Avis du vol Air Canada Express Montreal Toronto en classe Economique

Compagnie Air Canada Express
Vol AC419
Classe Economique
Siege XXF
Temps de vol 01:22
Décollage 12 Jui 16, 16:00
Arrivée à 12 Jui 16, 17:22
AC 49 avis
Par GOLD 266
Publié le 7 décembre 2021


photo fb_img_1638874280938photo fb_img_1638874269206

Ok I know I couldn't do any more cliche than that!! 

photo fb_img_1638874292222

I did book a bus to reach Montreal from Quebec, which was fast and cheap and didn't report it.

Back then the main criterai for me to choose were both the price and the time of flying, to maximise my travelling days without taking many days off. For instance I chose a return flight that was landing at 6.30am, just in time for me to have a quick shower at home and be in the office at 9am.

I checked and at the time I paid £625 for the whole journey, out and return which is really not bad at all.

So here is the routing

photo map-canada

photo 20190822_132503

Miles & More earned with this flight: 112

And the map of the Dash8-400 of Air Canada of 74 seats.

photo q400-jazz

at montreal - pierre eliot trudeau airport

I took a cab to go to the airport - I remember it wasn't that expensive. 
I also remember very well as this was the final stop of my previous relationship so - girl bye. 

photo montreal

The checkin zomne of Air Canada

photo checkin

My flight displayed on the FIDS.. Funny there is almost at the same time flights to Toronto Pearson and Toronto city!

photo fids

Not my plane… I wish it was ahah

photo dreamliner

My plane… another Dash8

photo dash

onboard the dash8-400

photo push-back

Aircraft: Bombardier Dash8-
Registration: C-XXXX
Engines: 2x PW PW102
Age: XX Years
Layout: Y74

photo wheel

Always found it super funny the way the wheels is retracted under the wing on the dash..

photo wheel2

After take off a nice view on CYUL

photo montreal-bye

And en even nicer view on the Saint Laurent river.

photo stlqurent2

The quiet cabin during the flight..

photo cabin

Another view of the funny landing gear above the river.

photo wheel3

Time for the en route magazine review  

photo 20211206_152352photo 20211206_152622

map of YUL

photo 20211206_152713

at toronto - pearson international airport

Transit for me…

photo transfer
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Air Canada Express


Montreal - YUL


Toronto - YYZ



YYZ: A big airport, a lot of lenghty corridors but clean and with a good amount of services.

Air Canada Express: Very little difference with the regional branch of AC.
Every time I was onboard a Dash8-400, every time I felt the plane was really unstable.
The crew was nice and were from Quebec, so they perfectly spoke both languages.
The cabin of the Dash is always a bit narrow, one of the narrowers I have been to but the seats were somewhat confortable.

YUL: Really nice and big airport. Nothing much to say - fairly well organised.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air Canada avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 17 minutes.

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