Review of British Airways flight London Los Angeles in Business

Airline British Airways
Flight BA 269
Class Business
Seat 51K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 11:00
Take-off 09 Dec 13, 16:05
Arrival at 09 Dec 13, 19:05
BA   #65 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 971 reviews
By 11230
Published on 10th February 2014
As soon as I had gone through security, I headed to the British Airways South Lounges to spend the time I had before my flight to Los Angeles.
photo P1080644_zps8b756a9a

Concorde Memorabilia on the way to the Lounge.
photo P1080675_zps12df4879

First things first, a shower at the Elemis Spa !
photo P1080674_zps0022ae69photo P1080645_zpsbb9267f6

Elemis products are offered in the showers.
photo P1080646_zps2ac1739cphoto P1080647_zpsa904ffa0

Shower rooms look very low cost really… Too plasticky for me.
photo P1080648_zps21f911dd

Looks like a long corridor in a college dormitory, not a very good first impression of the British Airways Lounges.
photo P1080649_zps0baf4eab

After I was all clean and showered up, I went upstairs and parked my belongings near an armchair and went to discover the Lounge.

The food !
photo P1080650_zps1cbbf566photo P1080651_zpsbc2910cephoto P1080652_zps0643461f
photo P1080654_zpsef4ab561
photo P1080655_zps997eeb43
photo P1080658_zps0cdd1ad6
photo P1080667_zps348a2517

The drinks !
photo P1080653_zps914bacb4photo P1080659_zpse6ec3703photo P1080661_zps88f46708photo P1080662_zps535aeb18
photo P1080669_zps067d4b51

Business center area.
photo P1080663_zpsfac49518

Reading materials, newspapers…
photo P1080668_zpsc2c39947

My choice of food with a very british Chili con carne and rice !
photo P1080665_zpsa4e5d57d

Coffee and cookies to finish !
photo P1080666_zps76f874f5

Feeding grounds !
photo P1080670_zpsc9779449

Now it is time to board the flight ! Good Bye Horsey ! Hello A380 !
photo P1080671_zps79e145e9photo P1080672_zps64d988f2

The British Airways sculpture featured in their latest advertisement.
photo P1080673_zpscbbcb76f

On the way to the gate
photo P1080676_zps661df6d0photo P1080677_zps4e101157

A 787 waiting for it's flight to either Toronto or Newark.
photo P1080678_zps89d3fdff

I am one of the last passengers to board the flight.

Here is my original seat on the very first cabin on the upper deck.
photo P1080679_zpsd60c2475

I get confortable and get a glass of champagne to celebrate my latest addition to my A380 operators collection ! I flew on the EK, QF, AF, CZ, LH, TG and BA Airbus 380s.
photo P1080681_zpsd97c75f4

The menu !
photo P1080682_zpscb04e2a9

View from my seat before I am asked by a woman to change seats so that she can travel with her 2 friends, as her seat is a window seat I gladly accept !
photo P1080683_zps829ccf43

In my new seat 51K !
photo P1080684_zps3cb36bb9

Video screen out for the demonstrations that will start soon as we are now ready to depart.
photo P1080685_zps33d8ef99

View from my seat !
photo P1080686_zps0033c584photo P1080687_zps866cc894

Good Bye London Heathrow !
photo P1080688_zps8b97e327
photo P1080694_zps7e8828f9

Reading material from the seat pocket
photo P1080689_zpsf5f42b6d

And we start the safety demonstrations with the very famous stuffed rabbit !
photo P1080691_zpsb85715e7photo P1080693_zpsb090e3c1
photo P1080695_zps1505c566photo P1080698_zps5967a45aphoto P1080701_zps8d3d716bphoto P1080702_zps9091f7f3

British Airways backbone… the Boeing 747-400 !
photo P1080704_zps4dd2dca6photo P1080706_zpsdaff64da

Now time to explore the video system which is available from the time you board the aircraft.
photo P1080707_zpsbf225c33

I will use the Airshow first to check our stats and our where abouts on the ground before we depart for LAX.
photo P1080708_zps60d56555photo P1080709_zps96d48ff4photo P1080710_zpsdb11233e

Our GPS is a little off… rest assured, we took off from the runway !
photo P1080711_zpsa2c1a323photo P1080712_zps625e68a8photo P1080713_zpsdc0ce78f
photo P1080718_zpsa27599cc

Controls for the seat.
photo P1080716_zps20d131f5

Controls for the video system.
photo P1080774_zpsd126f3b6

We are between a oneworld friend and a company 747 !
photo P1080720_zps60b1f44c
photo P1080722_zpsdbe0d3e7photo P1080721_zps31780441

Our time to go now !
photo P1080723_zpse99d8f61
photo P1080724_zps5c84cbb8photo P1080725_zpsabfb31da

And we lift off !
photo P1080726_zpsf4203b6aphoto P1080727_zpsc1b33f12photo P1080728_zps364c04efphoto P1080729_zpsbb21673f

The Airshow confirms it too !
photo P1080732_zps0b7c75d3
photo P1080745_zps01284e78
photo P1080748_zps98862a26

We continue our climb over England.
photo P1080733_zps7cf47b04photo P1080734_zps9bae2096

Here is the Club World amenity kit and it's contents.
photo P1080735_zps8a873bb1
photo P1080736_zpse5cdc9cc

The flight stats as we near our cruising altitude.
photo P1080754_zps4fc81613photo P1080755_zps26049a6c

The crew then rolled in the trolley to serve the apéritifs. I requested a Kir Royal and a glass of water. The drinks were served in proper stem glasses and they were offered with a pack of nuts.
photo P1080757_zpse13a79e4photo P1080758_zpsc699f3bc

After the glasses were cleared, the crew reappeared with their trolley to serve the food.

I chose the Salmon for the starter.
photo P1080759_zps4275baf4photo P1080760_zps64838f3b

For the main course I picked the Mushroom Risotto
photo P1080761_zpsb0e15498

Our A380 continues its journey over the Atlantic Ocean
photo P1080762_zps50829e2f
photo P1080766_zps2a9f116a

Another 7 hours and 46 minutes before we get there !
photo P1080763_zpse333b83f

The amazing chocolate dessert and a tea with milk.
photo P1080767_zps5dd029ccphoto P1080770_zpsa3f552be

Dessert plate is cleared and chocolates are offered as a nice treat to end the meal.
photo P1080771_zps3f084812

I will then get comfortable and watch a British serie before I nap a little.
photo P1080772_zpsc4eb5a75
photo P1080775_zps6ae5cb42

Bottle of water is handed to everyone.
photo P1080776_zps54a3d132

Feeling a little hungry ? Chocolate and Ice cream for the Club Kitchen !
photo P1080778_zps44c61fc2

Well we are now over North America !
photo P1080779_zps699e4da8
photo P1080783_zpse83c006cphoto P1080780_zpsb058fe3ephoto P1080782_zpsd7082408

And another visit to the Club Kitchen for another snack !
photo P1080784_zps6d122ed2photo P1080785_zpsdafc879c
photo P1080796_zps0615c7ab

Visit to the very roomy restroom
photo P1080789_zps4727d847
photo P1080790_zps00c437e1
photo P1080791_zps95f56088

This is British Airways !
photo P1080788_zps2aea79eb

And we continue our journey over Canada
photo P1080811_zpsf14cdf4f
photo P1080812_zps0bd7c30e

I requested a cup of tea
photo P1080813_zps39a42249

Before we landed in Los Angeles we were served afternoon tea with a choice of either sandwiches or salad.
photo P1080815_zps97318047

We were then offered scones with clotted cream and jam.
photo P1080816_zpscf1d2a72

We are over the USA now !
photo P1080817_zpsa4d551b6photo P1080820_zps842b9276

Getting near LAX
photo P1080821_zpsddc87586photo P1080823_zpsa64a2d5fphoto P1080824_zps26919775

Starting the descent towards Los Angeles
photo P1080825_zps119ffedb

Minutes before we land !
photo P1080827_zps70fd5a89

Landing was smooth, we taxied to our gate and I was out of the aircraft in no time ! Immigration was OK, customs a little longer…
photo P1080828_zpse5d0c887photo P1080830_zps9359bf7f
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British Airways

Cabin crew8.5

British Airways (North) Galleries Club - 5A


London - LHR


Los Angeles - LAX



Excellent flight on British Airways.

The lounge was comfortable, but a little full. The food was not the strongest point with local delicacies missing… I couldn't find any desserts a part from the cookies either.

Showers were a huge disappointment. They looked ran down and didn't look up market.

The Club World seat was very comfortable, a little tight but very private.

Food was nothing to write home about but it was good.

Afternoon tea was also disappointing. Sandwiches or a salad when Air France serves a hot meal on CDG-LAX.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Virgin Atlantic avec 8.2/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 11 heures et 13 minutes.

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  • Comment 100446 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this exciting and informative report.

    I find the hot food presentation at the lounge a bit sloppy and not very visually pleasing. It reminds me of a cafeteria setting under heating lamps.

    The J cabin looks comfy and private enough. After all, wasn't BA the first to introduce the concept of privacy to all seats in J? It's nice to see Elemis toiletries in the amenity kit for J.

    Food looks minimalist and rather disappointing. The sandwiches from the second meal service could have been presented better. Pastries and cakes from a box is a major turn off for me.
  • Comment 100462 by
    Durian 1171 Comments
    Thanks for this FR! Nice brand new cabin! Lucky you were able to switch to a window seat, the 2 in the 1-2-1 must be a bit dark and claustrophobic. The risotto looks yummy. No scones in a BA high tea ??
  • Comment 100474 by
    lagentsecret 12187 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    The showers looks cheap with all this plastic

    I agree with Jetsetpanda about the food presentation at the lounge : not classy at all and not appetizing

    Same for the onboard presentation, especially the sandwiches.

    The seat seems to be comfy

    Looking forward for your next leg

  • Comment 100510 by
    pititom GOLD 11464 Comments
    Thank you for this FR. It reminds me of all my BA flights : everything's just fine untill they serve the second offering. Why is it always so poor ?

    As others said, lounges can be improved in the shower and food presentation. But lounges with no hot foods and no showers often get better rates as there is nothing to complain about. Still, the showers are a shame ;)

    Thanks for sharing !
  • Comment 100518 by
    marathon GOLD 10088 Comments
    I wish the dormitory bathrooms of the colleges that I attended had been up to that kind of standard ! :) I like the comparison, though.
    Quite an attractive choice of food - I disagree with 007. Were the newspapers in English only ?
    I noted that you were last to board, but what is really missing in this FR is an overall view of the cabin, which could have been taken in flight from the rear.
    Thanks for this FR !
  • Comment 100607 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5435 Comments
    Fantastic report!

    This is the first one on a long haul flight with BA's A380.

    As you said lounge is ok but showers rooms looks clearly too cheap, they benchmarked from 1 and 2* hotels?

    You were indeed lucky to get a seat change with a window seat, nice airshow with the 3D A380 and registration info!

    New amenity kit, but content seems to be the same.

    Catering looks pretty good I must say, salmon looks generous and better than current salmon starter at AF, risotto is nicely presented and the dessert looks very good (shame it is plated in an inapropriate plate)

    Unfortunately the afternoon tea service is a letdown with no warm offering.

    Once thank you, it has been a pleasure to read it ;)

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