Avis du vol Delta Air Lines Salt Lake City Las Vegas en classe Domestic First

Compagnie Delta Air Lines
Vol DL 1783
Siege 02
Temps de vol 01:20
Décollage 19 Nov 13, 14:05
Arrivée à 19 Nov 13, 14:25
DL   #29 sur 72 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 690 avis
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Publié le 30 juin 2014
  • Basle - Amsterdam KL/ Y F70: HERE!!
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  • Seattle - Vancouver AS Y DH8-Q400: HERE!!
  • Vancouver - Portland AS Y DH8-Q400: HERE!!
  • Portland - Salt Lake City DL A320: HERE!!
  • Salt Lake City - Las Vegas DL F 757-200: Now
  • Las Vegas - Minneapolis DL Y+ 737-800: Soon
  • Minneapolis - Amsterdam DL Y+ A330-300: Soon
  • Amsterdam - Basle KL Y F70: Soon

So here we are at SLC, between two rush hours, it is an half empty airport and very quiet that we have. We arrived at gate C08 and will depart from C06.

photo DSC_0757

Free WIFI and very fast:

photo DSC_0758

My plane arrives, on time:

photo DSC_0759photo DSC_0760photo DSC_0762

Next to it, an A319 ready to go, apart from this Airbus, not a lot to see:

photo DSC_0761photo DSC_0763

A look at the upgrade list, and as usual on that leg, my friend and I are upgraded to First. It's only an hour of flight time, but it is free, and I will never decline anything for free ^^

photo DSC_0764

Boarding begins right on time, we will board first, that will allow me to take some picture of this ageing First Class cabin, but still comfortable, nevertheless:

Recline is not great, but at least, the seats do recline ^^

photo DSC_0771

Baileys on the rocks as welcome drink please:

photo DSC_0770

Leg room is very good, in the meantime, it is First ;)

photo DSC_0772

Push back and take off along the Airfoce base, I'll be able to stop those US Air Force re-engined with CFM56, B707. I love this plane!!

Salt Lake City:

Quite cloudy outside:

photo DSC_0789photo DSC_0790

Soon enough the service starts, without trolleys, as usual in First with DL, with a full cabin. The purser begins with the snack basket:

My very light selection:

photo DSC_0788

As offering the snack selection, the purser asks what kind of drink is requested and gives the order to the hostess that stayed in the galley.

I'll have my usual Bacardi Coke:

photo DSC_0791

A second offer of snack is being made together with coffee/tea.

photo DSC_0792

No invidual screens, but overhead TV's:

photo DSC_0797

Over Lake Mead the sky begins to clear:

Echo Bay Airstrip:

photo DSC_0812

Lake Mead:

photo DSC_0814photo DSC_0815

Hoover Dam:

Winglet and landing:

photo DSC_0825photo DSC_0827photo DSC_0829

737-700 Southwest and 737-800 Delta:

photo DSC_0832photo DSC_0833photo DSC_0834
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What to ask more? On time and safe flight plus free upgrade? Good Job Delta!

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