Review of Aeroflot flight Paris Moscow in Business

Airline Aeroflot
Flight SU2455
Class Business
Seat 3A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:22
Take-off 02 Aug 14, 14:37
Arrival at 02 Aug 14, 19:59
SU   #43 out of 120 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 108 reviews
By 5529
Published on 20th September 2015
It has now been over a year I took this flight and I have sooo many reports to do that I should get back to work !

After a couple of days in Paris to celebrate my friends wedding, it was time to head back to Tahiti via Moscow, Seoul and Narita.

I had used my miles for this trip and wanted to try new airlines so I flew to Paris on Alitalia and the return journey was going to be on Aeroflot.

I had ordered a chauffeurprivé.com car on their website and the driver was here on time to drive me to Roissy CDG.
photo P1010794_zps2b931c4f

I was dropped off in front of terminal 2C and went to check in. The counters weren't too crowded and I was taken care of in no time.
photo P1010795_zpsa509c222
photo P1010797_zps01653aac
photo 9f2e0f1b-7ada-4075-8bde-5ba90d2a2f9e_zps8rbgprzx

I then went to the security check point, it went quickly even though Aeroflot Business Class don't have access to Acces N°1.
photo P1010799_zps79e046f3

ADP did a good job with the new face of terminal 2AC
photo P1010800_zpsf301cf59
photo P1010802_zps787f2007

I get a little bit confused or misunderstood the check-in agent and go to the Emirates lounge…
photo P1010803_zpsb52a6323
photo P1010804_zps121a36a1photo P1010810_zps47ed6e42

The kind Emirates agent tells me that I must go back downstairs to the Paris Lounge.
photo P1010811_zps8efd8a81

The welcoming party is not very warm. 2 women are here but are more interested by their own gossip than the customers.

I make my way in and settle for a window seat.
photo P1010820_zps31041cb4

Here is what is on offer in the lounge.
photo P1010812_zps05b8576f
photo P1010813_zpsdb5a6685photo P1010814_zps89717aba
photo P1010815_zps7e1e8292
photo P1010816_zps1322f84d
photo P1010817_zps252d367aphoto P1010818_zps6489e598

Here is my selection
photo P1010819_zpsf422b29e

I went on to check where my plane was.
photo P1010821_zps4901614e

There it is !
photo P1010824_zps96df7530

Shortly before departure time, I left the lounge and waited by the gate, as soon as they invited Sky Priority customers, I boarded the plane.
photo P1010827_zps1da7c729
photo P1010828_zpsb4e637b1

My seat 3A for this flight to Moscow
photo P1010830_zps834dcbe0

Our cabin attendant during boarding
photo P1010831_zps4180a8e2

The seat pitch
photo P1010832_zps9a036e47

The cabin is still empty
photo P1010833_zps50946434

Controls for the seat
photo P1010834_zps2b33cee7

Our neighbour, getting ready to go back to Dubai
photo P1010835_zps4054ce33

My welcome on board drink of choice, water.
photo P1010837_zpsc169f7f1

The jetty is removed, we are ready for departure
photo P1010838_zps37f7a114

Pushback, good bye Paris !
photo P1010841_zps3aba5dad

In my seat the the welcome kit.
photo P1010842_zpsb6cc3a2b

We continue our taxiing towards the runway, here's some spotting.
photo P1010843_zps7d89fc13
photo P1010844_zps8f672114
photo P1010846_zpse0cfcd1e
photo P1010847_zpsa297d04b

Servair trucks waiting to cater planes for their return trip home.
photo P1010845_zps22e76436

We enter the runway, engines spool up and we start our take off towards Russia.
photo P1010852_zps67da70f3
photo P1010859_zpsea4ecde2
photo P1010861_zpsf7f1e2aa
photo P1010862_zps6ad0cf51

Air France maintenance area with airplanes resting.
photo P1010863_zps7df915ed
photo P1010864_zps2fc490d9

Fedex MD11 are also resting before their next trip.
photo P1010865_zps1368acb6

We continue to climb towards our cruising altitude
photo P1010866_zpsca33c1c9

The purser starts the service by handing out menus and wine list and will come back to take the orders.
photo P1010870_zps3688e650
photo P1010867_zps31fb479f
photo P1010868_zpseab4145f
photo P1010869_zps79edf92d
photo P1010871_zps5ad141c6
photo P1010872_zpsdad82129
photo P1010873_zpsa3d5badd
photo P1010874_zps334fedd8

While I wait for the drink and meal service, I get acquainted with the seat pocket contents and the amenity kit.
photo P1010875_zpsd11da718
photo P1010876_zpse257e008
photo P1010877_zpsf25d8d01
photo P1010878_zps1b3d268f
photo P1010879_zps98a83868
photo P1010880_zps2932dda2
photo P1010881_zps33b8fb0e
photo P1010882_zpsec827917
photo P1010883_zps42d2fb02

Yes there is a lot !!!

The crew then hands out portable TV displays with a selection of movies.
photo P1010884_zps4635a4f6
photo P1010885_zps0203ca45
photo P1010886_zps09bdccf2

The purser then starts to take orders.
photo P1010887_zpsa6727dbb

Smooth flight so far.
photo P1010888_zpsa5c19395

I end up using my seat pocket as a screen holder
photo P1010889_zpsc3625ee9

After the meal orders were taken, we are offered an oshibori
photo P1010890_zps9940907b

Sky is getting cloudier
photo P1010892_zps1d0fb027

The purser sets the table with a white linen and then serve everyone the drinks they had ordered. I tried an Aeroflot cocktail, a mix of white wine and sprite with a slice of lemon. The drinks are served with nuts.
photo P1010894_zps7157a335

The crew than brings each tray, one by one.
photo P1010895_zps32a130dd
photo P1010896_zps31e445ab
photo P1010899_zps9addea01

The caesar salad was good and the lamb with couscous was also excellent !

After I had finished my main course, the purser took my tray away and came back with dessert and coffee.
photo P1010900_zpsfe854a99

The chocolate offered with dessert.
photo P1010902_zpsde780ec7

Sky is a little clearer here !
photo P1010903_zpsee35c321
photo P1010904_zps6a10dabc
photo P1010905_zpscc6dce08

After my tray is cleared, I requested a Bailey's on ice.
photo P1010906_zps456a79c6

Flight goes on smootly
photo P1010907_zpsfd62208a

Before we arrive, the purser comes around and hands out gifts to each Business Class passenger. A box of tea.
photo P1010909_zpsfc9ba581

Not before long, we start our descent towards Moscow Sheremetievo Airport
photo P1010910_zps5664ed60
photo P1010912_zpsa75e925e
photo P1010913_zps99c48b0f
photo P1010914_zpsae1798ca
photo P1010918_zpseb62d462
photo P1010921_zpsa59f9592
photo P1010922_zps1279c707
photo P1010923_zps927438d0

We land on time in Moscow and taxi towards our gate.
photo P1010927_zpsc270094d
photo P1010928_zpsd917781d
photo P1010930_zpsdda3cfcb
photo P1010936_zps112a85f5
photo P1010938_zps54de6831
photo P1010939_zpsd68020a3
photo P1010940_zps1536c7cd
photo P1010942_zps57b91464
photo P1010943_zpsca09def2
photo P1010947_zps4ad2f22a
photo P1010948_zpsd88d04fc

We reach our gate and we can disembark. I have to get to my new gate to Seoul but I have some time to visit the lounge.
photo P1010950_zpsb2eb864a
photo P1010951_zps4aa60c1a
photo P1010952_zps7704d80c
photo P1010953_zpsc6cbd37d

Next report is the Moscow-Seoul flight.

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Cabin crew9.5

Icare Lounge - 1


Paris - CDG


Moscow - SVO



First time on Aeroflot and it was such a pleasant surprise !
Proper Business Class seats, food was good, nothing exceptional but good, service was so good that I wrote a lettre and handed it over to the purser who was really pleased to see that her work was recognized.
Aeroflot has a solid product in Business Class and has nothing to be ashamed of.

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  • Comment 146751 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8232 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report with us. Once again Aeroflot proves to be a very good airline. When you compare with other airlines it has one of the best business european service and cabin. I have flown Aeroflot long haul this summer and confirm that it is a very good airline. Too bad people still have in mind the image of the old Aeroflot of the soviet era.

  • Comment 146757 by
    Chatokay 281 Comments

    Thanks for this great FR.
    It's really nice to see a real business seat in an European company.

  • Comment 146821 by
    Benoit75008 GOLD 7318 Comments

    Thanks for your report,
    Paris lounge seems just ok, nothing more.

    Nice service for sure, far from stupid cliché that still get many people.

  • Comment 147116 by
    airtraveladdict 119 Comments

    Thanks for the trip report.
    it is good to see Aeroflot on here, because I don't see many reports on Aeroflot business.
    Despite the short international flight, I am glad to see they fly recliner business seats, unlike other european airlines which fly euro business, which is no different to economy seat.
    The meals look basic but it looks tasty though.

  • Comment 147299 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5302 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this interesting FR! There aren't many reports out there on Aeroflot in European Business class. It is definitely nice that SU has a true 2-2 Business class seat on narrowbodies unlike most other European carriers, but then again considering Moscow's geographic position relative to other European capitals, it makes sense to offer more comfort as flights are typically longer. I am impressed by the level of service. I've often heard that SU FA's are cold and don't like to smile, so it is nice to see that this is not necessarily the case. The fact that the FA kneels to take orders is very classy and a great sign of respect for the customer--this is most often seen on Asian and Gulf carriers, and almost never on European and North American airlines. The meal looks quite appetizing and high quality. Thanks for sharing!

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