Avis du vol Turkish Airlines Cologne Istanbul en classe Economique

Compagnie Turkish Airlines
Vol TK1674
Classe Economique
Siege 23A
Avion Airbus A320
Temps de vol 03:10
Décollage 31 Mai 14, 18:55
Arrivée à 31 Mai 14, 23:05
TK   #14 sur 72 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 649 avis
Par GOLD 4768
Publié le 4 juillet 2014
It all began with a call to a meeting on Monday June 2nd in Doha. From a Qatari point of view, it was a fair deal, since it required travelling the day after a week-end. Only that their week-end is Friday and Saturday. And only that that week-end was a four day week-end, because Thursday was a bank holiday, and I had planned to be with friends in Cologne. And only that that meeting required some preparation with my colleagues. There has been many date and departure location changes, but none of the routings endangered my precious FB Ivory status nor their *A and OW equivalents.

The end result was this dream routing – I know that all my readers dream of spending a night in two consecutive flights, in economy in single aisle aircraft, to go and work on a Sunday:

CGN – IST: TK1673 A320 Economy: You are here – you can also read it in French there
IST – HIA: TK782 A321 Economy: in French here, in English there
HIA – CDG: QR41 A340 Economy: in French here, in English there

HIA was Doha's new international airport's temporary IATA code. For the time being, Flight Report keeps that code to tell both airports apart.

A word of warning to newcomers: my FR are of the verbose kind. Better go and get yourself a mug of (optionally Turkish) coffee before reading it.

CGN is linked to Cologne's central station by an S-Bahn line, but my departure point was far from the station, and this FR starts with an ordinary taxi ride.

photo IMG_9681a

Beyond the fact that there was a one euro surcharge, paying for it by credit card was a small waste of time, because the driver first had to configure his cell phone as a mobile wifi hub. But I was later told that being able not to pay cash was exceptional.

photo IMG_9685a

CGN's Hall D, a.k.a Terminal 2, is wide and has ample natural light, and it was really not crowded.

photo IMG_9686a

No need worrying: no delay was displayed on the FIDS.

photo IMG_9687a

There is not much traffic at this terminal anyway: 11 flights from 18:55 to 23:55, which translates into an average of two flights per hour.

photo IMG_9688a

The line was very limited for checking on the only TK flight of the end of the afternoon, and I waited all the least that once she had processed all her passengers, the staff at the J/Elite counter waved me in.

photo IMG_9692a

No checked luggage? Can I check your hand luggage?

I did not know if TK is strict on such matters in Y, so I had checked ahead of time the hand luggage limits …

photo IMG_9726a

… and made sure that I did not exceed the 8kg limit for that suitcase. I am unsure if my laptop case was lighter than that.

photo IMG_9691a

So my hand luggage received that cabin acceptability tag. There was already another on Flight Report acceptability.

photo IMG_9730a

And I received my BP for that flight and the next one.

photo IMG_9712a

CGN's security check area is the kind which is open to the airside, without any partition, which makes it possible to show what it looks like, i.e. like that of any other airport, only that there was a cabin which looked like a department store's dressing room, but was obviously for body search procedures. I have no complaint on the staff's courtesy.

photo IMG_9693a

Once airside, the traveler finds a limited number of shops, of limited interest.

photo IMG_9694a

Plane spotting is limited, because the traffic is neither intense nor varied, and also because the walkways create a double wall of glass on most of the terminal's length. Air Berlin's 738s are plentiful in CGN.

photo IMG_9695aphoto IMG_9706a

This LH A319 LH must feel lonely

photo IMG_9727a

I also saw a Cityjet Jumbolino parked in the distance.

photo IMG_9702a

An Atlasjet A321, approaching the terminal behind a Follow me car.

photo IMG_9719a

A Sun Express 738

photo IMG_9707a

And two business jets: a Dassault Falcon 900

photo IMG_9721a

And a Canadair Challenger 850

photo IMG_9703a

I had a hard time identifying this aircraft, but it appears that three man crews are not a thing of the past.

photo IMG_9696a

Like any other aircraft, you can evacuate with a slide or overwing.

photo IMG_9701a

I saw no mention of that, but there is an unlimited free wifi access in CGN

photo IMG_9710a

… which allowed me to take a traditional corporate screenshot:

photo IMG_9711a

On the other hand, what was really missing were power plugs. The only ones that I found, which were explicitly for use by passengers, were there, in an inconvenient but spotless clean place.

photo IMG_9709a

With no handicapped person in sight, I used one of these seats and that multiple power plug which was within reach to power my laptop and recharge my camera.

photo IMG_9714a

The least that I can say is that the newspaper stand staff who eventually found me out was unhappy. My German is fluent enough not to try to negotiate with such a fury; I was going to leave anyway.

photo IMG_9715a

The reason I stayed for an hour in the Schengen flights area was that the access to Gate D10 looked like this when I arrived airside.

photo IMG_9708a

A very friendly policeman explained to me that access to these gates opened only one hour before the schedules take-off, which turned out to be indeed the case.

photo IMG_9716a

What is the second foreign language in Germany?

photo IMG_9717a

Having access to the non Schengen gates at ETD-60' when boarding starts at ETD-40' is more than enough to use its restaurants:

photo IMG_9718a

… where the staff are as few as those of the duty free shops which could have been installed there.

photo IMG_9729a

I discovered that any airside shopping had to be done before the passport check. I was not the only one to take pictures of the plane to IST.

photo IMG_9722a

which was this A320

photo IMG_9723a

The gate was initially empty

photo IMG_9728a

But at the appropriate time, an orderly line appeared, without any excessive respect of the boarding zones, according to the few BPs that I saw.

photo IMG_9732a

A newsstand with mostly Turkish newspapers, but there was also the International Herald Tribune and the Financial Times in the pile.

photo IMG_9735a

Going through the J cabin, in 3+3 seating with neutralized center seats

photo IMG_9737a

And the Y cabin, photographed when I disembarked, with a semi-random pattern of red and black head rests. I found the result more eye pleasing than if they had been of a single color, or neatly aligned. .

photo IMG_9829a

This was my seat

photo IMG_9827a

The seat pitch is standard Y legacy airline comfort in an A320: 18 cm once the thickness of the magazine pocket is subtracted (I did not open the in flight magazines).

photo IMG_9740a

Better not expect much from the seat reclining. On the other hand, these headrests have the significant advantage that you can draw each side, providing a welcome support for your head when sleeping or dozing.

Note the button for hanging a vest.

photo IMG_9773a

Collective IFEs, where the safety video is broadcasted before takeoff…

photo IMG_9742a

… and a pointless cartoon during the flight. Only when I left my seat did I discover that there were headphones; the only thing which mattered for me was the flight map, and I did not have it.

photo IMG_9789a

D-AILB, one of Lufthansa's A319 behind TK's red winglet

photo IMG_9739a

Takeoff 19 minutes late due to the air traffic control in IST; the plane will not catch up in flight, and the captain will actually announce that we were put on a hold pattern when nearing the destination.

photo IMG_9749aphoto IMG_9750aphoto IMG_9753a

The center of Cologne is more or less where the Rhine disappears under the wing.

photo IMG_9758a

You can spot the cathedral there, with a lot of good will.

photo IMG_9759a

A view of the outlying suburbs of Cologne. The cloud cover did not let me take many pictures on the way.

photo IMG_9763a

It is fashionable to include an air to air picture in a FR, but this aircraft was flying much too low, under much too hazy air layers.

photo IMG_9768a

As soon as they are freed from their seats, the FAs distribute a lokum to each passenger.

photo IMG_9770a

I know that it is for welcome, because it is written in all the languages that I can read, and some others that are more obscure to my eyes.

photo IMG_9771a

I was terribly thirsty; this picture of a plastic cup with a rather neat decoration was taken after an FA call test.

photo IMG_9775a

It could have been the 100 meter dash world record, had the A320 been long enough to qualify.

photo IMG_9777a

Actually, I did not do it on purpose, but a FA was a few rows away from me when I rang the bell. She nevertheless reacted instantly. This is the menu, with two hot meals.

photo IMG_9778a

The Illesheim USAF base through a break in the cloud cover, 20 minutes after taking off from CGN.

photo IMG_9780a

And Ingolstadt air base, another 13 minutes later.

photo IMG_9784a

The mountaineers do not need to try and identify what I saw of the mountains during that flight.

photo IMG_9788a

Setting sun lighting on the wing.

photo IMG_9790a

… shortly before the meal was distributed. A 27 cm wide tray does not look like much at first sight…

photo IMG_9793a

… but the cutlery set was hiding the butter, fresh cheese and crackers. A very hot bread was distributed and the freshly squeezed nature of the orange juice was credible. The beef + ratatouille + bulgur does not look very enticing, but I liked it.

photo IMG_9794a

The winglet in the night, not long before reaching Istanbul's urban area.

photo IMG_9797a

My compact camera was not sensitive enough to provide adequate pictures of the spectacular view of Istanbul by night. The captain announced an extra delay due to flight control, and the plane indeed nearly flew round trip along the Bosphorus to kill time (thanks to flightradar24.com)…

photo flightradar - arrivée à IST

…revealing in succession this bridge over the Bosphorus,

photo IMG_9809a

.. the outlet of the Bosphorus and of the Golden Horn

photo IMG_9815a

… and the three unmistakable bridges across the Golden Horn.

photo IMG_9818a

Istanbul's historic center, in a pointillist version.

photo IMG_9820a

Arrival at the jetbridge at 23:20, with the excuses of the captain for the delay. All messages over the PA were in Turkish, English and German (in this order); the captain spoke Turkish and not very distinct English.

photo IMG_9826a

Some twenty elderly passengers seated here and there did not rush to leave their seats, being less mobile than others. Some were actually in the handicapped category: two wheelchairs were already waiting for them,

photo IMG_9831a

.. and a staff arrived with motorized third wheelchair.

photo IMG_9832a

Where should the passengers in transit head to? I had understood the announcement of the gate number for my flight to Doha, but the one telling directions for passengers in transit was particularly unintelligible, so much so that a couple of British passengers in transit to JOB were wondering if they should wait here, which reassured me on my level in their native language.

photo IMG_9833a

Now is the time, before the connecting flight at 0:35, for a short aviation pause and shift to a short tourist bonus on the departing city. Where could I start from about Cologne?

While I think about it, why don't you help yourself with an ice cream cone at Neumarkt (the New Market)?

photo IMG_9584a

Be careful not to drop it! This one has not melted since Jetsetpanda saw it a long time ago (the Germans are very serious about the durability of their products).

photo IMG_9585a

A good starting point could be a boat trip on the Rhine, which provides an ideal view of these luxury office and housing buildings whose shapes are reminders of the cranes of the former Rheinau harbor which was there,

photo IMG_9254a

…these modern housings next to this water tower, one of the very few old buildings which survived the bombings of the harbor at the end of WWII,

photo IMG_9255aphoto IMG_9258a

… and the Chocolate Museum, where the Lindt Company is no stranger.

photo IMG_9280a

You can also climb on top of the Triangle Tower, which is not triangular at all, but provides a spectacular 360° view of the city from its terrace. It houses the European Aviation Safety Agency, among other tenants.

photo IMG_9292a

Despite the unfavorable lighting conditions in late afternoon, there is a wonderful view of the historic center

photo IMG_9332a

The Chocolate Museum in the foreground.

photo IMG_9337a

On the right bank, the busy multiple railway tracks look like a miniature train set.

photo IMG_9341a

But in the distance, there is a reminder that I'll have to leave this city prematurely.

photo IMG_9340a

St Kunibert, one of Cologne's twelve Romanesque churches

photo IMG_9359a

Visitors do not come to Cologne for that church, nor for Church Great St Martin, below left, as seen from the Rhine,

photo IMG_9286a

…but for its Gothic cathedral on the right, whose 157m high towers are among the highest in the world. It was even the tallest building in the world what it was completed at last in 1880. The upward shapes of the façade hide the fact that it is as wide as it is tall.

photo IMG_9391a

And the height of its steeples is such…

photo IMG_9482a

…that you can hardly believe that their pinnacles are as massive as this scale one reproduction in front of the parvis, as it seems so small when seen from the ground level.

photo IMG_9480a

It takes hours to visit the cathedral in detail, and I need to make it short here. The cathedral holds in particular, in the back of the choir, this chasse holding the relics of the three Magi, which were brought to Cologne after the taking of Milan. The Milanese have not forgiven the German for taking this war trophy, even though modern historians cast doubts on the authenticity of the relics.

photo IMG_9426a

On the other hand, what is authentic is these stained glass windows, which were stored safely after the beginning of WWII.

photo IMG_9433a

This panel represents scenes of the Old and New Testament in parallel, starting with the creation of Eve on the left and the Nativity on the right.
photo IMG_9437a

This one represents the first solid meal of Isaac, held by a woman dressed in white on the right. But see how this baby still desires his mother's milk, dragging her breast much to her discomfort!

photo IMG_9440a

Like most cathedrals, that of Cologne succeeded to a smaller Romanesque church, represented by the mosaic on the floor.

photo IMG_9456a

The gothic cathedral appears as its ground layout, and this modern architect's representation betrays the fact that these mosaics are relatively recent: they were designed in the late 19th century.

photo IMG_9442a

For the mosaics, the stained glass windows and the reliquary, the ambulatory is a wonder, which is accessible to the general public in the morning only.

photo IMG_9428a

The mosaics of the cathedral of Cologne are beautiful, even if they are not that old, but the mosaic of this Roman villa, found 5 meters below ground level when they started digging an underground shelter in 1941 is both beautiful and ancient. I wonder how many tourists bother to visit the Roman-Germanic Museum which was built on top of it.

photo IMG_9487a

Cologne is also a very green city, and it is in this bucolic suburb that, much to my regret, I saw this taxi arrive to drive me to CGN.

photo IMG_9676a

The loop is looped and you need to scroll back to the beginning of this FR to keep reading the story in chronological order – the administrators even thought of a soft key on the right of your screen to do that.

However, if this is the third time you get to this point, I allow you to skip to my conclusions on a flight that I did not really want to board that day, but this schedule and this routing were the least bad compromise between my private and professional lives that day.
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Turkish Airlines


Cologne - CGN


Istanbul - ISL



CGN is easily accessible by car – at least on a Saturday afternoon. The waiting time was minimal and the staff was friendly at the check in counter and the security check. CGN is a small regional airport, and avid duty free shoppers would be disappointed. There is a free unlimited wifi internet access, but you have to find it by yourself – no signage says that it exists. On the other hand, the absence of power plugs for passengers is a significant drawback. There are zero services in the non-Schengen area (apart from wifi access), and there is no way no know it before being there after the passport control.

The comfort of TK's seat is OK and the catering above the European average. On the other hand, I really missed a flight map on the IFEs. I do not penalize heavily the delay because it did not endanger my connection and I had no duty free shopping plans there.

Apart from the lack of signage in the jetbridge to point to the direction for connecting passengers, IST is efficient for that purpose. The next FR shows that there are FIDS everywhere, and that passenger flows were reasonably smooth despite that being a peak traffic time.

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    A typical flight with TK, which compared to the competition is truly an exemplary one. No other airline provides printed menus, fresh squeezed orange juice and a substantial meal on an intra-European flight in Y.

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