Avis du vol Delta Connection Washington Detroit en classe Domestic First

Compagnie Delta Connection
Vol DL 5216
Siege 01
Temps de vol 01:35
Décollage 04 Mai 14, 12:20
Arrivée à 04 Mai 14, 13:55
DL 123 avis
Par GOLD 4112
Publié le 17 mai 2014
  1. Basle - Paris CDG AF/ Y, ATR72: No report
  2. Paris - Washington IAD AF/ Y, A380: WAS HERE!
  3. Washington DCA - Detroit DL/ F, CRJ 900: NOW!
  4. Detroit - Las Vegas DL/ Y+, B737-800
  5. Las Vegas - Los Angeles DL/ Y+,CRJ 900
  6. Los Angeles - Paris CDG AF/ Y, A380
  7. Paris CDG - Basle AF / Y, ATR72

After a few days in this beautiful city that Washington is (sorry Kévin, would have loved to see you, next time, sure!) it is already time to take the road to Vegas!!

We'll use the subway to go to Reagan, it's easy, fast and … cheap. USD 3.- pp if you take a single card, but if you use a re-usable card, it is only USD 2.-

Here is Reagan, very low activity, it is Sunday morning:

I find Reagan to be a lovely airport with a particular flair. One of my favorites in the US.

Check in will be a breeze, two minutes maximum. After, a bit of spotting:

CRJ 900 Delta ops by 'Express Jet':
photo DSC_0237

MD 88 Delta:

photo DSC_0238

737-800 AA:

photo DSC_0239


photo DSC_0240

CRJ Delta:

photo DSC_0244

MD90 Delta:

photo DSC_0245

737-700 / A320 UA:

photo DSC_0246photo DSC_0247

Our CRJ900 Delta ops by 'Express Jet' that just pulled in at the gate:

photo DSC_0250

A short moment before the boarding, my name is called at the podium. I've been told I've been upgraded but only me and not the rest of my party. After a quick talk with my family about who should take it (some wanted, some other not^^), they all tell me I should take the seat, as I sponsorised the whole trip. I glady accepted it :)

Boarding will be done on time, in a very orderly way, we'll board first as we have a stroller and a little thing inside ;)

First Cabin:

photo DSC_0253photo DSC_0254photo DSC_0255

Great pitch at the first row:

photo DSC_0256

A bit of spotting while we taxi:

Toilets once airbone:

photo DSC_0262photo DSC_0263photo DSC_0264

External shoots:

photo DSC_0265photo DSC_0266

And my best friend, the safety on board card:

PSU: (note the airvent is different to allow the pax seated on the aisle to receive some air ^^)

photo DSC_0273

All you can drink and snack basket service:

photo DSC_0274photo DSC_0275

Top of descent and approach to DTW:

photo DSC_0276photo DSC_0279photo DSC_0281

Welcome to Delta Land: (only a Spirit Airbus made it to the foreigners terminal)

Stay tuned for the rest of the trip!!

A little bonus from Washington, I won't comment it, most of the monuments are well known, should you have questions, don't hesitate!

If you have not been to Washington yet, run and go! That city is amazing!

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Delta Connection


Washington - IAD


Detroit - DTW



A very comfy cabin, I can only recommend the bulkhead seat. Service was more than OK for a flight like this. DCA and DTW were perfect!

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6 Commentaires

  • Comment 108616 by
    Chatokay 281 Commentaires

    Thanks for this FR. No pictures of the seat or the pitch, though ?
    I am also curious about something, why are the reason given for accepting the upgrade different in English and in French ?

    • Comment 294225 by
      Esteban TEAM GOLD AUTEUR 13388 Commentaires

      Actually there are pictures about the seat and the pitch, look again :) Just after first class cabin
      The reason for accepting the upgrade are the same in both English and French, English has the short version while French has the full version. I accepted it because I sponsorized the trip and my family wanted me to do so ;)

    • Comment 294228 by
      Chatokay 281 Commentaires

      Ah yes, I though it was the economy class, or a best a small business.
      As for the reason about the upgrade, while I believe you that they are the same, they really looks different if you look at them. In the short, English version, it looks as your family wasn't interested at all by the upgrade. On the long version, French one, they wanted it, well some of it, but finally agreed that you rightly deserved it :)

  • Comment 108625 by
    Esteban TEAM GOLD AUTEUR 13388 Commentaires

    Got your point, can be confusing even if it is nowhere stated they were not interested by the upgrade in the english version :)
    I'll amend the text ^^

  • Comment 108652 by
    marathon SILVER 9718 Commentaires

    I missed this FR in French, so I comment the version I read :)
    I can't help thinking that DCA's architecture landside looks like that of an old French railway station. Cleaner and brighter, though.
    The J overhead lockers on the left of the aircraft are strangely much smaller - you can't possibly put much in there.
    Great tourist bonus - it has been a loooong time since I visited DC. Thanks for this FR !

  • Comment 108757 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5500 Commentaires

    Thanks for sharing. Departure airport should be DCA, not IAD.

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