Avis du vol Delta Air Lines Amsterdam Seattle en classe Affaires

Compagnie Delta Air Lines
Vol DL 143
Classe Affaires
Siege 03A
Temps de vol 10:25
Décollage 02 Jan 15, 10:40
Arrivée à 02 Jan 15, 12:05
DL   #60 sur 132 Compagnies Un minimum de 20 flight-report est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 625 avis
Par GOLD 5353
Publié le 4 janvier 2015
  • BSL - AMS KL J / AMS - YYC KL/ E190: HERE
  • AMS- ??? ?? ? / ??: Here you are :)
  • ??? - ??? ?? ? / ??: Later.
  • ??? - ??? ?? ? / ??: Later.
  • ??? - ??? ?? ? / ??: Later.
  • ??? - ??? ?? ? / ??: Later.
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Welcome to the second part of my January Flights! We had one hour from gate to gate, just enough time to go through security and duty free.

This is the well know J seat from Delta:

photo DSC_0164

Happy Mom and Dad:

photo DSC_0162photo DSC_0163

As I am still recovering from my pneumonia, I'll have a dry welcome drink. OJ for me together with the usual snack mix that I really like!
photo DSC_0165photo DSC_0166

Arkefly Dreamliner:

photo DSC_0167photo DSC_0168

On time push back and almost no wait for take-off. This watery thing has been handed out before the main meal service starts:

photo DSC_0169

IFE was correct, I watched 22 Jump Street, (by the way, not worth to watch if you have to pay ^^). It helped passing time a bit:

photo DSC_0170

That's the menu of the flight, exactly the same as the year before, but I won't complain as this is one of my preferred menu on the cycle:

That's the amuse bouche, ok, I am not supposed to drink alcool as I am still under medication, but I can't refuse a glass of Sauternes:

photo DSC_0171photo DSC_0172

The delicious coconut soup, I really love that one, spicy as it should be, and a fresh tomato mozzarella salade:

Happy Mom:

photo DSC_0177

We all three took the beef option for the entree, sorry not being able to show you another dish. While the presentation was really nice, the beef was far overcooked:

photo DSC_0180

This is my Mom's dessert plate as I forgot to take mine in picture, but we took almost the same (she only had the strawberry more)

photo DSC_0181

My seat after a nap:

photo DSC_0183photo DSC_0184

At that time of the year, this kind of flight treats you with a sunset and a sunrise:

90 minutes before arrival, the snack is served, together with another hot towel (less watery this time!)

Then we started our descent towards Seattle, lots of snow in the mountains:


photo DSC_0200photo DSC_0201

On time landing and a bit of spotting:

There was absolutely nobody at immigration, unfortunately the new automated machines in SEA did not want to recognize my double name and I had to go through the additional immigration procedure. It took me more than an hour as there were plenty of people before me. The immigration agent that handled my case was very kind and apologized a lot about the problem. That's life ^^
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Really nothing to say, that was a pretty good flight, just the beef was not as good as the rest :)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Delta Air Lines avec 7.3/10.

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6 Commentaires

  • Comment 125909 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4858 Commentaires

    Thanks for sharing this next segment. Your parents look super excited about this trip, that must've made you feel great to be able to bring them that joy. What a good son :-)
    The face blurring is very Picasso, LOL. I never did get to fly a DL route with an A330 in my time as a DL Platinum. I will get to try AA's cirrus seats, though.
    Meal looks good as usual. Beef is always overcooked, though. Even knowing this, I always tend to chose the beef, lol. I'm a carnivore, what can I say.
    Looks like you had a great flight and your parent's excitement makes it even better!

  • Comment 125974 by
    jetsetpanda 2296 Commentaires

    Thank you for sharing this nice FR. It's great to share moments like this with loved ones and I was glad that I took a few trips with my parents in premium cabins before my father passed away. I treasure these moments dearly.

    DL seems to offer a decent product in J and catering looks good. I think their amenity kit could use an enhancement. I know it's a TUMI, but I personally find other kits in similar cabins more appealing (like AZ or LA).

    Hope you are better and enjoying SEA.

  • Comment 125976 by
    Esteban TEAM GOLD AUTEUR 9688 Commentaires

    Thank you very much for your nice comment. You know exactly why I try to bring my parents with me as much as possible, once it's too late, it's too late :(

    We enjoyed SEA very much, right now seating in the Alaska Board Room for our next flight ^^

  • Comment 126008 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4858 Commentaires

    I'm going to be in SEA this weekend, but you are going to be in Hawaii right? You're just connecting in SEA I think?

  • Comment 126021 by
    Esteban TEAM GOLD AUTEUR 9688 Commentaires

    We are now at ANC after an epic flight from SEA to ANC. Connecting to FAI, and back to SEA next Sunday but just connection to KOA. Sad to miss you :(

  • Comment 126114 by
    NGO85 1622 Commentaires

    You must be vying for the Son of the Year Award, the pressure will be on for my parent's 40th in a couple of years...

    What is the seating arrangement on the A330, is it 1-2-1 or 1-1-1 (like CX)? If I remember correctly, the DL B747 had 1-2-1 on the main deck, which would be a considerably wider cabin.

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