Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Osaka in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX566
Class Economy
Seat 45D
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 16 May 15, 01:45
Arrival at 16 May 15, 06:25
CX   #4 out of 133 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 430 reviews
By 3741
Published on 4th September 2015
Hello everyone to my first trip report.

WARNING: Photo intensive especially with food. Read with discretion!

Back in May I decided to consume some of my vacation leave balance, and I eventually got a group of four for this 8-day Kansai trip. We booked the flight + hotel package through CX holidays three months in advance, and it was just a few hundred Hong Kong dollars more than take budget airlines and booking the hotel separately.

To make the best use of time, we chose the red eye flight outbound and the evening flight inbound (As I am approaching 30 years old, I am not sure if I can still do this in the future).

Work was as usual the day before and I rushed home after work to have a light dinner, take a bath and retrieve my luggage. Eventually I arrived HKG at 10pm.
photo 11209459_10153307449815460_8659350495509895304_n

However my friends didn't arrive until 11:45pm. After all there was still plenty of time since we have checked in online the day before.

Security was fairly quick and we were airside soon. Time for midnight planespotting…

Asiana A380. Korea is one of my favourite destinations, but I have never taken this before.
photo 11377267_10153307449890460_5375637552575680450_n

Finnair A343. Good idea to travel Europe by this but I will wait until the A359 comes to HKG next February.
photo 11377161_10153307449920460_5270975906659346018_n

Lufthansa A346 really to depart for MUC. It would be great to visit the Oktoberfest…all I need is money…
photo 11329776_10153307449930460_6248046439646857967_n

Tonight we are using gate 27.
photo 11350656_10153307450160460_3626239678530978321_n

Here comes our bird. It was B-HLT (a 33Z with hard-shell configuration)
photo 11216261_10153307450150460_7559439775113624312_n

We waited for one more hour before boarding commenced. The window seats had been blocked out this time, but luckily I still had an aisle seat.
photo 11263104_10153307450260460_1901511282098856129_n

Safety card. Even the 33Z came into two variants, which was the B-HL* series with hard-shell seats on Y class, and the B-LB* series with new seats.
photo 10983282_10153307450360460_1497149020431319684_n

Safety video
photo 11111124_10153307450375460_4634813269080114506_n

Take off was on time and smooth. Soon after the plane reached cruise level, the crew distributed snack boxes. There was a turkey and cheese sandwich, chocolate muffin, shortbread and fruit box with a box of lemon juice.
photo 10419435_10153307450465460_750243147760843825_nphoto 11351245_10153307450535460_2224402756969689736_n

Before the trip I had heard lots of people moaning about CX just giving out this instead of a full meal for red eye flights. However for me it was far more than acceptable. In fact while most of the passengers ate the meal as soon as it was distributed, some would choose to sleep first and eat before descending (and some may even take the entire box off the plane). Also, the sandwich and the muffin tasted really good. One of my friends usually wouldn't eat during flight time, but this time he also ate most of it (except the rest of us divided the fruit box).

Afterwards it was time for some sleep. However I would like some music…
photo 11262273_10153307450420460_6300587645658591509_n

Finally I found my favourite Korean singer (which I didn't expect her songs in CX). I fell in sleep while listening to her singing.
photo 11351191_10153307450470460_8217584989122603503_n

The only downside of this flight was the hard-shell seat. Legroom was adequate, but since I was short, I found that my head couldn't fit on the position while I slided down. Eventually I had to sleep in the upright position. However my friend did not have this problem.

I woke up after some two hours and the sun had already risen, and it was almost time for descend. Finally it touched down at 6:09am, while was a but earlier than scheduled.

We joined two other CX birds which were already standing there overnight.
photo 11219373_10153307450560460_5169264941562419785_n

Immigration and customs were fast since we were the only flight using the North Wing of the terminal. Luckily we arrived ahead of the TG superjumbo otherwise we would be in deep trouble.

We cleared customs at around 7am. Since it was too early to do anything downtown, we planned to eat our breakfast in KIX, then do some planespotting in KIX and visit the outlet mall before heading downtown.

There was a food street on 2/F of the main terminal, however only several of them were opening and we weren't in a mood of eating pancakes for breakfast that day. We finally got to Aeroplaza and went to the 24-hour Matsuya.

I originally wanted to order the grilled fish set, but due to a lack of sleep I wrongly pressed the button next to it and got this. Fortunately things wouldn't go wrong in Japan and it was still tastier than anything I have in chained fast food stores in HK.
photo 11107733_10153307450605460_5689816799152431538_n

We bought our ICOCA card as well as the 2-day amazing pass before going to Skyview…
photo 11109499_10153307450745460_2289524984317677060_n

Weather was not so good that morning. However I still managed to take B-HLT as it returns to HKG after taking us for this amazing holiday.
photo 11148342_10153307451610460_1166926107100172741_nphoto 11295546_10153307451480460_4821407190424177830_n

Later we went to the outlet mall nearby. Usually people visit there on their final day before departure, however we wouldn't want to shop in a rush so we decided to visit at the very first day. However it was a bit disappointing to me as I didn't see the sports shoes that I wanted.
photo 10653458_10153307452770460_6806794503762681359_nphoto 11265498_10153307452660460_1706311048432730418_n

We finally started heading downtown in the afternoon. We took the Rapid train to Osaka but it still took more than one hour. I took a doze on the train to catch up some sleep.
photo 11108228_10153307452960460_3930872925831221698_n

Shuttle buses were available to our hotel. However, we just walked to and from Osaka station for the most of our time.
photo 11050706_10153307453470460_3580972582109465140_n

Our hotel room and my comfortable bed for the next 7 nights.
photo 10494599_10153307453495460_8299197246824936930_n

Some highlights of the 8-day trip (I will put some of them here and the rest in the report of the return trip).

Rice balls readily available in convenience stores. It was extremely useful for breakfasts and when we had a tight schedule. The yellow one was also extremely tasty.
photo 11164657_10153307453570460_1234232489861415643_n

Dinner from the supermarket of Daimaru for our first day. We were tired and decided to return to the hotel earlier that night.
photo 11078154_10153307454285460_860948199078016788_n

Kobe beef for lunch on the next day.

Dinner buffet beside the Kobe Port. It was just around 3,000 yen without time limit.

Universal studios with Harry Potter. We knocked out nearly HK$800 per person for the fast pass. However it was certainly worth it since we saved nearly 5 hours of waiting time. However I just felt kinda weird when Elmo, Harry Potter and etc. only spoke Japanese.

Another buffet dinner as we returned to Osaka Station. It was even cheaper and you can never imagine having a buffet at this price, and without time limit in HK.

And finally some food and scenes in Kyoto before ending the first half.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next part!
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The whole trip was generally great except the hard-shell seat was a bit uncomfortable for me. Crew was attentive with tasty meal and excellent IFE system. CX definitely worths being one of the best in the world.

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  • Comment 145618 by
    eminere™ 271 Comments

    Would've been nice to see more pictures of the seat itself, especially since it's the dreaded CX fixed shell Y seat.

    • Comment 324413 by
      Billy AUTHOR 2 Comments

      Yes, should have taken more for the seat...

      Before I took this flight I really didn't realize how dreadful this fixed shell seat is. Should still be fine for a day time flight, but really painful for a red eye when sleep is paramount.

      My return flight was on a 77W (to be reported later) which the seat was much better.

  • Comment 146045 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4902 Comments

    Hi there. Thanks for sharing your first report here! I always enjoy night planespotting. CX is one of the few airlines that makes an effort to offer good service in Economy. Not sure what they were thinking when they installed the hard shell seats in Y a few years ago. They proved so unpopular they started removing them almost immediately, so I guess there won't be too many planes flying around with these seats for long. Nice bonus pics of Japan.

    Welcome to Flight-Report!

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