Review of Qantas flight Los Angeles Brisbane in Business

Airline Qantas
Flight QF16
Class Business
Seat 11K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 14:50
Take-off 18 May 15, 00:30
Arrival at 18 May 15, 08:20
QF   #33 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 176 reviews
By 7641
Published on 22nd May 2015
Hello All and welcome to my last report of this trip.


As you may realise there are a few reports missing from above. First of all the SEA-DEN and the JFK-LAX flights where very full and non interesting. I was also very tired so i felt no intrest in reporting on these flights. However i did do a bit of plane spotting and i will put those photos at the end of this report for your enjoyment.

Secondly You may be wondering why i flew home Qantas and not Fiji which a few of you may have been waiting for as you wanted a very detailed report on Fiji airways, so i will explain waht happened.

So Apparently the Fiji aircraft that departs Fiji for LA had some sort of mishap the day prior in fiji with some ground crew damaging the aircraft during work. So because of this the aircraft had to go in for repair, now with Fiji being such a small airline they couldnt get another aircraft to fiji in time for our flight.

After getting off our JFK-LAX flight my Wife and I collected our bags and made our way over to TBIT and found we had a 2 hour wait for check-ins to open which was fine, we knew we had this time as we booked an early flight out of NY because we didnt want anything to happend that would make us miss our flight home. After waiting for 2 hours we made our way the check in and waited for about 5 mins for them to open up. In this time a fellow passenger got in the line behind us and said hey do you know this flight is cancelled until tommorow at 7:30am, we said no we have no idea. He showed us the email he got from his company explaining what happened. After this we where first in line and we went to the counters and said so what is happening now? They explained the situation and said that we would be put up in a hotel for the night to return in the morning for the flight. I didnt really mind but my Wife was a bit annoyed. The lady checking us in then said so you are going to miss your brisbane flight from fiji so we will try and get you on the qantas flights direct home tonight, We said Great!! please get us on that. After working for about 50 mins with qantas they had our tickets. I was very impressed with their professionalism and speed at which they got it sorted. They go to show how good Fiji are and how proud they are of their airline. We Got our tickets and went to the qantas check-in and checking our bags in. She was going to move us from the middle aisle to the window when i asked if we could go upstairs to which she said yes which was fantastic. So within an hour we went from waiting in LA another night to being upstairs on a 747 which is my dream, i was very excited.

After all the excitement and going through secruity we made our way to the Lounge which was very very nice.
photo IMG_0968photo IMG_0969photo IMG_0970

Nice Bar
photo IMG_0971

photo IMG_0972photo IMG_0974photo IMG_0973

After sitting in the great lounge we left and headed to our gate along the way we did a bit of duty free shopping a little bit of plane spotting before boarding.

Upon boarding we where given our Kits and Pj's
photo IMG_0981photo IMG_0983photo IMG_0984

The Seat we really good. Fully flat and long. Alot of storage compartments which was nice and my wife really enjoyed the large bins next to her to pit her handbag and pillows blankets etc. We were delayed in leaving as there was sick passengers on board which then had to be removed along with their luggage which took about 20 mins. Along with this we then missed our departure slot so we had to wait another 20. My wife and i were very tired so we just wanted to take-off get our dinner and go to sleep.

Up in the Air we Orderd Our food.
photo IMG_0985photo IMG_0986photo IMG_0987

I Chose the beef and my Wife chose the Mushrooms. Both were delicious. Beef was soft and tender with great sauce and my wife really enjoyed her mushrooms. Only thing was it was a little on the small side i wish it was larger as i was starving. There was dessert but my tiredness overcame my hunger and i fell asleep.

The Bed was Very Comfy. Also The IFE was great about 15 of the latest movies and plenty of TV shows. I only whatched 1 movie as i slept most of the flight.
photo IMG_0993photo IMG_0996

photo IMG_0994

Back Home
photo IMG_0997

So all In all a fantactic flight even after the issues with Fiji, who handled the situation Perfectly. Now i will Leave you with Photos From the other flights on my trip :)

Hope your Enjoyed!

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Cabin crew9.0

Oneworld Los Angeles Business Lounge - TBIT


Los Angeles - LAX


Brisbane - BNE



Great Flight. Qantas do have a solid product but i feel they do need to upgrade soon to compete with other airlines around the world. The skybed's are getting old now and really could do with a good makeover to keep them up there. Great seats no doubt but i feel if they change now they wont lag behind in the future. Also its worth mentioning if you are someone that may fly this route in the future i strongly recommend Fiji's product. For the price you pay with fiji its probably the best product around. If money isnt an issue go qantas but it only costs $1875 for the flight with Fiji compared to $3650 with qantas, there is no way that exra money is worth it.



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  • Comment 137121 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Thanks for sharing! Was definitely surprised that this flight is with QF and not FJ. Sounds like Fiji made the best of a bad situation and handled it well. In the end it worked out with a direct flight that got you home earlier. And that way you were able to experience more of a variety of products. The new lounge seems really nice. I might get to try it out this winter when I go to Australia. QF's onboard product is definitely solid, as you say, but you're right that these seats are starting to get old. It is great that you go tot ride in the bump of the 747. I wonder if the new A330 Business class seats will become the standard across the QF fleet.
  • Comment 137125 by
    Caribel 113 Comments
    So the check-in agent saw the reaction of your wife when a hotel stay was suggested and remembered all of a sudden that re-booking with Qantas was an option. Priceless...
  • Comment 137143 by
    02022001 GOLD 4448 Comments
    Thanks a lot for this FR ! ;)
  • Comment 137178 by
    jimicans 2 Comments
    Thanks for the FR! Enjoyed reading it :)
  • Comment 137196 by
    padawan SILVER 2019 Comments
    Nice swap to finally get a direct flight and a full-flat bed on the 747-upper deck!
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 137228 by
    mogoy 10181 Comments
    Thanks for sharing, kudos to FJ for the relatively quick and painless rebooking to a direct flight.
    They know how to treat premimum customers.

    I am bit underwhelmed by the catering, would have been nice to have more details especially the winelist.
    • Comment 316670 by
      mognut AUTHOR 20 Comments
      Thank you im glad you enjoyed it. As far as the wine list there wasnt one. i think you have to ask for it, i didnt have a wine hence i didnt get my hands on one. so sorry about that.
  • Comment 137229 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2002 Comments
    Thank you for the FR!

    but my Wife was a bit annoyed
    - Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It sounds like FJ did everything to get the issue resolved and you certainly can't complain with how everything worked out not only getting a direct flight, but getting the chance to fly upper-deck on a B747, a dying privilege these days. So what did you do all day? You were checking in early morning, but the actual QF flight wasn't until midnight. Did they get you a hotel for the day?

    I like how they crossed out 23:25 on your boarding pass at put 11:25 instead... the whole 24-hour thing is just way too complicated for us simple-minded Americans :)

    Catering looks light for this flight. Only a dinner and a la carte breakfast offering? Dinner menu does look good with some exotic options that you wouldn't find on your standard US carrier (lamb, halibut, beef cheeks).

    Thank you for the spotting bonus, really liked the morning shots at SEA with sun coming through the clouds.

    At the end of the day, a disastrous cancelled flight turned into a nice surprise. Thanks for sharing this series with us.
    • Comment 316672 by
      mognut AUTHOR 20 Comments
      Thank you very much im glad you enjoyed it. We didnt have to wait all day because we arrived from JFK at 5pm and check in for fiji was 7pm so only a 2 hour wait there. And yes catering was very light but delicous. i just wished they did have a little more and meal sizing was a bit bigger. I could have asked for another dish but as i said my tiredness overcame my hunger.

      And im glad you liked the spotting. Ill tell you it was really funny on the JFK to LA flight because on our holiday we drove from Denver to NYC (via a few places) but i spotted highways and towns that we drove through from the plane which was very cool.

      once again thanks for reading i will do reports when ever i fly from now on :)

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