Avis du vol Air France Paris Tokyo en classe Economique

Compagnie Air France
Vol AF 272
Classe Economique
Siege 23E
Temps de vol 12:25
Décollage 01 Fév 20, 16:05
Arrivée à 02 Fév 20, 12:30
AF   #53 sur 113 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 4489 avis
Par GOLD 977
Publié le 23 octobre 2020


Hello everyone and here we go again for this trip to Japan I did last February, one month before France started a 2-month lockdown.

our japanese route


the transit at Paris

On the previous flight, I let you at the corridor after we got out of the aircraft coming from Nice, France.

photo 20200201_143511-derniere-photo

Our flight's boarding gate remained unchanged. But to go to there, you need at least 25 minutes.

photo 20200201_143650-fids-modifie

Despite the terminal was crowded at some times, the transit was very smooth, which isn't usually the case at CDG.

photo 20200201_143704-airside-pre-paf-84407

The border controls were very fast but I won't have a single stamp on any of my passports. This sucks, especially when you think of how expensive it is to have official valid documents…

photo 20200201_143809-paf

Next stop, gates L.

photo 20200201_144249-post-paf

A water fountain on the way.

photo 20200201_144514-h2okapi-18758

Three AF Boeing. In the background, F-GSPJ is getting ready for Los Angeles (LAX), California. To the front, F-HRBC come back from Panama City (PTY), Panama. It shall go back the day after. And between the two of them our aircraft, F-GSPR.

photo 20200201_144546-notre-avion-et-deux-autresphoto ci-anglaise

On the right.

photo 20200201_144846-quelle-direction-76326

Just after security at gates L, you can find the Air France's lounge.

photo 20200201_145015-lounge-63842

Here is our gate. The boarding staff is getting ready.

Funny fact : A YO! Sushi is located at the opposite of the gate. Something "typical" before you arrived to your destination…

photo 20200201_145749-porte-dembarquementphoto 20200201_145753-yo-suhi-40090

the inflight experience

Boarding was a complete mess : priorities won't be respected at all. The security agents didn't get your temperature and social distances due to coronavirus weren't very respected. Still, those measures weren't even mentionned back then in France.

This time, the identity control has been made by a security officer. He asked you if in the past year you travelled to a foreign country especially China or if you recently had signs of coronavirus. Fortunately, I was in none of these cases.

photo 20200201_151847-file-embarquement-95336

Skypriority passengers and passengers with an assistance are about to board. The flight is scheduled to be "on time".

photo 20200201_150401-vol-prevu-a-lheure

But soon after, the flight has a 10 minutes delay due to the aircraft not ready yet. The boarding staff made an announcement in french, rnglish and japanese.

photo 20200201_150833-embarquement-retarde

10 minutes later, the boarding monitor said the boarding is finally suspended and this time, there shall be no announcements. (Although personnally, I think the aircraft wasn't still ready yet because it arrived to its parking around 45 minutes ago…).

photo 20200201_151539-embarquement-suspendu

Boarding finally started at 3.25 P.M.

photo 20200201_152548-embarquement-lance

The aircrafft's refuelling is in progress. A long journey awaits it. (the distance between both capital cities is around 6 027,93 miles or 9 701 km).

photo 20200201_152630-f-gsprphoto 20200201_152656-moteur

Hello PRofessor 777.

photo 20200201_152651-professeur

Door and playstation moment.

photo 20200201_152724-porte

A very warm welcome from the cultural flight pursuer. I make an attempt if there's still a vacant seat in Business but she'll tell me to see with the senior flight attendant. He answered he'll tell me once boarding is over.

We're passing by Business Best and Beyond cabin, which was tempting…

photo 20200201_152819-business

… and Premium Economy cabin.

photo 20200201_152829-premium-eco

Here we are to our seat (23E). Located right behind Premium Economy.

On every seat, there are a pillow and a sheet.

photo 20200201_152852-mon-siegephoto 20200201_153758-coussinphoto 20200201_153814-couverture

Despite I'm seated at the first row, the legroom might be a little close if you are are tall (1,80m). Besides, the remote on the bottom-left is quite difficult to reach when the table is set.

photo 20200201_153329-pitchphoto 20200201_163008-tablette

You have an electric plug under your seat.

photo 20200201_153835-prise-usb

Clean test, OK…

photo 20200201_160046-test-horatius

The headset.

photo 20200201_153902-casque

On the previous flight, the AF magazine dated from last month. This time, it was the one of the month. The Alsacian region (French region close of Germany and Switzerland) is in the spotlight.

photo 20200201_163050-af-magazine

AF's fleet. And I can see it hasn't been updated.

On the 1st of january 2020, AF removed the first A380 out of 10 that composed its fleet after a special flight from Paris, France to Shanghai, Republic of China. We are now the 1st of Frebruary 2020, so in other words, AF should have 9 superjumbos remaining in its fleet at the date of the flight… Until the sanitary crisis allowed the French carrier to remove every last one of them at the same time.

photo 20200201_163211-flotte

The safety card.

photo 20200201_160140-safety-card-exterieurphoto 20200201_160134-safety-card-interieur

My screen.

photo 20200201_154032-interface

The entertainement offer is rather generous but it's especially because we're flying the 1st day of the new month. Because we can still watch movies that were still available on the past month and not for the current one.

We pushed-back at 4.06 P.M. The Captain introduced the crew and informed passengers all languages spoken by flight attendants: on top of speaking french, english and japanese, flight attendants also speak spanish, italian and even swedish.

The safety video started. But since I'm seated at the first row, my IFE must be stored during taxiing, take-off and landing procedures.

The AF safety video is so boring they should change it. Besides, during taxiing, I shall be rather interested by something outside the aircraft.

Indeed, one of AF's superjumbos that were still there. And not just any one: its registration F-HPJF, and the aircraft that did the last AF commercial flight in A380 between Johannesburg (JNB), South Africa and Paris (CDG), France on the 23rd of March 2020.

The aircraft is now stored in Teruel airport, Spain… :((

We took-off at 4.22 P.M.

But just a minute ago, while the aircraft was lining up, the baggage rack in Premium Economy mysteriously opened by itself. One of the passengers got up and attempted to close it but the cabin crew ordered from their seats to sit back immediately, even if there was still a chance the baggage may fall during the ascent.

Fortunately, no baggage fell. The rack shall be closed when flight attendants were allowed to get up and closed the wall in front of me.

photo 20200201_162121-coffre-a-bagages

On my last flight, AF served a drink and a snack to passengers before dinner comes. Here, this service has been depleted in Economy but still remains in Business. The senior cabin crew attendant finally come back to me about my "upgrade" request, which is a complete failure. As a compensation, he gave me a mini-glass of champagne with nuts you find in Business.

photo 20200201_171321-aperitif-de-consolation

the dinner is served !

Menus are given with a refreshing towel.

photo 20200201_163240-serviette

So, what's on the menu for this flight?

Bad point pour AF: The French carrier don't give any information about the menu on its webiste; you know wht you're gonna have only when you're onboard, whatever the cabin you choose. Not serious at all when France is known as the country of gastronomy. :(

Personnally, I prefer LH or EK because they give the menu on your flight on their website. Even if you didn't buy your ticket yet.

photo 20200201_163255-menu-papierphoto 20200201_163322-boissons

Good point for AF: You can also see the menu on your screen.

photo 20200201_154047-menu-ife

You can also see AF "à la carte" menus. Not the smartest idea to promote these meals when onboard because you need to book and pay these meals at least 48 hours before your flight departure.

Besides, AF doesn't precise the conditions to get one. But I'll say more about that on the Osaka-Paris flight, coming soon.

photo 20200201_154622-choix-de-repas-a-la-carte

What the à la carte menus offered at the date of the flight with their fees (in euros and Flying Blue miles) and their translation, from starter to dessert.

the Fauchon Menu:

* Cream of artichoke and creamy with herbs, chicken inserts and foie gras
* Saint-Jacques nuts in agrums sauce with spices boulghour and butternut
* Comté and its mango chutney with pineapple curry
* Caramel eclair

photo menu-3

My fun menu:

* French beef burger cheese and béarnaise sauce
* Chips
* Drinking yogurt
* Donut
* Haribo candies

photo menu-5

The "Ocean" Menu:

* Salmon heart and dill cottage cheese sauce
* Seafood risotto
* Camembert cheese
* Plum cake

photo menu-1

The Healthy Menu:

* Salmon heart and dill cottage cheese sauce
* Fish with lemon sauce, brocoli mousse and sour yellow carrots
* Fresh goat chesse, green vinaigrette with old-fashioned  mustard and honey
* Pear cooked in orange honey on faisselle, accompanied by dried cranberries and crushed speculoos
* Chocolate

photo menu-4

The "Tradition" Menu:

* Duck terrine with foie gras fig mellow and caramelized beggar
* Chicken wine sauce yellow crozets with chanterelles and girolles
* Jura's cheese and its lettuce and beetroot salad
* Plum cake

photo menu-2

the "Italia" menu:

* Parma style prosciutto on a bed of melon, mini mozzarella balls and asparagus
* lasagna in parmesan cream sauce, cacciatora chicken and brocoli in butter sauce
* Tiramisu

photo menu-6

We are flying around Berlin, Germany when the first service starts.

photo 20200201_171536-berlin

When I'm served, the flight attendant on my aisle said to her colleague on the other one it's time to close the windows…

photo 20200201_172945-plateauphoto 20200201_181414-hublot

Starter : Tabbouleh-style bulgur wheat.

photo 20200201_173218-entree

Although the "chicken in a chasseur sauce crushed with potatoes and green beans" and the "cod with miso sauce / rice / cabbage" were both tempting, I chose the chicken. This plate recently become a classic on AF's long-haul flights…

photo 20200201_173119-plat-principal

On the Tokyo Narita flight I had plastic cutlery. This time, the cutlery is made of wood. Although wood is more eco-friendly than plastic, nothing changed compared to other airlines whose give you metal cutlery on flights going to Japan while Japan is one of the safest countries in the world…

photo 20200201_173246-couverts

The cheese, a ridiculous portion of camembert "Président".

Interesting fact : a quote from a former president that gave its name to the hub: "How can you gouvern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese?"

photo 20200201_174033-fromagephoto 20200201_174114-fromage

Finally, the dessert: a Paris-Brest cake. But personnally, I call it a PAR-BES.

(for those who didn't get it, PAR is the IATA code of all Paris airports (Orly, CDG, Beauvais…) and BES is Brest airport's IATA code.)

photo 20200201_173223-dessert

The meal was good, nothing more.

photo 20200201_174914-compactage

As a digestif, it shall be a green tea.

photo 20200201_181534-the-vert

Kanpai ! Tantei Pikachu !

photo 20200201_181929-sante

Once the meal is done, flight attendants gave us the immigration cards. There won't be a special document about covid-19.

photo 20200201_190005-carte-arriveephoto 20200201_190022-carte-arrivee

The lavatories were clean during the entire flight.

photo 20200201_195650-toilettesphoto 20200202_005233-toilettesphoto 20200202_005253-toilettes

Door moment in night mode.

photo 20200202_005459-porte

Snacks and drinks available during the flight.

photo 20200201_205720-galleyphoto 20200202_005424-galley

Another movie, and I go to sleep.

photo 20200202_011414-crime-de-lorient-express

A strawberry ice-cream is served by the crew in mid-flight…

photo 20200201_212402-glace-en-cours-de-vol

Lights are on again 90 minutes before landing. The mood-lightning is an aggressive white.

photo 20200202_015015-mood-lighting

Those who travel a lot on AF know it, there are two meals served on long-haul flights.

But have you noticed anything strange about it ? Although the menu on the paper version and the one on the IFE match, the paper menu precised there was ONLY ONE MEAL on this flight !!!

I'll have to look on the IFE to see what I'm going to have for breakfast; butter / jam / bread / fruit salad / drinking yoghurt.

photo 20200201_154320-menu-breakfast

Breakfast is given in a "So chic" bag. As the main plate, a pizza pocket with eggs, cheddar and potatoes.

photo 20200202_020611-petit-dejeuner

That the bag gives a "so chic", effect, okay. That the fact the bag is easy for flight attendants to give to passengers, fine… But from passegner's point of view, it become more laborious. about removing all the catering inside it.

That's even the limit the table can accept. Besides, it may leave stains. Meaning either the cleaning would take more time that it usually takes, or the cabin will be so dirty you don't even want to fly again.

photo 20200202_020659-petit-dejeuner-deballe

Breakfast was good but very nutritious…

photo 20200202_022447-petit-dejeune-remballe

the arrival in tokyo

30 minutes left before landing. We're still doing the detour as I see…

photo 20200202_025426-deviation

A film was shown on the monitors about the arrival procedure.

Although it started from a good intention, it concerns your arrival at Paris Roissy-Charles-De-Gaulle, not Tokyo Haneda ; you don't have informations on the proper airport of destination whether for transit on whatever the airline is or the way to reach the baggage claim.

photo 20200202_032017-film-arrivee

Tokyo Haneda insight…

photo 20200202_031042-destinationphoto 20200202_031856-destination

I didn't take any photos about landing. We arrived to our parking 20 minutes earlier than scheduled. As our neighbor, a Korean Air 777-200ER is about to go back to Seoul Incheon (ICN), Republic of Korea.

photo 20200202_035118-voisin-a-larrivee

Disembarkment. A chart reminds passengers to pick up their baggage at the baggage claim if they have a domestic connection.

I'm spotting this A330-300 Eva Air heading back to Taipei (TPE), Taïwan

photo 20200202_035559-a330-br

For us, it's straight ahead.

photo 20200202_035743-bifurcation

Geographically speaking, Japan is closer to China than France. So no wonder there are already sanitary measures at the immigration (like temperature sensors for instance), while the island didn't have many cases of coronavirus back then.

photo 20200202_035854-detection

My suitcase is on belt C.

photo 20200202_040609-tapis-bag-arrivee

Welcome to Japan. It is alongside Miraitowa (ミライトワ) and Someity (ソメイティ ), respectively mascottes of the Olympic and Paralympic Games that this review has come to an end. I hope you liked it. If that's so, please leave a like and an comment. As for me, I thank you for reading me and will find very soon for the next review.

photo 20200202_042120-miraitowa-et-someity

the flight's replay

photo replay-decollagephoto replay-volphoto replay-atterrissage
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Paris - CDG


Tokyo - HND



So between Paris-Tokyo Narita and this one, which one is the best ?

On this flight, I got the Best & Beyond cabin while on the other flight, it was the old NEV3/4. Despite a recent seat and IFE, I notice the legroom is slightly less comfortable than the other in comparison.

About the crew, nothing really changed.

As for entertainement, the offer didn't really change since then. However, there is a slight advantage to this new cabin because it shows more informations than the older one.

Finally, the catering is good and it remains the same in a general point of view. But there is a big difference for the breakfast especially with this "So chic" bag. Despite the pocket pizza was good, it doesn't fit well for such a destination like Japan...

CDG: Although it was still "crowded" back then, the transit was rather easy.

HND: Excellent airport despite a long way to the exit.

If between the two airports, HND wins especially due to its proximity to the capital city unlike NRT, the inflight experience remains very similar or identical.

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