Avis du vol Air Corsica Calvi Nice en classe Economique

Compagnie Air Corsica
Vol XK310
Classe Economique
Siege 5A
Avion ATR 72-500
Temps de vol 00:30
Décollage 10 Sep 12, 10:30
Arrivée à 10 Sep 12, 11:00
XK   #55 sur 68 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 110 avis
Par GOLD 322
Publié le 23 octobre 2021

first trip to napoleon's island!

Hello everyone and welcome to this second flight report of this series of a holiday with family in Corsica island.

I first joined my parents in Nice, where we stayed a few days, before crossing the med towards Bastia with our car… We went around the island clockwise up until Calvi and the wonderful Ile Rousse, where I left to fly back to London.

photo img_2955photo dsc09484


at calvi - sainte catherine airport

The airport is very small, probably one of the smallest I have been to but fairly organised and all the minimum of services are present. It just features a big hall split into two parties: check in and airside!

photo 20120715_68049

I remember the lady at checkin was really friendly, she asked me what we visited on the island and whilst we were having a discussion she printed off my boarding pass.

photo 20210920_105615-96341

First for me, she also tagged this label to my cabin luggage - I wasn't much used to fly with small aircrafts back then.

photo 20210920_105622photo p1240763

And boarding was launched, I can't remember if priorities were respected, I wasn't having that many miles, just enough not to loose them!!

photo p1240764

onboard the atr72

Aircraft: ATR72-212
Registration: F-GRPI
Engines: 2x PW127G
Age: 16 Years
Layout: Y70
Observation: Started its carrier as a CCM aircraft (Air France operated by) then Air Corsica, then was sold to Airlinair and since 2015 went back to be an Air Corsica asset. 

I remember we were walking to the plane to board, which is always nicer than being on a paxbus.

photo p1240765

It really was some time ago so I apoligise I don't remember how nice or not the crew was. I was seating next to the props and it was very impressive at engine start, almost scary!!

I had someone next to me but nobody on the saime row but on the right hand side so i moved there just before take off.

photo helice2

I think it must be one of my shortest flights to this day so the service started almost straight away after take off - which was nice. Some other airlines would use the excuse of a short flight not to serve any kind of drinks.

photo drinks

During the very short cruise..

photo helice

And the inflight magazine of Air Corsica

photo 20211020_183539

with a lot of articles on the islands beaches, musuems…

and a small page on the fleet side with a word of the boss

photo 20211020_183608

at nice - côte d'azur airport

for once we landed from the east side of the runway

photo nice

And a last picture of the cabin before I left the plane

photo deboard
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Air Corsica


Calvi - CLY


Nice - NCE



A nice first flight with Air Corsica that does the job; the plane is comfy and so are the seats. For such a short flight, a service was still offered and complimentary.

Calvi: very small but very efficient
Nice: T2 is very bright and spacious, well organised.

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  • Comment 584052 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5653 Commentaires

    OOOh, nice to see an XK report! I stayed in the north for a week last year and visited the Ile Rousse, Calvi area, absolutely gorgeous. I took the Ferry from Nice, though as it was much easier to haul our the baby stuff in your own car. Can't wait to go back to Corsica and next time we'll fly Air Corsica!

    Thanks for sharing Chris!

    • Comment 584061 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTEUR 1198 Commentaires

      Hi Kevin thanks for your comment!
      Yes the whole area is just wonderful. We took the ferry from Nice too on the way out and we made the mistake not to have booked a cabin and man i wont do it again; so unconfortable to sleep.
      Air Corsica was actually a pleasant surprise...
      You definitely need to try!

      • Comment 584062 by
        KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5653 Commentaires

        Oh yeah I got a cabin both ways…was so glad I did. Definitely worth it and nice to have a quiet place to rest. People camped out on the floors and decks everywhere it was so crowded …especially with Covid it was good to be away from all that

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