:50
Arrival at 30 Dec 14, 01:00
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Published on 10th April 2015
This was my first time flying JAL, and we decided to try out their business cabin on the way to Jakarta, and first class on the way back. (Stay tuned for my flight report from that leg)

Boarding was very efficient, in typical Japanese fashion. We started only 20 minutes before takeoff, and we still pushed back in time. Business cabin was 2/3 full. No first class on this 767-300.

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The finishes in business were faux wood and leather. Plane was quite warm on boarding and there were no A/C vents in biz. Seating was 1-2-1. The window seats alternate, so every other row is closer to the window, while opposite rows are closer to the aisle. The middle two seats also alternate, so one seat is next to the aisle and one is between two armrests. The seats open to an aisle do feel a little more private but also claustrophobic. This is definitely better for thinner people.

photo 014cb470ee5d97c82ed48b0ae4e0554f66391112ce

Waiting on the seat were headphones, blanket, memory foam pillow, and slippers. The blanket was thinner than I've seen, but the cabin was far too hot to use it anyway, other than to wipe away sweat. Pajamas were also not provided.

photo 018e3ff4fb7b1e1e2d9417d2bb84f44ee3c0988c77

Our flight attendant introduced herself and offered a selection of reading material. No amenity kit was provided. Instead, the attendant walked through the cabin holding a basket containing various items, ear plugs, eye mask, moisture mask, and eye refresher.
She later returned with a bottle of water.

photo 0105c27e26cacc445a1c69f3ffa4cb2c1ff0f4c09a

The seat provided USB & international mains power. The IFE provided a dedicated video port and USB jack for playing your own content. Unfortunately, my second annoyance besides the heat was the headphone jack. It was the old two-prong setup, preventing passengers from using their own headsets. I asked for an adapter so I could use my QC20s, but they had none and I was left with no choice but to use the very low-quality sets provided. Enabling the noise canceling had almost no discernible effect and I had to raise the volume almost to the max to hear the sound over the background noise.

After takeoff, the attendants offered a tray with small glass of OJ or champagne. And a (scalding) hot towel.

Next, the attendants came around to present the menu and take our orders. I chose the western meal. Apparently it was popular because the Fa came back later to ask me politely to change to one of the Japanese offerings. When she saw my hesitation to choose one, she apologized and moved on, asking several other passengers until she found someone willing to switch.

The tray tables extend from under the TV in front of you, and they were large and sturdy. Perfect for working or dining. One interesting aspect of the service was the 3 different kinds of salt provided with the meal.

photo 01c39e0c5b3f864363bd0c3342d944cbad4b6ae2bd

The Pate wasn't my thing, but the beef was very tender and delicious. The truffle sauce was a little overpowering. The tea pudding was interesting and tasty - my wife's favorite part of the meal.

photo 0152e417f64867548c08be1126aa7338e561acc2e3photo 011a413aa89f44a932cb57f6086fa0f9d608462eb8photo 01ae51d3f0f6e378b705a83355de96f37de3705407

Putting the bed down I'm suddenly reminded of hibernation sequences in sci-fi movies. Your legs must be squeezed into the narrow footwell tunnel and pushing the recline button, your body is slowly lowered down into the confines of the seat. My thin 6'0 frame fit, but only barely and I was afforded only minimal movement in each direction. This is definitely better suited for asian frames. The bottom of the foot tunnel is approximately 10x12 inches. The tunnel is very deep - at my height, I was in the tunnel almost up to my waist. You have to lay perfectly straight as a mummy in a sarcophagus. The photos really don't do it justice. When my legs got sore from being stretched out straight, I had to return to a seating position to bend my knees, since it's impossible to do so lying down!

photo 015907995ce9ec49da124bc621bf9c59347082ab7e

The bed nearest the aisle may be better. The foot tunnel is partially open to the aisle, and the arm rest retracts down into the seat, freeing up extra width and making it possible to move freer.

photo 01b85ecd51b0b979de032cc70ac060c7fcee06f169photo 012894d0904070d81fd00d53062e9ad9763d9dc5df

The bed material was comfortable, and the memory foam pillow was excellent. Curiously, the seats are so narrow that while in bed mode, the pillow is too wide to fit without compressing it.

I slept well, despite sweating through my clothes and being too hot to use any blankets. I enjoyed the bedding but not the confined space. My wife disliked even the bedding.

Once I was awake, an attendant was immediately at my side to ask if I needed anything. I asked for a diet coke. She quickly returned with a drink and a bag of rice crackers and asked for permission to serve me now. The presentation and pouring was reminiscent of a fine champagne and concluded with the little Japanese bow. I appreciated that the staff's English was almost perfect.

photo 012046887271a589d0401d9b584db889559041d009

Another attendant offered a tray of different snacks, including different types of ramen, and I selected the ice cream. Rather than giving me the one I had pointed to, she excused herself and returned a moment later with a new tray dedicated to my ice cream and spoon. It was again presented, placed deliberately and carefully into position at a precise angle at my side, before again she bowed and returned to the galley. During discussion, all flight attendants squatted down so they were beneath the passenger's eye level, and not staring down at you. It's these little touches that make the experience on a Japanese airline extra special.

photo 01b653d3fb8a861e1e0cad3aa360474b0c1cfd099e
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Japan Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Tokyo - NRT


Jakarta - CGK



Overall, I felt the service was excellent, but the tight seats and hot temperature prevented this from being a perfect flight.

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  • Comment 133795 by
    Bernardpf59 77 Comments
    thanks for reporting. With JL I prefer to choose japanese menu which is always fantastic but this is very personal opinion indeed. their macha tea desserts are always delicious.
    I should say typical JL service. But why are their aircraft cabins always so hot?
  • Comment 133798 by
    lagentsecret 12304 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    The seat looks way too narrow and if it becomes a coffin when putting down in bed, it's definitely not comfortable

    Usually the Japanese meal is better than the western's but it seems that your meat was good

    See you soon for your return leg in First class
  • Comment 133836 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this interesting report.

    If JL goes through the trouble of offering a basket with an assortment of toiletries, why not give a kit? Is it because this is an intra-Asian route and therefore does not have the status of a long haul?

    I am not surprised about the uncomfortable temperature on your flight. It's well known that Japanese prefer hot temperatures and when I visited Tokyo during winter and went up to my room it felt like a steam room. Mind you, this was the ANA Intercontinental which was a Western property.

    The meal looks decent and well presented.

    Service is excellent as expected. Too bad that the seats were tight and constrained. Frankly I am not in a hurry to try this cabin in the future.

  • Comment 133890 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9851 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report. Business calss on JAl is not so often reported on FR !
    The design of the cabin is nice but the seat seem very thin and very stiff !! I laughed at your description of the foot well and the feeling of being in a sarcophagus !
    The catering is ok but I thought taht JAl did better in terms of presentation, here it looks a bit dull.
    The crew did apparently a good job which is not a surprise you can trust Japanese to provide good service.

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