Avis du vol KLM Cityhopper Mulhouse / Bâle Amsterdam en classe Economique

Compagnie KLM Cityhopper
Vol KL 1984
Classe Economique
Siege 05A
Avion Fokker 70
Temps de vol 01:35
Décollage 03 Mai 13, 06:45
Arrivée à 03 Mai 13, 08:20
WA   #18 sur 67 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 436 avis
Par GOLD 2109
Publié le 10 juin 2014
Another set of reports that I will translate from French to English for the sake of the English database.

  1. Basle - Amsterdam KL/ Y F70: HERE
  2. Amsterdam - Seattle DL Y+ A330-300: Soon
  3. Seattle - Salt Lake City DL Y+ B737-800: Soon
  4. Salt Lake City - Las Vegas DL Y+ 757-200: Soon
  5. Las Vegas - Detroit DL Y+ 737-800: Soon
  6. Detroit - Paris CDG AF Y A340-300: Soon
  7. Paris CDG - Basle AF Y ERJ190: No report

As we head to the gate, I am glad to see the Super Constellation which is based in BSL:

photo dsc0353fc

photo dsc0354ll

Our F70 ready to board:

photo dsc0356ac

Boarding will be on time, the heavy hand luggage will be removed before boarding the plane: We are welcomed by a very cold hello from the purser, let's call her Svetlana for this story. I'll come back to her soon.

Those are the old seats of the F70, much and ways better than the new ones. That one reclined and was well padded.

photo dsc0361db

photo dsc0362qg

photo dsc0367tq

Leg room was very good:

photo dsc0364tt

Bit of spotting, A300 DHL:

photo dsc0371n


photo dsc0378y

Svetlana (I took this firsname as she was looking like a russian, had a russian accent and was a nice as Poutine) came with her trolley, hands the sandwich over without a look. She grumbles: Drink?. I ask for a coffee, she answers Milk, sugar? I say yes and she hands everything out, still without a look. I add that I would like to have an apple juice as well, she raises her eyes to the ceiling, expires loudly and throws it on my tray. My neighbour will say: Given that you are so nice, I'll have the same ^^
She'll throw everything on the tray, as she did it for me.

Here's the egg sandwich, wrapped and unwrapped:

photo dsc0381a

photo dsc0382yn

Loved it ;)

To clean up, it will be her colleague. In contrary to Svetlana, she was smilling, nice and in a very good mood. I'll ask her if her purser had a bad night. She will laugh about it and tells me that I am the third one to ask that ^^
She'll apologize for her behavior and offers me anything else to drink. I'll tell her that I am fine but if Svetlana has two minutes I would love to speak with her about her attitude. I won't see her till the end of the flight.

No wing tip, sharklets nor winglets on a Fokker:
photo dsc0384yb

On time arrival in AMS:

photo dsc0389fd

As we leave the plane, Svetlana will hide in the galley, curtain closed, but the pilot will stand at the cockpit door. I'll tell him quickly about the behavior of the purser and he'll answer: She's like that since yesterday. The next passenger will tell him exactly the same.

The mother-fokker land from the bus:

photo dsc0393dy
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Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Amsterdam - AMS



That was an ontime flight, with a very good catering. The staff rating may seem exagerated but the service provided by the purser is a shame. Yes the other crew member was very nice, but as a purser you can't act like this.

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    Chibcha SILVER 472 Commentaires

    Catering certainly looked better back-then, so do the former seats. It's a shame Svetlana marred the score for the crew, maybe she was on her days or something like that, nice trolling by your seatmate btw!

    I have come to appreciate the beauty of a wing without any wingtip fences, sharklets, yadda yadda... so retro.

    Thanks for sharing!

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