Avis du vol Air France Hop Frankfurt Paris en classe Economique

Compagnie Air France Hop
Vol AF1519
Classe Economique
Siege 10F
Temps de vol 01:30
Décollage 24 Jul 20, 21:40
Arrivée à 24 Jul 20, 23:10
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Par GOLD 149
Publié le 20 septembre 2021

back from a weeks work at frankfurt

Hello Everyone and welcome to this new series of flight, that happened just before the second lockdown of 2020.
This information has some importance has direct flights with LH were almost none existants and you will see the way back is a bit of a funny one! 

Flying blue Miles earned with this flight: 777
Status earned: 5 XP
Air France doubling the XP status in 2020: 5 additional XP

photo img_20200721_233909

IT was my first visit of Frankfurt and I must say I was pleasently surprised..
Although I think I gained a few kgs just because of the beer!! 

photo img_20200721_233939

The European Central Bank.. Hello Christine!

photo img_20200721_232600photo screenshot_20210910-162837

As all of the Air France Hop flights; you can't choose your seat at booking, regardless of your Skyteam membership status. I am still not sure why the E190/170 and CRJ700/1000 fleet is the exception…
However you can during check-in, which I did, based on the cabin map provided:

photo plan-cabine-cc-plan-e190-100


We arrived by taxi at the airport - always impressive to see how they drive at 200kph!!

The airport is well organised and despite its size it is easy to go at checkin and through security. 

Our boss went to the lounge without inviting us again - thanks boss!
While we wait, we realised that my colleague from Toulouse and I were both Avgeeks and so we spent some time spotting.. This is really a star alliance land, bot not only, there are two planes that don't belong to the club here ;-)

photo img_20200724_084217_969

Unlike the other reviews I read before, there was no paxbus and the plane arrived in front of us, at gate B41, directly connected through jetway…

photo img_20200724_092209_093

Aircraft: Embraer E190STD
Registration: F-HBXJ
Engines: 2x CFM34
Age: 11 Years
Layout: Y76
Observation: With the old Hop livery

Fun fact, it was exactly the same unit as we had on the way out..

onboard the e170

I remember I was impressed to hear the crew speak German French and English, I really didn't expect that from a Hop crew that is mainly working on domestic routes…
The whole fleet of AF embraer have been standardised with this comfy seat and generous pitch..

photo siege

After the usual safety briefing, we left the B pier to taxi for a very short time and align almost straigh away… Even shorter than at Orly!!

photo img_20200724_094309_357photo tkoff

and take off!

photo tkoff3

Goodbye aunt Lufthe!

photo tkoff2

Really like this maintenance hall, it has a bit of a Mordor vibe!!

photo tkoff4

Above the fuel tanks..

photo 20200724_094602photo 20200724_094755

As it was the summer 2020, Air France still didn't have resume its normal service, just cold or hot drinks were offered during the cruise.

photo coca

 Since the first lock down, Air France stopped printing its magazine, and so it is digitally that you can discover it; it is available on the Air France play app.  

photo mag1

Some adv about the Navette - nowadays almost dead.

photo mag4

And the Hop network that shrunk to not much sustainable…

photo magnetwork


photo fuselage

We arrived at 2G terminal, where a paxbus awaited to drive us back to 2F terminal as the 2G was closed during covid in 2020.

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Air France Hop


Frankfurt - FRA


Paris - CDG



AF: a nice flight overall. Crew was really professional and caring. Even though the E170 are correct, I prefer the "sausages" CRJs....

CDG: paxbus takes a while to arrive to 2G terminal...

FRA: Although the B terminal isn't exactly brand new, the airport is really well organised (I know cliche but true!) and it is easy to leave the airport.

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