Review of BA Cityflyer flight Palma De Mallorca London in Economy

Airline BA Cityflyer
Flight BA8484
Class Economy
Seat 11A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 14 Dec 14, 19:45
Arrival at 14 Dec 14, 21:10
CJ 32 reviews
By 3378
Published on 26th May 2015
Oh I am so behind in my Trip Reports. But lead by example, six months later, that's what I say.

Mallorca. Mallorca. What can I say? Went there for the first time in October, and returned two months later as I loved it so much. Alcudia Old Town by the way. Lovely lovely lovely.

But enough of this (oh, and I flew out on Ryanair, but this isn't the place for such things. But a £9.99 flight with hand luggage included is not to be sniffed at.)

Back to British Airways.

As you might by now have realised, I turned to travel independently. Getting around Mallorca is a breeze with a train, tram and bus network to most places, although in December it's much reduced.

Still, a National Express style coach from Alcudia to Palma and local bus to the deserted airport took no time at all.

And what a contrast. The airport in October, where the temperature was in the thirties, was, well, awful. In December, not only did you get to see the size of the airport but actually to enjoy the space. As much as one can enjoy airports…!

I headed to the Sala Lounge, which has a very welcoming staircase…

photo IMG_8661

Here are some images of the lounge.

There was a fairly well stocked bar. It’s all about the bar isn’t it?

Well, snacks too.

photo IMG_8658_2photo IMG_8653

Tunel is a local liqueur, which I had imbibed for medicinal reasons.

photo IMG_8654photo IMG_8652_2photo IMG_8651_2

Enough of this. Time to board my favourite aircraft in the entire world. The Embraer E190. Oh they are great.

2-2 seating. The aircraft looks sleek and it’s a lovely size too.

photo IMG_8666_2

I asked about an upgrade to Club Europe but none was forthcoming, but to be honest, on these ‘planes it’s a debatable outlay anyway.

Seat 11A was to be my, well, personal bar for the next 90 minutes.

It was very nice of the cabin crew to give me an extra G&T for the journey.
You know, to save her a trip.

photo IMG_8680_2

I wasn’t actually expecting a meal in economy, and it was really tasty.
A step above the Heathrow and Gatwick economy offering.

photo IMG_8678photo IMG_8677

Super tasty biscuit.

photo IMG_8675

Some after drinks were offered too. And an extra one, to save her a trip.
As the seat beside me was free, I had room to spread out.

photo IMG_8683_2

And then as we approached the UK, there was time for just one more drinks run….

photo IMG_8685_2

Getting through London City was a breeze (I have criticized the airport in the past, but it has had a much needed refresh and is great to use now.)
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BA Cityflyer

Cabin crew10.0

Independent Sala VIP Formentor


Palma De Mallorca - PMI


London - LCY



BA Cityflyer. A great aircraft, great routes and a generosity of service that made the entire journey a pleasure.



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  • Comment 137510 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5969 Comments

    Better late than never! I really like the comfort of the E-jets and it looks like the service was great with a nice meal and at least 5 G&Ts in this 90 :-)
    Considering you had an empty seat next to you a paid upgrade to Club Europe would have probably not been worth it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 137524 by
    AFGK1 44 Comments


    Thanks for sharing this report!

    The service looks nice, like what Kevin said, it is pretty amazing to be offered 5 G&Ts for a hour and a half flight.

    The meal looks good, and the seats look comfortable

    See you ! :-)

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