Avis du vol Air France Hop Paris Turin en classe Economique

Compagnie Air France Hop
Vol AF1702
Classe Economique
Siege 5A
Temps de vol 01:25
Décollage 14 Oct 23, 13:35
Arrivée à 14 Oct 23, 15:00
AF   #47 sur 94 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 1000 avis
Par GOLD 154
Publié le 21 octobre 2023

Hello everyone,

It's time for a "FRist transhumance" for the Gold 2023 dinner, but also for the game of 7 mistakes between FRists choosing the same travel options, a game I've played as a reader in the past. This time, however, I'll be taking part as editor.
The event for me is one to remember, because last year I couldn't attend, and next year I may not be able to show my credentials to be part of the 2024 circle…
Maybe I'll be able to 'break the line' with a sprint at the end of 2023, but in the meantime, I'm off to CDG with great enthusiasm to join the happy team of FRists that I'll have the great pleasure of rubbing shoulders with this weekend.

The routing is simple and the majority will have selected it (with a few days of variation). 


  • AF1702 - Gold mission to TRN - Y - E190 Vous etes ici
  • AF1703 - Back home - Y - E190 A venir

cdg - T2G

On the D-Day, I had to get to CDG and its terminal 2G.
As I'm under a bit of pressure this weekend, I opt for the simple version and drive to the terminal with my car.
The car was parked quickly as the car park was not at all overcrowded.
The walk between the car park and the terminal is modest. And of course, you can see that the weather is fine!

photo img_0331_resultatphoto img_0332_resultatphoto img_0333_resultat

Flash entry and lounge

Once I got to the front door of the terminal, the process was very quick.
The boarding gates are directly on the left, of course I don't have any luggage to check-in and there's no-one there.
At the security controls, there were 2 positions available, whereas shortly before, there was only one open, which led to a slow passage through the security by our great leader who was already there.
A third friend in transit will soon be joining us.

photo img_0334_resultatphoto img_0335_resultat

The path to the lounge is clear: left, escalator, right, right…
The hall is still quite full, but I really did enjoy record fluidity. 

The entrance to the show is clearly labelled and the list of welcome pax is displayed.

photo img_0340_resultatphoto img_0341_resultat

Even before I was cleared to enter, a typical view of 2G.

photo img_0342_resultat

Once duly registered, I went into the room and clearly, the lounge was packed.
As a result, I can't get an overall view, as there are too many people to blur.
I move towards the back to find the FR team leader already seated at a small table.
The action begins.
We have a quick look at the buffet, which changes from breakfast to lunch.
There really is plenty to do. 

With special FRiste fuel, of course!

photo img_0347_resultat

Once we were seated, a quick view of the choice which kept us waiting for 2 and then 3, as Scorph joined the fine team in the meantime.
It has to be said that the champagne will be a worthy red thread, even if the type of glass used has not been homogenised… 

photo img_0354_resultatphoto img_0356_resultat

Although the room was packed, we had a great time and, seeing that the hour was approaching, I left the trio to go to the gate to get in first position. My 2 companions stayed a little longer.
The back of the lounge door is less 'grandiose'. 

photo img_0357_resultat-90099

gate and boarding

Here we go, heading for the gate G30.
We had to make our way up the hall, which was packed to the rafters, before arriving at the Forks of Doubt.
I'm a bit surprised by the crowd, because there doesn't seem to be much movement. What are all these people doing here? Where's their plane?
Once on the right side, the arrival at the gate is colourful: red/yellow/blue… 

I arrive just as boarding has started: it's 1.22pm.
Many SkyPriority pax have already preceded me, but I'm still just as happy to reach the tarmac of 2G.
The blue morning sky seems to have gone. 

photo img_0364_resultatphoto img_0365_resultat

The advantage of such boarding in the open air is that you can see everything.

photo img_0366_resultatphoto img_0367_resultat

Fuselage and door shots.
Regarding the sky, It's really very grey though… 

photo img_0368_resultatphoto img_0369_resultat

Heading for 5A. No surprises in this ERJ190 cab.
Rather comfortable seat, good legroom but no usb or wifi for the moment. 

photo img_0371_resultat

A quick review of the environment during which the cleanliness check will be conclusive (at least as far as we can see).

There are planes outside, but the pax still seem to be glued to their seats inside.

photo img_0385_resultat

In the meantime, the 2 "lounge surfers" joined our bird and settled a little further away.
I hit the jackpot. On this busy flight, I seem to have won the free seat.
1:43pm: the door closes.
We're not bad, in fact we're very good. The day before, other FRists suffered the full force of the strike and a consequent delay. 

photo img_0386_resultat

taxi, take off and flight

13:48: push back and taxi starts at 13:52.
Lucky me as I manage to get this beautiful MEA in its entirety.
We're going to stick it on. 

photo img_0387_resultat

Taxi turns out to be short.
We're driving in the direction of the 3 guys in the next photo.
I blissfully think we're in position 4, but not at all. 

photo img_0388_resultat

MEA beats the 2 big AFs to the punch.

photo img_0389_resultat

And at the point they've reached on the Long Haul side, they can let a tiny ERJ through too…
Here we are in P2. 

photo img_0390_resultat

1:58pm: take-off
Next to us, the arrival of AH, which we will meet again under our wings. 

The sky is grey but the view of Le Bourget is perfect!

photo img_0399_resultat

The same goes for the "Stade de France".

photo img_0400_resultat

After that, of course, the cloud layer bends the debate.
Stop picture.
Sharp left turn towards Italy. 

photo img_0401_resultatphoto img_0402_resultat

At 14:18, catering time!
Sandwich without choice means veggie sandwich. I'll save it for later.
The detail of the unfolded right-hand shelf may be a surprise.
No, I can confirm that "Casper" does not take service.
But the catch is that in the meantime, I've been joined to continue chatting. 

photo img_0403_resultat

At 14:36, the start of the descent is announced. Arrival is scheduled for 2.54pm.
As we approach Turin, I keep a lookout for the mountains, but of course it's all in vain as they're always full of clouds.
From time to time, however, the peaks come into view. 

photo img_0405_resultatphoto img_0406_resultatphoto img_0407_resultat

14h14:46: Landing announced.
The descent towards TRN takes shape.

Landing at 2.54pm.
We'll drive all the way to the fire station. 

Welcome to TRN.

photo img_0424_resultat

taxi and arrival

Taxi to the stand was short.
Time enough, however, to get a feel for the Leonardo facilities on site. 

To the stand and with jetbridge please!
You'll notice FR, they're everywhere. 

photo img_0429_resultat

We get up, paying attention to our heads, and look in the little overhead compartiment, nothing is forgotten.

photo img_0430_resultat

go out.

photo img_0431_resultat

Our bird was up to the task, helped by comfortable flying conditions.

photo img_0432_resultatphoto img_0433_resultatphoto img_0434_resultat

Then the cavalcade to the exit began.
The route isn't as short as all that, but we're making good progress, the aim being to catch the bus that's leaving immediately. 

The direct bus to Porta Susa costs €7 one way or €11 return, and takes no more than 30 minutes.
We got to the bus stop at 3.11pm, less than 20 minutes after landing, despite having to go to the counter to buy our ticket (which is also possible on the app). 

photo img_0440_resultat

So, at the said stop, I position myself but in a queue which in fact is not that of the bus which leaves in 2 minutes and which is not even 10 m away…
Thanks to the wisdom of our FR great leader, I'm back on the right track and at 3.15pm we're off.

photo img_0441_resultat

The WE of "gold buddies" in Turin can begin.
I'll leave you with our FR24 track and the identity of our ERJ.
Please note: HBLG.

See you soon for the return. 

photo img_0443_resultatphoto img_0444_resultat
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Air France Hop


Air France Lounge - 2G


Paris - CDG


Turin - TRN



Pleasant flight, on time and in good company.
The E190 is really pleasant.
I can't wait for a new cabin to bring it up to date (digitally), but that could have a negative impact on the comfort and pitch.
Let's remain optimistic.
As for the crew, there was no particular interaction with them.

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