Avis du vol KLM Cityhopper Mulhouse / Bâle Amsterdam en classe Economique

Compagnie KLM Cityhopper
Vol KL 1984
Classe Economique
Siege 10A
Avion Fokker 70
Temps de vol 01:15
Décollage 04 Avr 14, 07:10
Arrivée à 04 Avr 14, 08:25
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Par GOLD 3166
Publié le 23 avril 2014
  1. Basle - Amsterdam KL / Y, Fokker 70: Here wou go !
  2. Amsterdam - Istanbul KL / J, Boeing 737-700: very soon
  3. Istanbul - Amsterdam KL / J, Boeing 737-800: after the very soon
  4. Amsterdam - Basle KL / Y, Fokker 70: Won't be published

Welcome to another translation of my French reports, this time to a week end trip to Istanbul:

KL often has discounted fares called Pack & Go, and I booked one of them to treat my parents to beautiful Istanbul for 4 days. The fare was really great, CHF 209.- per person which is about EUR 160.- for a round trip. As we had vouchers to use as well, the price came down to a bare CHF 69.- per person. Much better than any low cost :)

We have an early departure at 07:10 and this is what could be seen from our boarding area.

Our tinny F70:

photo DSC_0424

A319 ZiziJet :

photo DSC_0428

This is a globemaster C17, sorry could not do any better:

photo DSC_0430

But on the very nice EAP Spotter website you can see it much better:


A300 DHL:

photo DSC_0435

Boarding was called on time with a SP and a regular boarding lane. Here's the well known cabin with its hard as a rock non reclinable, back nightmare seats. They look pretty nice, but they are a pain for any kind of buts :)

I love the F70, but I hate those seats!!

photo DSC_0431photo DSC_0433

At least, the seat pitch is good:

photo DSC_0434

Very short taxi and take off in the direction of Mulhouse, not over Basel this time.

As soon as the fasten seat belt sign off is (very early, as always on KL) I pay my usual visit to the lavs to take a global view of the cabin:

photo DSC_0438

The galley map, the galley, the intercom:

Once upon a time there was an oven in that galley:

photo DSC_0448

On Cityhopper only women are allowed to change kids in the lavs:

photo DSC_0441photo DSC_0445

Soon enough it is breakfast time, I always liked the eggs sandwiches KL used to provide and was looking forward to them. But not this time. We'll get a cheese / jam sandwich… Only dutch people (and LH Catering) can thing about this combination!!

photo DSC_0449photo DSC_0451photo DSC_0452

Unfortunately I can't tell you how good this combination is, I never found any trace of the jam, neither my parents did. And how is a bread with a slice of cheese ? Dry, very dry. Even with coffee and OJ it was quite hard to wash it down. The crew will be very nice, though.

In flight shoots:
photo DSC_0454photo DSC_0455photo DSC_0458

Beautiful patchwork of colors:

photo DSC_0459photo DSC_0460photo DSC_0461

On time arrival followed by a hefty 15 minutes drive. My back was hurting so much at that time, I was hoping to arrive as soon as possible. Parking at the motherfokker land, paxbus to disembark.
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KLM Cityhopper


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Amsterdam - AMS



As almost usual on that early morning flight, on time departure, bring me the egg sandwich back please! Together with the old blue seats ;)

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