Review of American Airlines flight New York Paris in Business

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA44
Class Business
Seat 1J
Flight time 07:35
Take-off 10 May 15, 17:10
Arrival at 11 May 15, 06:45
AA   #69 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 569 reviews
By GOLD 9579
Published on 20th May 2015
Today, I'd like to share with you a recent flight I made from New York back to my home city, Paris. It's actually the last part of a long routing I will fully report in French at a later time. But I wanted to premiere this one in English as the product may be of higher interest for the American audience (well, I imagine so) : the new AA Business Class on retrofitted B767-300.

It all starts at JFK Terminal 8, where AA provides a dedicated check-in for the Priotity passengers. It happens behind the glass walls on the right (the agent in front of it checking eligibility first).

photo JFKCDG-02

After a terrible security line (as always in JFK, it seems), we are airside and head to the lounge. The flight is booked Business but thanks to our Emerald status (with British Airways), we have access to the Flagship Lounge (used also for International First Class and Flagship Transcontinental flights).

It's not that impressive (thinking of the Delta Terrace Lounge, for instance) but it has ample seating, large windows and all the expected amenities.

photo JFKCDG-03

One of the amenity I needed the most at the time was a good shower. Shower rooms are roomy and clean. The white badge by the towels is to re-access the Flagship part of the lounge.

photo JFKCDG-05

Back to the lounge, checking the homepage of our favourite website :) before heading to the buffets.

photo JFKCDG-10

It's afternoon tea, consisting of scones, mini sandwiches and sweet tartlets.

photo JFKCDG-06photo JFKCDG-07photo JFKCDG-08

Liquors are fine but the wines are not on par with a First / Flagship lounge's list (I nevertheless really liked the Kimmel).

photo JFKCDG-09

Our visit to the lounge was actually short, it's now time to head to our gate.

photo JFKCDG-12

We arrive when the priority line has almost finished boarding and the main one is starting.

photo JFKCDG-13

Our Boeing for tonight's flight received both a retrofitted cabin and a oneworld livery.

photo JFKCDG-14

And here's the cabin. The seat is a Thompson Vantage, making the cabin very similar to Delta's on the same aircraft.

photo JFKCDG-15

My seat, 1J. I'm not travelling alone but as we got rebooked on this flight just a few hours before, we had no other choice than splitting. It's a good seat anyway as it is privative, offers a window view and is protected from the aisle by the block. The seat behind is as privative but one seats a bit away from the window and in direct contact with trolleys or pax in the aisle.

photo JFKCDG-16

Also, first row receives extra legroom due to the galley configuration. As you can see, IFE were not fitted in this cabin, tablets (already present on some AA flights) becoming the norm for this aircraft.

photo JFKCDG-17

The cabin has been prepared with a comforter and a pillow on the seat, and water and amenity kit in a rack.

photo JFKCDG-18photo JFKCDG-19

The tablet I was talking about, replacing the IFE, is already placed behind the tablet.

photo JFKCDG-20

A view of the legroom and seats commands (it's a fully flat bed…of course).

photo JFKCDG-21photo JFKCDG-22

My friend is in 6D (but will later swap for a window with a couple who has been assigned 6G/6J) and again you can see that not all seats have been made equals. D has a wider tablet protecting from the aisle, while F has a smaller one and is not so protective.

photo JFKCDG-23

Boarding continues (only one jetbridge has been fitted so all Y pax will go through the cabin).

photo JFKCDG-24photo JFKCDG-25

The menu has already been placed on the tablet during cabin preparation, so I'll browse it now.

photo JFKCDG-26

The service for this transatlantic night flight (I don't really like these flights, as they are too short) is simplified. No choice for appetizer and the possibility to skip apéritif and have everything served at once.

I can't find anything really appealing in this menu to be honest. And I doubt the presence of real saffron in the pasta ;)

photo JFKCDG-28

I will skip the breakfast (FA will inquire about that when taking orders for the dinner) but still, I find it meager to offer the choice of hot or cold breakfast.

photo JFKCDG-29

Wine card is from the US, but for the Champagne of course.

photo JFKCDG-30

Champagne that I will take as a welcome drink (in a plastic cup…) is being offered, while jackets are being stored for J passengers.

photo JFKCDG-31photo JFKCDG-32

Back to the wine list, I note the choice of two dessert wines.

photo JFKCDG-33photo JFKCDG-34

The amenity kit features retro artwork from companies that are now integrated in American, and can be re-used for mini-tablets / phablets.

photo JFKCDG-35

Mine is TWA and as you can see, it's really complete (mask and socks in red give a little Santa Claus look though ^^)

photo JFKCDG-36

Orders for the meal are taken prior to departure but will be interrupted by the pushback.

photo JFKCDG-37photo JFKCDG-38

Safety video will be broadcast on the main screens while we taxi to the runway.

photo JFKCDG-39

The good thing is that the tablets are made available from the beginning and can be used during taxi. Nevertheless, the front electrical outlet is de-activated and the back one (by the rack) only is activated, so that passengers can't have the wire impeding their way out, if needed.

photo JFKCDG-40

As always on AA, the headset is a perfect noise-cancelling QC-15 from Bose.

photo JFKCDG-41

And having the tablet up and running during taxi is a very good thing as we have 15 planes before us (Captain will announce a 25 minutes time before we can take off).

photo JFKCDG-42photo JFKCDG-43

I've watched a good bit of my (depressing) movie when it's our turn to hit the runway.

photo JFKCDG-44

Bye bye JFK…

photo JFKCDG-45

After take-off, we are free to put the tablet back in front (but I should have also switched the plug too…) and flight attendants start the service.

photo JFKCDG-46

Oshibori first ; very nice scent.

photo JFKCDG-47

And before the first round of drinks arrive, I spend some time with my friend, now in 6G. As you can see, airshow is broadcast on the main screen, as this is the missing feature of the tablet.

photo JFKCDG-48

And I'm back to my seat when the tables are prepared. My flight attendant is extremly friendly and eager to help, but mixed up the table clothes with the napkin (too short for the table). Later, we'll talk a bit and she will explain that it's her very first international flight (explaining both great attitude and small mistakes ^^).

photo JFKCDG-49

Apéritif will be served from the galley (Jack'n Coke for me, with warm nuts), but after that, an ugly trolley will be used for the meal.

photo JFKCDG-50photo JFKCDG-51

Imposed appetizer and salad come in a tray, completed by a choice of bread (in a basket) and drinks. Plates are nice, but glasses are improper for wine.

photo JFKCDG-52

Frisée and strawberries for the salad, don't expect my support for this !

photo JFKCDG-53

Quinoa and beetroot mix wasn't appetizing on the paper but it's pretty good. Too bad the rocket leaves seem to have spent too many hours in the trolleys…

photo JFKCDG-54

Cheesebread has nothing to talk about.

photo JFKCDG-55

Not much effort is put for the condiments presentation ; and as said before I find the glass improper, but the Sauvignon is quite good.

photo JFKCDG-56

It may not look so but the halibut was delicious, and the tapenade (sort of) spicy as I like.

photo JFKCDG-57

The ice-cream for dessert was good, but it's a bit too repetitive on every flight I take with American.

photo JFKCDG-58

Cabin lights are lowered during the dessert, and I'm just checking the games offered on the tablet, not actually playing the Hangman ;)

photo JFKCDG-59

Cabin is cleaned up without the trolleys, letting passengers go back and forth to the restrooms and getting ready for the night.

photo JFKCDG-60

And so will I. View of my seat in bed position.

photo JFKCDG-61

I'ts very comfortable, and although I'm 61, I have enough space to fully stretch (this may come from the extra legroom on the first row).

photo JFKCDG-62

I will have a good night sleep and will skip the morning service. I wake up when the captain informs the crew of the 20 minutes timeframe remaining before landing, and I'm pleasingly surprised that nobody tried to wake me up before.
Nevertheless, both headset and tablets have been removed during my sleep.

photo JFKCDG-63

I tidy up my seat and request a coffee and orange juice, if still possible.

photo JFKCDG-64

As we are indeed already flying low, over a typical North-of-France country land.

photo JFKCDG-65

Nevertheless, my order will be fulfilled. The coffee comes in a plastic cup ; the flight attendant explains me that because it's hot, I may not have drunk it before she has to take glasses away, and I may keep it during landing this way.

photo JFKCDG-66

We are also given a fast track coupon for immigration in Paris.

photo JFKCDG-67

And we finish our decent in a nice clear sky, over the typical twists and turns of the Seine river.

photo JFKCDG-68

And typical landmarks of Paris : La Défense, Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse Tower and '98 World Cup Stadium.

photo JFKCDG-69photo JFKCDG-70photo JFKCDG-71

But also the finest examples of ghetto architecture from the '60s and '70s.

photo JFKCDG-72

And a freshly painted strip at LBG airport for the soon-coming Paris Air Show.

photo JFKCDG-73

Here we are, back to France. And that can be seen around ;)

photo JFKCDG-74

And we arrive at Terminal 2A in CDG, home of most oneworld companies. It looks like pax from ORD may not have enjoyed the new seats today…

photo JFKCDG-75

Last view of the cabin : we'll be disambarking first and flight attendants will make sure to block the Y cabin during this time.

photo JFKCDG-76

Bye bye 1J, I had a great sleep :)

photo JFKCDG-77

The flight in general was very good, and the last surprise is an empty immigration at CDG.

photo JFKCDG-78

In just a matter of minutes, we'll be in the train to the city.

photo JFKCDG-79

Thanks for reading !
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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

American Airlines Flagship Lounge - 8


New York - JFK


Paris - CDG



Cabin is a major update from the angled lie-flat previously fitted on this aircraft. But I don't give the maximum points because all seats are not equal. Even if I was lucky this time.

The crew was very good, especially my flight attendant. She made a few beginner's mistakes but nothing important.

Diner was average. The fish was excellent, I liked the Champagne and the Sauvignon offered, but that's it. Service in tray, with a trolley, with a lack of choice and a meager breakfast offering, made the whole thing quite average.

I liked the tablet, and it was loaded with lots of movies, series and games. Airshow was available on the mainscreen and everything could be used during taxi and take off. It's positive. Also, there is nothing more like a broken IFE or repetitive resets, as I believe they have extra tablets in stock.

We took-off late due to congestion in JFK but got the time back during the flight and arrived on the hour.

So, this is a major evolution of the AA product, but not a revolution.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air France avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 7 heures et 6 minutes.

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  • Comment 136950 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1917 Comments
    Merci pour ce FR! Beautiful photography as always. Although the real pititom is not always as funny as GoogleTranslate pititom^^

    One of the amenitys I needed the most at the time was a good shower.
    - Feeling a little bit dirty after that handsy TSA search?

    The Flagship Lounge is nothing spectacular, but good for a US carrier with actual food offerings and alcohol. Does CX have a lounge in JFK (I know they send three flights daily there) or do they use the BA or AA lounges?

    The seat is a Thompson Vantage, making the cabin very similar to Delta's on the same aircraft.
    - But not pleather and hospital blue^^ Overall, I've been very impressed with the new AA cabins (this and the Cirrus on B77Ws), the B772s... that's another story.

    Four options for main is quite impressive for an American carrier. The breakfast looks very poor, but this is the norm for a short TATL where it is merely a snack for breakfast.

    Champagne that I will take as a welcome drink (in a plastic cup...)
    - At least it isn't a Solo cup^^

    The amenity kit features retro artwork from companies that are now integrated in American
    - That's a pretty neat idea for collector items, bravo AA.

    As you can see, airshow is broadcast on the main screen, as this is the missing feature of the tablet.
    - Tablets are nice and all, but the lack of moving map and decreased selection is a noticeable drawback. Why didn't AA just install IFE?

    Presentation generally looks very good on the new AA, same as Kevin's report from DFW-HKG. The starters look a bit redundant (two salads), no? The main does look a little rough on the edged, but if the taste is good, then that is all that matters.

    The ice-cream for dessert was good, but it's a bit too repetitive on every flight I take with American.
    - Standard dessert for US carriers. Not sure why the sundae has survived as long as it has.

    I may not have drunk it before she has to take glasses away, and I may keep it during landing this way.
    - Pretty thoughtful for an FA.

    But also the finest examples of ghetto architecture from the '60s and '70s.
    - You should have taken pictures of the ghetto architectures in NYC too^^

    Thank you for sharing in English!
    • Comment 316475 by
      pititom GOLD AUTHOR 11479 Comments
      Thank you :) I believe you have to be a native speaker to turn a flight into a funny story with colorful characters ^^ So I may not even try it in English.

      Feeling a bit dirty because we ran. We actually flew in with DL (T4), went to BA (T7) to get rebooked as our ticket was on their stock and finally to the final terminal (T8) for this AA flight. And yes, TSA was a pain, as always...

      The lounge is not spectacular but having seen (on other occasions) the lunch and diner offerings, it's not bad. CX uses BA's F and J lounge, but that's in Terminal 7 (again ^^).

      I like the rotative armchair on the B772 in First :)

      I'd rather have 3 options for main and 2 for starter than 4+1 ;) Starters are redundant but I think salad comes every time, no matter what is the starter.

      A solo cup would have perfectly matched the Santa Claus outfit :D !

      For the kits, my friend had the Piedmont one and we collected an un-used one at arrival, but we haven't opened it so it's still a collector's surprise inside ;)

      The moving map is on the main screen. I think tablets are more cost effective than IFE (limited maintenance, easy swapping, can be changed without changing seat, no complains, aso...)

      I love Marlborough district :)

      It's my pleasure ! Enjoying all your great FR as well :)
  • Comment 136957 by
    jules67500 GOLD 6074 Comments
    Thanks Tom !

    Okay, this lounge seems poor, as always in the US...

    I like this cabin. I prefer having an IFE rathen than a tablet. Tablets don't have airshow :(

    Nice amenity kit. I think it's a pretty good idea ! Well done AA !

    Nice FA, I'd rather have a smiling one, even if she makes mistakes, than a Monique ^^

    This dessert is repetitive, but it's more or less, the same for all US carriers.

    Are you going to The Bourget ? I might go if the BAC de Français is not within the same dates...

    See you soon !
    • Comment 316476 by
      pititom GOLD AUTHOR 11479 Comments
      You should be working on your Bac de Français and you're reading English ;) ?

      The moving map is on the main screen. The good thing about tablet is that you can put it anywhere, it can be handy.

      If you're at Le Bourget and like the AA amenity kit, it's my pleasure to offer you one, as we have an extra (stated before to Ngo85) !

      Me too :) Thus the good grades :)

      Good luck with your exams :)
    • Comment 316483 by
      jules67500 GOLD 6074 Comments
      My english is far better than my french ^^. I'm working, but my exam is on the 19th of July. There's plenty of time to work lol.

      Would be a pleasure to meet you, Tom. A+
  • Comment 136960 by
    lagentsecret 12304 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Even not being member of the American audience it was interesting

    The Flagship food offer is quite poor even for an afternoon tea

    The seat looks comfortable

    The menu and the wine list (except the champagne) are not appealing

    The tablet is a good idea

    You slept a lot so it was certainly a pleasant flight

    But I don't give the maximum points because all seats are not equal
    Unusual severity ;)

    So, this is a major evolution of the AA product, but not a revolution.
    There is only one revolution : the French revolution B&B

    See you soon for another report
    • Comment 316477 by
      pititom GOLD AUTHOR 11479 Comments
      You're a side-wide audience and idol ;)

      The offering is poor for tea-time but having visited the lounges several times at meal time, I know it can be much better and really over the standard US offering (that still means under any Asian J lounge...)

      Menu is not appealing but I ate better than I expected from the words. They already have a cook, they just need an AF style writer ;)

      And what if the best thing about the French Revolution is the role of La Fayette in Philadelphia Convention ;) ?
  • Comment 136974 by
    KL651 TEAM 4536 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.

    What a step forward compared to the older J seat offered by AA.

    However I don't understand why there still is no in seat integrated screen.

    Standard catering, AA isn't so good at variations it seems. It must get boring for very frequent flyers.

    The 767 operated by AA only have one front door, which is why coach passenger passed by the J cabin during boarding.
    • Comment 316509 by
      pititom GOLD AUTHOR 11479 Comments
      Yes, directly from NEV2 to B&B ;)

      I think tablets are more cost effective than IFE (limited maintenance, easy swapping, can be changed without changing seat, no complains, aso...) and that's why there is no integration.

      Airline food is always boring for very frequent flyers, but I agree this is limited (even if 4 options is noticeable for US carrier as indicated Ngo85)

      Thanks !
  • Comment 136980 by
    indianocean SILVER 7538 Comments
    Hopefully, you got the entrance to the Flagship Lounge. Even if it's average, it's better than nothing.

    I love scones but the last time I came thru here, they were awfully hard and dry.
    Sandwiches look nice however

    The new Business seat looks comfortable. I guess it's enough for a short TATL flight like yours but I wonder why AA didn't install the new hard product instead of this one.

    Catering, as usual, is nothing to write home about. But I love the idea of using the logo of vanished airlines on the amnenity kits.

    Thank you for sharing Thomas.
    • Comment 316510 by
      pititom GOLD AUTHOR 11479 Comments
      The Flagship Lounge came with my oneworld status, it's not accessible for J pax on this flight otherwise.

      Maybe they didn't want to invest too much into the aging 767 ?

      You're welcome !
  • Comment 136984 by
    socalnow 978 Comments
    Thank you for the detailed look at the new AA 7ER J class. It appears to be a great improvement.

    I think I would prefer integrated IFE to the tablet. Having the headphone cable running in front of you like that doesn't look comfortable or convenient.

    Great that you got good sleep. That's what business class and flat beds are all about.

    I hope to visit Paris some day. The pictures on approach were a great overview.

    Happy travels!
    • Comment 316511 by
      pititom GOLD AUTHOR 11479 Comments
      I myself also prefer an integrated IFE, but my friend prefers the tablet so I made a fair comment about it in the report.

      I couldn't agree more : I take Business classes for their seats, not for their food ;)

      Maybe a Flight Report meeting could be a good reason to come to Paris ^^ ?

      Thanks !
  • Comment 136995 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6424 Comments
    Thanks very much for publishing this on our side first! I'm particularly interested in this flight as I'm taking it this summer. i figured I wouldn't be the first to publish a report on the retrofitted AA 763.

    The Flagship First lounge, which I'll also have access too, is somewhat disappointing, but still better than a normal U.S. airline lounge. I like that you have to have a card to get into it...makes it feel exclusive...even if it's not that great.

    Yes, the cabin is very similar to DL's but looks so much better visually. AA has really put some good effort into outfitting the cabins with classy finishes. The DL cabin looks sterile and cheap in comparison. I do think it's a shame that there is no integrated IFE as it is not possible to see the airshow.

    The catering is ok. That appetizer looks almost exactly like the one I had on DFW-HKG a few months ago, which is a shame. The wine list is not as impressive as DL's which has generally better wines and a sauternes for dessert wine. I'm not a fan of either Sherry or Port. I don't know why AA serves the pre-departure drink in plastic. DL serves it in a real champagne glass.

    AMAZING views on arrival!

    Thanks again for sharing this awesome report and I look forward to the rest of the routing hopefully in English soon :-)
    • Comment 316512 by
      pititom GOLD AUTHOR 11479 Comments
      Sorry to have stolen the premier from you. You could have been the first as I hadn't planned to take this flight : it came at the last minute due to a rebooking.

      You can see the airshow on the main screen. Being at the first row, it was fine for me :)

      Yes, wine list isn't great, but it's typically the wines that can't go wrong with anything...

      The sky was perfect for the pictures on arrival. I didn't even have a good camera with me (due to lack of space, just had a compact this time).

      The whole routing might only be in French, sorry ;)
    • Comment 316621 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6424 Comments
      No worries...someone else would have published one before me anyway, so I'm glad it was you since your reports are always great. The flight isn't until August and considering I always seem to be about 3-4 months behind to publish my reports, there's no way I would have been the first hahaha.

      Since the English site is having more and more reports published, it's almost impossible for me to keep up with the French FRs too...they get published at such a high rate!
  • Comment 137002 by
    SMilano 1288 Comments
    Thanks for this very interesting report :)

    The new J cabin looks good and the seat comfortable.
    I would prefer a integrated IFE, just a tablet it's like cheap Business... That looks better with a real IFE.

    The catering looks ok for a US airlines.

    Nice views of Paris and LBG !

    See ya soon ;)
  • Comment 137093 by
    padawan SILVER 1986 Comments
    Thank you for this report on this new cabin! I wonder why AA did not choose the Cirrus as on their other planes (including the US planes)?
    Café, soupe du jour, croissant, petits fours: shall these frenchy names make the catering better ? :D
    Good idea to have the tablet for movies/games/music and keep the old screens for the moving map!
    Nice views of St Denis and Garges-lès-Gonesse ;)
    • Comment 317125 by
      pititom GOLD AUTHOR 11479 Comments
      I'm not an expert, but as the B767 fuselage is narrower than the A330's (and definitely the B777's), maybe it wasn't possible to fit the Cirrus (or maybe with an awkward 1-1-1, but they would have lost a lot of seats).

      I'm fine with the various seatings, as long as they are all flat beds so a swap can't be much of a nightmare.

      Beautiful, isn't it ^^ ?
  • Comment 137305 by
    nico83et13 BRONZE 2157 Comments
    Merci Thomas pour le FR.

    Je vais être le seul à te répondre en français car la langue des rosbeef je le parle un peu mais pas assez pour te répondre.

    Le salon a l'air confortable et offre peu de nourriture. Pas de boissons à bulles au salon?

    Le nouvelle cabine de AA pour les vols de NYC et MIA vers CDG sont vraiment belle. Le siège full flat a l'air très confortable.

    Catering plutôt bien pour une compagnie américaine. La glace Ben&Jerry's est un plus.

    A bientôt pour le début du routing. A+

    Google translate :

    Thank you Thomas for the FR.

    I am going to be the only one to answer you in French because the language of rosbeef I speak it a little but not enough to answer you.

    The lounge has the comfortable air and offers little food. No drinks with bubbles in the lounge?

    New cabin of AA for the flights of NYC and MIA towards CDG are really beautiful. The seat full flat house has the very comfortable air.

    Catering rather well for an American company. Ben&Jerry's ice cream is one more.

    See you soon for the beginning of the routing. A+

    Ta le choix des langues pour me répondre. Mais pas en russe ou chinois STP.
    • Comment 317126 by
      pititom GOLD AUTHOR 11479 Comments
      Il y a avait un Crémant californien pour toute bulle. Pas terrible pour un salon First, n'est ce pas ?

      La glace, quel qu'en soit le fabricant, ne m'emballe pas trop car elle est trop souvent le dessert unique sur AA (et d'autres airlines).

      Le début de celui-ci ne va pas arriver de si tôt ! Faut que je reprenne le Brésil déjà...
  • Comment 137419 by
    airtraveladdict 119 Comments
    Hello pititom,
    Thank you for your trip report. It was so detailed with words and pictures, so I really enjoyed reading it.
    This is one of those trips that is rarely reported, I rarely see reviews of AA 767 flights, with the newly refitted seats.

    How come you went to AA lounge instead of the British Airways Galleries First lounge at JFK? was your flight departing from a different terminal?
    I think for a short 6 hour trip, these seats look fine and comfortable.
    The catering looks just okay, but I think again, its not a very long flight, so its fine.

    I am taking this trip later this year, but AA has downgraded this new 767 to the single aisle old 757, so I am not looking forward to those old seats. But I guess there is not much I can do about it, because I wanted to fly direct to CDG on frequent flyer points and Openskies and British Airways charge almost $700 in fuel surcharge just to use my points to book this one way trip.
    • Comment 317127 by
      pititom GOLD AUTHOR 11479 Comments
      My pleasure !

      It's indeed rarely reported ; that's why I wanted to share it here as soon as I flew it. I myself had been looking for reports on this product (before booking it) and they are scarce.

      The BA lounge is located in Terminal 7 and the AA lounge in Terminal 8. A change of terminal means an extra security screening, and this is not something you want to do at JFK...

      If you want to fly direct, then your options are not great. Sorry to hear about the 757 !

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