Review of Qantas flight Hong Kong Brisbane in Economy

Airline Qantas
Flight QF098
Class Economy
Seat 49A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 06:50
Take-off 12 Jul 13, 22:45
Arrival at 13 Jul 13, 07:35
QF 153 reviews
Published on 28th April 2015
Hello there, welcome to my very first flight report!

The trips were in 2013 summer….. but I have got so much free time now after a long exam so I decided to find out the photos and share them to all of you… haha
Hong Kong to Brisbane QF98 12 JUL 2013 A330-300 (You are here)
Brisbane to Sydney QF511 24 JUL 2013 B737-800 (
Sydney to Hong Kong QF127 26 JUL 2013 A380 (!) (Coming soon)

photo 1
Getting everything ready…….. for my first “solo” trip to AUS!

photo DSC_0741photo DSC_0742photo DSC_0747
Heading to the airport…… around 45 min ride from near the Wong Tai Sin Temple for HKD20

photo DSC_0751
Arriving at HKIA, how awesome is it ! (sorry for not much airport shots )
You’ll see my suitcase quite a few times throughout this series of reports

photo 98
Boarding pass with my logsheet. You can actually spot out the difference between the logos, which a kind FA later told me LOL

photo DSC_0759
Noticed that not being able to have the inflight meal in 3 hours, I got myself something to eat…….It was like 15% more expensive than the other branches but taste 51% worse

photo DSC_0761
My plane! (One of my favourite type while the other are 77L and 744)

Flight: QF 098
Date: 12 JUNE 2013
Sector Hong Kong – Brisbane
Sector distance: 3836 nm
Aircraft type: A330-303
Aircraft reg: VH-QPG (C30/Y267) (First flight: 03 JUNE 2004)
POB: FULL LOAD + 3 pilots 9 crew
Block time: 8h20m
Flight time: 8h02m

photo IMG_7114photo IMG_7124
Boarding………….smooth and ordinary, FA were quite nice too!

Parking bay: N22
ETD: 1245Z 2245L
Boarding time: 1220Z 2245L
ATD: 1243Z 2243L
T/O runway: 25L
V1: 152 VR: 160 V2: 163
T/O weight: 228871 KG with fuel 60100 KG
T/O rating: FLEX T/O 36’
Weather: CLEAR Wind 240’/10 kts

photo DSC_0765photo DSC_0767photo DSC_0769
Despite a blanket and a pillow, amities were also given, which is quite delighting :
Just one point to add…… the headphones weren’t so good and my ears started to feel painful after using it for like 30 mins.

photo IMG_7125photo IMG_7144photo IMG_7173
Few cabin shots, satisfactory, the legroom was decent but AVOD screen was a bit too small and apparently a tittle old.

TOC: 1362Z
Cruising altitude: FL330 ^ FL350 ^ FL370 ^ FL390
Cruising speed: IAS 484 kts/ Mach. 807/ GS 486 kts
TOD: 2045Z

Garden Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
-Stir Fried Pork with Yu Shiang(??, kind of fishy favour) Sauce, Bok Choy(??, Chinese cabbage) and Fragrant Rice
-Tarragon Braised Chicken with Potato Purée and Seasonal Vegatables
Cherry Almond Tart
Chocolate (M&Ms…)
(Also fresh fruit and Nissin cup noodles were available throughout the flight upon request)

photo DSC_0770photo IMG_7140photo IMG_7141
Dinner time! A bottle of water was distribute quickly before meal service. And for the meal, I could only say everything were where they needed to be – satisfactory.

photo DSC_0793photo DSC_0799
There were a duty-free selling session after meal service and after that, they started to dim the lights……..and leave a little bit of blue there, kind of mood lighting?( I LOVE MOOD LIGHTING!)

photo DSC_0779photo DSC_0781photo DSC_0782
Few hours into the flight they distributed some snacks and as I don’t ever sleep in flights (sounds crazy but last time I was awake for the whole journey from HK to Toronto, like 14.5hr flight), I asked for a cup of tea to keep myself awake~

photo IMG_7183photo IMG_7196photo IMG_7202
After few hours of movie, I found something stunning outside the window……………!!!

Soon they started to bright the lights again, preparing for the breakfast and here it is!

Orange Juice
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad
Selection of Warmed Pastries
photo IMG_7206
Delicious and refreshing, and the most important thing is, I AM HAVING BREAKFAST WITH ONE OF THE BEST VEIWS IN THE WORLD!

And descent started soon after the food trays were collected, I just could not have my eyes away from the window!
The Landing — Wacth in HD!

Descent rate: 750 fpm (brilliant!)
Vref/ VLS: 134 kts
Vapp: 139 kts
Landing weight: 178000 KG
Landing runway: 19
Landing time: 2118Z/ 0718L
ETA: 2135Z/ 0735L
ATA: 2123Z/ 0723L
Parking bay: 81
Weather: SCT CLOUD 3500’ VIS: OK Wind: 190’/ 8kts 12’C QNH 1027pa

photo IMG_7234photo IMG_7237
Touched down in the early morning, the landing was very very light and soft, and it seemed to me that engine reserve wasn’t used and we just glided to the very end of the runway.

Here we are in Brisbane! The weather was excellent , just like my mood then.
By the start of the descend, the kind purser came to me and told me that I was very fortunately given a cockpit visit after landing, so…
photo IMG_7239photo IMG_7240photo IMG_7241

In conclusion,
the service wasn't outstanding, but absolutely more than satisfactory – seats were great, crew were nice and helpful, meal and AVOD were alright. I had generally a pleasant flight! Thank you Qantas :)

Some photos taken in Brisbane and Gold Coast,,, fantastic weather in AUS!!!

END~ Stay Tuned for the rest of the sectors!

P.S. Due to the compression problems of the photos, they may look not as good as they should be, so if you want to have some of them for PERSONAL USES, feel free to contact.
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Cabin crew8.5

Hong Kong - HKG


Brisbane - BNE



The service wasn't outstanding, but absolutely more than satisfactory -- seats were great, crew were nice and helpful, meal and AVOD were alright. I had generally a pleasant flight!

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  • Comment 135033 by
    tn92 BRONZE 174 Comments

    Welcome to Flight-Report! I'm rather new here too and haven't been able to write many reports also because of school and exams. Anyway, that's a nice report and you'd be glad to know that Qantas has already began refurbishing their A330s and the new cabin's just cool! You are such a brave guy travelling alone at just 15 (correct me if I'm wrong). Haha! So what was the difference between the logos? Is it the font type? Oh and just a slight error spotted, I believe you were granted a cockpit visit at the end yeah? Not a cockpit itself. =P Looking forward to your next few flight reports!

    • Comment 314778 by

      Thank you! I saw their TVC about their refurbished A330s and they look GREAT! Regarding their, you could tell the difference in size of the kangaroo looking at that photo once more~ Haha I was 15 back in 2013 and i was going for a trip kinda to learn English! Thank you for your correction btw and i have it corrected :) I am now working on the next sector, Thanks!

  • Comment 135034 by
    NGO85 1639 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this retro-report and welcome to the site!

    I got myself something to a eat…….It was like 15% more expensive than the other branches but taste 51% worse
    - Definitely a poor decision on your part ;) We all make poor life choices sometimes, but let's just hope you learned your lesson for next time :)

    Yikes! That mismatched blue/pink/red zebra print upholstery is ghastly... This definitely looks like an older QF cabin and the IFE does look outdated. Was the selection at least decent?

    Not the biggest of meals trays in the business, but it looks like a decent offering and standard service for a route of this length. Were snacks offered mid-flight (or available in the galleys)?

    Beautiful sunrise photos.

    Small detail: An admin will probably tell you this, but they normally like the text before the pictures. This way you can read the commentary first and then scroll down to see the pictures.

    • Comment 314786 by

      Thank you for your comment! The IFE system was pretty similar to the newer Panasonic ones - only a smaller and less HD screen and as i remember a little less choices compared to my return A380 flight from SYD to HKG. Also there wasn't self-serve bars like the A380, but they said fruit and cup noodles( and maybe some snacks) were available on request.
      I'll take note of the commentary thanks haha

  • Comment 135061 by
    tn92 BRONZE 174 Comments

    Haha! I like how NGO85 pointed out about the commentary issue before the admin did! I made the same error for my first report too. =P but I totally agree actually that it's easier to read the comments followed by the pictures. In fact, I have adapted that habit and made it a norm in my personal Travel/Aviation mandarin blog. Hehe.

    Back to the topic about QF. I actually kinda liked the old seats on A330 too; I fly a lot on Qantas' overnight flights between Singapore and Australia, and I always get the best sleep in their A330 with the old cabins (those you see in this report). Haven't got the chance to try the new seats on a midnight flight yet, but a short nap a few days ago on those new seats wasn't too bad either!

    I find it really cool how you decided to go to Australia to learn English. Hahaha nice one, mate! I must say the language you used in your first report is great! (: Look forward to seeing you around.

  • Comment 135174 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5885 Comments

    Thanks for sharing your first report on here! QF offers a solid Y product that consistently received good reviews and this report is no exception. Lots of good detail and pics in this report. Definitely an enjoyable first report!

    As NGO85 said, most people prefer the text before the pics so they can read the description before scrolling down, due to the large format in which photos are displayed on this site. Also due to the large format of pics, horizontal pics work best, but you didn't know that when you took the pics in 2013 :-)

    Thanks again for sharing this first report with us and I look forward to many more!

    Welcome to Flight-Report!

    Community Manager

    • Comment 314996 by

      Thanks admin for you comment! I will take note of the placing of the captions(actually i have corrected this in my second report BNE-SYD) and the preferred horizontal style of photos:)

      Don't forget to take a look at my future reports ! XD

  • Comment 135235 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Welcome and thank you for sharing this FR with nice photography and bonus.

    Catering looks fine but I find the portions a bit small.

    Nice gesture from the pilots to allow you to photograph the cockpit.

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