Review of Air France flight Lyon Toulouse in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF7347
Class Economy
Seat 26E
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 11 Apr 15, 08:30
Arrival at 11 Apr 15, 09:30
AF   #25 out of 79 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5326 reviews
By 1885
Published on 13th April 2015

Welcome on my 11th Flight Report, my first one in English. Why did I decide to write this report in English ? Because I think it's very important to support the foreign Flight Report Community. I read almost all the Flight Report written in english, and some of them are really pleasant.

This is a very normal flight, called La Navette between Lyon (LYS) & Toulouse (TLS).
This flight is the beginning of a short Flight Report week-end with 8 other members of (Pat62, Icare, Chevelan, SkyteamCHC, Alcam, Cobra, McFly, Ducourf,).

Pre-Flight :

I live in Lyon (close to the city center) and I have to be at LYS at 7h15. Chevelan comes from Lyon and is already waiting me at LYS.
This is quite easy to go to LYS from the city center. The RhoneExpress is an express shuttle from Lyon Part Dieu (Railway Station) to LYS. It is about 30 min with 2 stops at Meyzieu and Vaulx en Velin. The roundtrip costs 25€ (it is very expensive).

This flight started at home. I downloaded the AF Press App' on the App Store. Good choice of newspapers and magazines.

photo IMG_1932

Well, Chevelan is not yet arrived, I'll wait for him a few minutes inside the TGV Station at LYS.

photo DSC08211

It's a big pleasure to meet Chevelan again, he is very Kind.
Now let's go to the Terminal 2. We have to print our Boarding Pass.

photo DSC08212

Fortunately, our seats are 26E & 26F. Lucky we are. We don't have luggages, only cabin bags.

The check-in at Lyon Terminal 2 is very Large.

photo DSC08213

The departure FIDS. The airport is quite empty in this first day of spring holidays.

photo DSC08214

We now have to pass the security checks.

photo DSC08215

Once we are Airside, we passed through the duty free and we spotted a few planes on the macadam.

photo DSC08216

LYS is not spotter friendly. Air France & Hop are there.

photo DSC08220photo DSC08221photo DSC08222

This is now time to embark. The flight is full and there are almost 12 UM.

photo DSC08225

The finger is glazed and very luminous.

photo DSC08226

Today, our Navette is a pretty Airbus 320 with a recent cabin.

In Flight :

Warm welcome from the flight attendants. We are the last one to board inside this Navette.
Refreshing towels are present in the first galley.

The seat is comfortable.

photo DSC08244

The tablet was a bit dirty (but it's ok).

photo DSC08234

The April's In Flight Magazine. I didn't read it (I was talking with Chevelan).

photo DSC08235

Classic safety card.

photo DSC08236photo DSC08237

The breakfast is quickly served with smile and kindness. We had the choice between Croissant & Pain au Chocolat (chocolate bread). The beverages are coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino or tea. My coffee was a bit cold…. I mean it was not very hot. There was no orange juice.

photo DSC08238photo DSC08239

The flight attendant passed a second time to purpose another croissant. I refused but Chevelan said yes !
We are now descending to Toulouse. This is the first time for me (and a big pleasure to see all this Airbus A350, 380 and 330.340).

photo DSC08240

I've spotted this A350-900.

photo DSC08241

Very Nice landing, and we directly parked.
The cabin (i do like the red line under the hand luggage trunk).

photo DSC08242photo DSC08243photo DSC08245

We left our Navette. Hop is parked closed to us.

photo DSC08248

Last picture of our Navette.

photo DSC08247

Icare, Patrick, Cobra and McFly are already waiting for Chevelan and I inside the Terminal.

Thanks a lot for reading my first report in english.
I would like to apologize for my english level (I'm bad in grammar).

Mathieu :)
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Air France

Cabin crew9.0

Lyon - LYS


Toulouse - TLS



Air France, 8,3/10 :
- I did appreciate this navette. The breakfast was ok and flight attendants very warm and kind. This cabin is my favorite and seats are ok. The pitch is acceptable. The AF Press App' is very practical.

LYS, 7,3/10 :
- Nothing to say. The airport was very calm. The transportation to LYS is just very expensive, it's too bad.

TLS 7,7/10 :
- Nothing special.

Information on the route Lyon (LYS) Toulouse (TLS)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 24 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Lyon (LYS) → Toulouse (TLS).


The airline with the best average rating is Air France with 7.5/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 1 minutes.

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  • Comment 133945 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9214 Comments

    Hey Mathieu ! great idea to publish in english : I'll do the same next time. very good report and very good flight . I have had the pleasure to fly your aircraft F-HBNE on 3 different routes : IST-MRS ORY-TLS & MRS-ORY ! You forgot to mention that you can also have cappuccino for hot drinks in the morning. it was nice to meet you in TLS and I look forward to further meetings !

    • Comment 313924 by
      Mathieu AUTHOR 2078 Comments

      Hey Christophe,
      Thank you for your kind comment. I hope you'll publish some of your reports in english (not all), I think it's important to support the foreign community.
      Did you fly on it with the cabin ? I do like this cabin, and it's very pretty. I can't imagine that AF will renovate this cabin (B&B plan) which is very recent.
      You're right, I forgot to mention cappuccino, I'll add your mention in my report, thanks.
      It has been a pleasure to meet you too.
      See you soon (May or July).

  • Comment 133947 by
    ilyes 1789 Comments


    Welcome aboard La Navette :)
    I thought this flight was operated by Hop.

    How was the croissant this time? It's usually tasteless...

    See you

    • Comment 313925 by
      Mathieu AUTHOR 2078 Comments

      Hey Ilyes,

      Thanks for your comment.
      This flight was operated by AF, but the TLS > LYS was operated by Hop (CRJ 1000). I'll publish this flight in the next days.

      Well, it was called a croissant but it was not a real croissant (cold an very soft).

      See you,

  • Comment 133971 by
    Alcam 2076 Comments

    Thanks Mathieu, it was nice meeting you in TLS.
    Nice report on a small hop in between Lyon and Toulouse

  • Comment 134000 by
    cobra 3587 Comments

    Thanks Mathieu,

    You have a real good flight with AF.
    When FA's are good, strangely, even a basic navette become a pleasant ^^

    It was a real pleasure to meet you

    See you soon, beware the crevette ! :))))

    • Comment 313954 by
      Mathieu AUTHOR 2078 Comments

      Hey Arnaud,

      Thanks for commenting this classic Navette.
      We were surprised by the quality of the FA during this flight.
      The breakfast was really correct despite of there was not orange juice.

      I share this pleasure with you, you are very kind and funny (Like the virtual Cobra en FR).
      See you soon, probably in July :)


  • Comment 134001 by
    ducourf 524 Comments

    Thanks Mathieu,

    A nice flight with the famous french crevette
    Very complete report for this short flight.
    Only hot drink and water .. where is the orange juice ..

    That was a pleasure to see you in TLS !
    I hope to see you in few time .. LIL HAM BIQ LBG ...


    • Comment 313962 by
      Mathieu AUTHOR 2078 Comments

      Hi François,

      Thanks for your comment.
      This crevette is very famous these days ! :)
      Yes, no orange juice (it's too bad) in the morning flights (apparently there is orange juice in the afternoon, not in the morning. Stupid. I don't because I don't drink orange juice.
      It was a pleasure too, you're a very nice #AvGeek.
      Probably LIL and certainly HAM.

      See you my friend,

  • Comment 134012 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    Mathieu, thank you for taking the time to post this in Anglais!

    Your English grammar is not bad, no worse than that of your average American^^

    The Rhônexpress is expensive at €25 roundtrip. I'm also surprised at the density of flights departing LYS at that hour, I wasn't expecting LYS to be a very busy airport.

    At least they served you a proper amount of coffee, unlike the stingy AZ.

    I don't like the cup-holder on the back of the seats, doesn't look overly practical.

    In the end, it is an on-time domestic flight with that was problem free, it's all you ever want and expect.

    • Comment 313976 by
      Mathieu AUTHOR 2078 Comments

      Hello NGO85,

      Thanks for commenting my first report in english. I really appreciate your encouragement.
      RhoneExpress is very expensive, around 25€ roundtrip with student discount (RhoneExpress is the only public transportation to go to LYS).
      LYS in one go the busiest french airport after CDG,ORY and NCE. On Saturday morning, traffic was not very important. I've only spotted 3 or 4 aircrafts at the T2.
      Yes they served a good cup of coffee despite of it was not very hot.
      Actually, most of the glasses and cups served on AF don't fit with the cup holder (It is so stupid).
      A domestic flight on time is everything we can expect from AF.

      See you :)

  • Comment 134602 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6055 Comments

    Hi and thanks for posting your first English report. Overall I think you're grammar is fine :-)
    We don't get many French domestic flights on the English site so, even though there are TONS on the French site, it's kind of different for us. Are you sure that Lyon-Toulouse is considered or branded as La Navette? As far as I know, La Navette is exclusively from Paris-Orly to large provincial cities like Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, etc. Soon all point-to-point domestic flying will be branded Hop to make things even more confusing. AF is good about confusing branding--like Premium Economy on short haul that gets lounge access but regular economy seats, and Premium Economy on long haul that gets better seats, but no lounge access. I like AF, but maybe they need to simplify their brand rather than continue to complicate it? Thanks again for sharing!

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