Avis du vol Air France Fort-de-France Paris en classe Affaires

Compagnie Air France
Vol AF809
Classe Affaires
Siege 7L
Temps de vol 08:05
Décollage 19 Fév 21, 21:05
Arrivée à 20 Fév 21, 10:10
AF   #26 sur 95 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 5971 avis
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Publié le 26 juin 2023

back from the caribbean

Let's start with a small bonus from the Saintes islands

photo 20210213_095722

And the caravelle beach in Grande Terre.

photo 20210217_115348

Since the market is essentially french, besides ITA Airways that sometimes fly there, there are just 3 airlines operating flights from mainland France: Air Caraïbes, Corsair and Air France. In theory you could think that the competition would bring the prices down but actually there is very little difference.

Miles flying blue claimed: 6664
XP points earned: 30 XP

photo gwada

The reason why we chose this connecting flight instead of a direct return flight is that the whole return jouney premium eco then business was at  €1078 each!!   

I must tell you that nowadays even this price in economy is hard to find, as the 3 operators have "agreed" to all raise their prices by 40% (so not sure competition is that benefic for the  customer)

photo 20210218_083004

Since the withdrawal of the B747, Air France has been consistently operating B773 on the route from both Orly and CDG airports, but as I mentioned In these covid times, we got the shorter version (not that it changes much in terms of passenger experience, but my fly log doesn't agree with me!)

The flight will be operated with the B772 in the 312 seats configuration.

photo plan-cabine-lc-plan-b7730-200-312-best

at FORT DE FRANCE - AIMÉ CÉSAIRE international airport

If our experience at Point à Pitre was a complete mockery, the ground staff at FDF was so lovely.

The minute we stepped inside the terminal from the paxbus riding from our previous flight, two Air France crew were holding signs with our name to give us our boarding pass and to escort us all the way to the lounge. 

photo 20210918_101543

The airport is packed full of people, which makes you wonder if it has really been designed to accomodate 3 long haul planes at a fairly similar time.

photo 20210219_202307-76758

at the air france lounge

The lady at the front desk is very friendly, she even indicates where there are some seats left and not to miss the rhum they newly added to their selection!

photo 20210219_200517-33997

The lounge isn't the most beautiful in the world, far away from the prestigious AF lounge at CDG but does have all the bare minimum.
Besides a TV and some newspapers, there isn't much entertainment, it looks like a regional airport lounge but does the job just fine.

At least (and compares to PTP), the staff was friendly and the lounge was open!!

photo 20210219_200746

We will have a full three course menu onboard so I am wisely choosing my calories input :p

photo 20210219_200940

We were a bit busy tasting some different rhums when the boarding announce was made.
Sorry for the blurry picture. 

onboard the b777-200

photo 20210219_202828

Aircraft: Boeing B777-228ER
Tail number: F-GSPN
Engines: 2x GE90
Age: 20 years old
Layout: J28 C24 Y260

photo 20210219_2034123-1

I was always lucky enough no to travel with the old and horrible NEV4 business class seats.

The seats are well designed, the only cons I feel is the old beige shade of the cabin itself of the B777-200.

photo 20210219_203112

Corsair next door has configured its cabin with 336 seats, I let you imagine how densely configured that it is..

photo 20210219_203412

The bottle of water is already there on the seat. The Screen is large.

photo 20210219_204939

The aperitif was back after this lock down period, which was a good surprise.

photo 20210219_205623

You can tell I was craving for some champagne!!

photo 20210219_210308

The seats are Full Flat, Full Access and Full Privacy - which seems to be the standard but not for everyone (hello Lufthansa!)
I like the colours of the seats, it just a shame that the cabin walls are still in that old factory beige colour. I chose the last row of the business cabin not to have anybody behind us and hence to have more privacy.

Here are a couple of observations about the seat:
- The arm rest is retractable
- All seats are facing forward - seems obvious but a few airlines chose to alternate with rear facing
- Large amount of storage, especially if you compare with the other European majors.. the red cabinet (Cupboard) with its mirror and elasctic band, the large table, the side shelf, underneath your seat and of course above your head.
- There are a few ambiance lights; underneath the cabinets and tables, above your head
- Most of the business seats just offer you a smaller and squarry space for your seat, here the space is generous.
- There is a plug (UK and EU) and USB charger.
- Each seat is good becaue of the 1-2-1 configuration, wherever you are seated, you have a good level of privacy (litterally it is hard to know who your neighbours are), if you seat on your seat, you can't see the face of the passengers next to you nor even in front of you. Each seat is also fully convertible into bed position.
- The only con i found is if you are a couple and want to chat, you have to bent slightly forward to see and hear each other.   

photo 20210219_205019photo 20210219_210710

The captain gives the cabin a brief about our flight (winds, speed, altitude, navigation etc).

The safety video is then played.

photo 20210219_211045photo screenshot_20210902-104752_video-player

Air France was offering Covid safety kids back then.

photo 20210219_212958

Ready for take off, a good meal and a nice sleep!

photo screenshot_20210902-104821_video-player

See you soon Martinique!

photo 20210219_211749

The food menu is given by the crew, with a nice little chit chats with the passengers.

photo 20210219_213206photo 20210219_213217

Marcel Ravin, chef at the Monte Carlo bay has signed the day's menu.

photo 20210219_213239

There is a large selection of hot dishes but no choice for the starter and dessert, which is a bit of a shame - at least with AF you get cheese AND dessert!

photo 20210219_213254

Funny enough the wine selection is exactly the same as on the way out, typically the wine selection does vary a lot more often on AF.

photo 20210219_213309

 The Wine list is - dare I say - good but only French (the opposite would be quite risky, we already have been through 3 revolutions!).

Each major wine region is well represented, allowing a sensible wine pairing option for any food that is on board. It would nice though to have some wine from other regions (Corse, Alsace, Sud-Ouest, Loire Valley, Provence…)    The dessert was in larger portions than on the way out.

photo 20210219_221317

The starter was excellent, and the dish cooked with old rhum!

My partner was about to fall asleep!

photo 20210219_215424

I barely look at my menu for the liquors digestives and he is already asleep!

photo 20210219_230349

Did you notice how the picure is blurry? This is my artistic view on someone who had too much of chartreuse liquor!

photo 20210219_225204

Air France does offer a mini bar for those who are still thirsty at some point!

photo 20210219_2034123-3

I managed to sleep a few hours, who wouldn't, these seats when turned in the flat bed position are very confortable (although I wouldn't mind an extra mattress). 

photo 20210220_035202photo 20210220_035140

Air France has been featuring these Clarins products in the toilets for a while now.

photo toilet

Goodmorning dear GE90!

photo 20210220_034420

The blue shade of the sky is so pretty.

photo 20210220_035503

WiFi has worked perfectly well during all the flight.

photo screenshot_20210219-212339_duckduckgo

Air France is still offering a free digital press application and an onboard magazine.

photo screenshot_20210902-110924_air-france-play

With the magazine articles

photo mag2

With the double fleet page that I particularly like.

photo mag3

Some Skyteam news

photo mag4photo mag

The breakfast was quite decent, with the addition of fresh fruits, a really nice touch that makes up a bit for the crashed pastries!

photo ptidej

The descent started shortly after.

photo 20210220_044448photo 20210220_045840

On finals…

photo land1

I like the landings on B777, the touch is always quite "masculine"!

photo land2

Spoilers on

photo land3

And reverse…

photo land34

at paris - charles de gaulle aiport

We arrive at our gate at the terminal 2E hall L. A lot of B772 and A332 around this time..

photo 20210220_050621

Next to us the first ever delivered A350 of Air France, F-HTYA named "Toulouse".

photo 20210220_101109

Thanks for reading my FR!

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Air France


Air France Lounge


Fort-de-France - FDF


Paris - CDG



FDF: the terminal building is a bit small to accommodate 3 long haul planes at the same time but the experience is far better than at PTP.

Air France lounge: not the most exciting lounge but features all the bare minimum to spend a good hour there.

AF :B772 aren't the quietest of planes and the cabin beige colours look old but the seats are really nice, above the average of the European legacy carriers it seems.
Crew was professional but not the most memorable of all. In terms of food it is almost perfect, almost because I think there could be more than one option for starters and desserts. In terms of entertainment, the IFE was good with a large selection of movies, and the digital press review app is a plus, I just wish there was WiFi.

CDG: Easy to connect to

For memory here are my criteria to try and be fair at each report
-Entertainment: None < 4.5 Magazine 6< a smartphone application 7< Wifi 8 < IFE = 10
-Cabin: visually interesting, comfortable and user friendly> 7.5. For example, "Ironing boards" are <7
-Crew: Went for the extra mile, they've outdone themselves > 7.5
- Meal: : Buy On Board <5 Free <7.5< Visually interesting, satisfying, visually good and yummy

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  • Comment 631075 by
    LeMatheuxVoyageur BRONZE 882 Commentaires
    Hi ChrisB and thanks a lot for the sharing ! Air France often offer to do a stop at PTP or FDF to go back to Paris or to arrive at these two airports. I think it is a bit sad that the single trip from PTP to FDF is so expensive for the local population. Hopefully that, on the contrary of PTP, the workforce at FDF was really kind ! I is quite a shame that the design of the airport does not suit the needs. Air France's strength is, according to me, the quality of the seats offered onboard (nev4 not included). However, I think that catering is slightly above what the european's competitors are offering. That price is à really good offer but the context and the travel dates were also in favour of it. The demand increased a lot and it is sure that Airlines are doing big profits on these routes. There are not a lot of risks there in the way that the demand is almost always there. I also understand these price raises because all these three Airlines have made massive investments in brand New aircrafts. Thanks a lot for that routine and ses yeux soon
    • Comment 631164 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTEUR 3533 Commentaires
      Hi Yann and thank you very much for stopping by, very nice of you!
      It is very sad indeed, and even more sad that there isn't really any competition, Air Caraibes and Corsair aligned their prices.
      Air France's strength is, according to me, the quality of the seats offered onboard (nev4 not included).

      agreed (well nev4 soon no more)
      I think that catering is slightly above what the european's competitors are offering

      Generally speaking it seems more refined yes but some other european legacy carriers do offer a choice for starters and deserts.
  • Comment 631352 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2002 Commentaires
    Thanks for sharing Chris!

    The airport is packed full of people

    Looks more like a hurricane shelter with so many people crammed into a small dark place^^

    the old beige shade of the cabin itself

    The OZ B772s are still more aged in color^^ Surprised they never bothered redoing the cabin when they updated the seats. The AF cabins generally look good with their reds and blues. I'm not a fan of the tray table in this cabin though, much prefer those that release from the IFE side of the seat versus side table.

    Still hybrid catering at this time. Meal was still a single tray versus coursed? Agree that AF offers good selection for the main, few carriers these days offer options for starter so I don’t think it is a negative mark. More than likely, adding a starter option would force them to reduce the number of mains based on galley space to cover the quantities needed, which be more detrimental overall since it reduces the protein options to cover the necessary dietary restrictions.
    • Comment 631561 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTEUR 3533 Commentaires
      Thanks Michael for the comment :)
      Looks more like a hurricane shelter with so many people crammed into a small dark place^^

      AHAHAH indeed! let's call it a shelter with an Air France lounge :p
      Surprised they never bothered redoing the cabin when they updated the seats.

      I know right, as if they already knew these old B772 are to go soon.
      The AF cabins generally look good with their reds and blues

      Yes they do but yet without the slidding door like on your recent NH flight.
      Meal was still a single tray versus coursed

      Yes apparently it was safer for the staff LOL... Since I guess many people complained and now they stopped bringing all the food in one tray (cheese and dessert are brought after the main)
      few carriers these days offer options for starter so I don’t think it is a negative mark.

      Yes you are right, the majority don't and at least the starters are in good portions.
  • Comment 631939 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Commentaires
    A lovely end to a wonderful trip! Despite now being always a decade old, the "Best & Beyond" cabin still looks fresh and chic...at least on some planes haha...it did take quite a long time to get those retrofits done so some cabins are only a few years old.

    CDG: Easy to connect to

    Pretty crazy how far CDG has come in the past few years, from one of the worst to connect through, to now one of the easiest European airports for connections. Meanwhile AMS has gone all downhill and LHR...well LHR has always sucked so nothing's changed there HAH.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 631991 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTEUR 3533 Commentaires
      Hi Kevin and thanks for your comment, always nice to hear from you!
      a decade old, the "Best & Beyond"

      yes Air France did step the class up a decade ago. The seats look fresh but the old beige colour of the cabin is a bit meh (yes the B772 got retrofitted before the B773, I would have done the opposite given that the B772 are to go sooner)
      Meanwhile AMS has gone all downhill and LHR...well LHR has always sucked so nothing's changed there HAH.

      AHAHAH I love it. well what else could I say, it is just spot on!

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