Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi in Economy

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN250
Class Economy
Seat 20G
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 29 Jul 15, 16:00
Arrival at 29 Jul 15, 17:45
VN   #40 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 229 reviews
Quan Ng
By 2914
Published on 3rd August 2015
Dear Fellow Flight-Report's member and readers of my trip report.

This is my first trip report here so It may not so perfect and I hope to receive your precious comments!


My Mom is a loyal customer on SGN-HAN and return cause of her business and I always wanted to go to Hanoi. By this summer, I had a chance to go the Capital of Vietnam, luckily, I managed to grab the inbound flight with A350 and outbound by B787 - two New Gen aircraft of Vietnam Airlines…but things didn't happen as I wanted!


My flight was scheduled to depart at 3:30pm so I went to the airport at 1:00pm after finished my English Class at 12:00. I'm really sorry that I didn't take any picture inside the airport because people will look me with weird eyes and I like an alien! So I took one picture outside.

LX-JCV is Cargolux's newest B747-400F, an ex-Southern Air and Jade Cargo Int's Ship.

photo 29.07.2015 LX-JCV

At 3:00pm, the boarding announcement was called and I quickly ran to the Boarding's Table, handled out my Boarding Pass at Gate 10. My ship was in the remote stand so we boarded through bus. No pic outside again because security's reason.


Out stand-mate was an A320 of Jetstar Pacific, registered VN-A562 - newest in the fleet.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A562 (1)

Stair out and our mate was ready for push-back.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A562 (3)

And behind VN-A562 was VN-A610, she just arrived from Phnom Penh as flight VN921 covering HAN-VTE-PNH-SGN route.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A610 (1)

We started to push back at 3:35pm. Here are some pics of VN-A610.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A610 (2)photo 29.07.2015 VN-A610 (4)

Cabin view from my seat 20G.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A390 (1)

Decent legroom due to this aircraft config C16Y162. The other, higher density are config C16Y168 which makes the legroom tighter.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A390 (6)

And cargo area was on our wingtip.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A390 (2)

Our Stand-mate pushed back same time as us, and we followed her to the runway. We taxied to runway 25L for take-off, here are pics of some fellow we met on our way.

VN-A372 was some of the first A330 to entered in Vietnam Airlines' fleet, with old small title.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A372

VN-A682 is VietJet's first Sharklet-equiped ship, being prepared for pushed back.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A678 (1)

EVA operates two daily flight to SGN, with the first flight arrived at 09:45am (BR395) and leave at 03:55pm (BR396) and the second arrive at 11:40am (BR391) and leave at 12:55pm (BR392). Here is B-16306 operates BR396 to Taipei.

photo 29.07.2015 B-16306

China Southern operates three daily flight here with their narrow-body fleet.

photo 29.07.2015 B-6662

After two big accident, MH will disappear soon cause of reconstruction, the countdown has begun.

photo 29.07.2015 9M-MXT

Bay 21's angle will be history I was wondering why! But now, I knew the answer. Overloading means extension and SGN now follow this step, it would cost thousand times cheaper than build a new airport.

photo 29.07.2015 Extension.

A Cambodia's bird - XU-349 was sitting outside for some repair. Hey, I spotted someone was looking at my bird.

photo 29.07.2015 XU-349 (2)


VN-A390 taxied, hold at E6.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A390 (3)

Another shot.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A390 (4)

GET SET, GO!!!!!!!

We were on the runway, idle…then…the engine alive!

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A390 (9)

We ran about 2/5 of the runway then take-off. The golf-course is over there.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A390 (12)

We made a left turn, heading west, unusual path for flight to Hanoi, some military training maybe? I don't know.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A390 (14)

We were cruising at 31.000ft, too low altitude for this route.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A390 (16)

I saw something weird in the ceiling, maybe because sunlight. I introduce to you the weird-purple-lightning.

photo 29.07.2015 VN-A390 (17)

Our meal has arrived. I pre-order Vegetarian Meal which contain Sandwich with stir-fried mushroom and tomato, deserted with yummy jelly! Mhhh…tasty meal! The other passenger had one choice only - the really famous hamburger with ham and some fruits.

photo 29.07.2015 MEAL

After finishing our meal, I took some photos to kill my time and listen to the Music. our plane started to descent. Our captain opened speed brakes.

photo IMG_7719


We were getting lower. We were flying South-North so to calibrate with HAN's runway we must make an East turn, heading 290.

photo IMG_7733

Lower and lower, lower we go! Oh, I spotted some condensation, it must be raining in Hanoi.

photo IMG_7752

Another shot.

photo IMG_7774

Here it's, Noi Bai International Airport! After 1 hour and 45 minutes of flight, we finally arrived! Our holiday started…eh, just me and my dad, my Mom was on business.

photo IMG_7785

Noi Bai's new terminal - for international flight.

photo IMG_7790

The E Concourse - new concourse was built for domestic flight is on the left, and on the right is Mr David Cameroon's Chartered B757 from Titan Airways, prepaired for her flight to Ho Chi Minh, it parked in front of VIP Terminal.

photo IMG_7797

Rain poured in…sad sight! Goodbye VN-A390 and my seat - 20G.

photo IMG_7814

Noi Bai's domestic terminal offers a good view when you walked to the baggage claim area. Here is VN's A321 and A330.

photo IMG_7823

We received our bag then went to Hanoi's Central, about 30km away….


Aircraft Displayed at some Museum at Hanoi.

VIETNAM AVIATION MUSEUM Add: 196 Nguyen Son Street, Long Bien District.

IL-14 registered VN-C482, used to carried our Great Uncle Ho on trips.

photo IMG_7839

AN-2, registered 670 C.

photo IMG_7844

ARMY HISTORY MUSEUM Add: 28A Dien Bien Phu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi (near Thang Long)

The Main Aircraft I Looking For - IL-14, this one restored by Aviation Museum in 2012, not the original that carried Uncle Ho! View from 3rd Storey at Hanoi Flag-pole.

photo IMG_7877

Exhibition in Middle Yard of the Museum. In the Back there are Fighters - not my favorite.

photo IMG_7884

AIR DEFENSE - AIR FORCE MUSEUM Add: 171 Truong Chinh Street, Thanh Xuan District (ex-Bach Mai Airfield)

Helicopter Mil Mi-4, used to transport Uncle Ho for short trip.

photo IMG_7992

Mega Copter Mi-6 (not Mi-26) preserved here! Sorry about the cars.

photo IMG_8007

Thank You For Reading My Really Long Trip Report and I hope you enjoy it! And I hope that you will leave some comments. Sorry for some imperfect spots.
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Vietnam Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Ho Chi Minh City - SGN


Hanoi - HAN



Pleasure Flight, Great Time! The seat was wider than last time I went to Quy Nhon, they squeezed me with a C16Y168 config. Next Trip Report will on air ASAP.

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  • Comment 143391 by
    michealjo 8 Comments
    Very nice report. Congratulations for your first reports in!
  • Comment 143436 by
    Travip 108 Comments
    You made a very smart decision to order special meal for this route and this flight time. Snack on VN short-haul domestic flight is awful, especially the infamous hamburger LOL.
  • Comment 143529 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Very nice first report! Good details and the pictures are beautiful! Great planespotting. Too bad the equipment was switched from an A350 but it still looks like you had a good flight. It's nice that you get a meal on a short domestic flight. Good service. Thanks for sharing and Welcome to Flight-Report!
    • Comment 322614 by
      Quan Ng AUTHOR 4 Comments
      Thank you very much for your comment. It's a pleasure to see you comment. You know...they actually mixed up the schedule on SGN-HAN and HAN-SGN, they changed time, equipment...that's too normal! Other route is fixed with A321, only this route opreates wide body jet. My return flight changed to A330...cause the B787 arrived at that day (Report will collow soon). The meal, It only available on this route but if you're flying non-meal time, you will have their hamburger, a box of fruit and a glass of your choice.... Really thank you for your appreciation.
  • Comment 143532 by
    fernousdu972 1074 Comments
    Thanks for sharing.

    I hope you will soon have the opportunity to fly the A350 or 787. That would be too bad.
    Good flight, and nice to see a good looking meal for such a short trip.

    See you!
    • Comment 322615 by
      Quan Ng AUTHOR 4 Comments
      Thank you. I think I may have that chance soon... That meal was so tasty so I ate all and a little of my Mom LOL....she really don't like VN's infamous hamburger so no bite and that goes to me. I hope to see you soon, in Vietnam. Great thanks.

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