Review of Alitalia flight Tokyo Rome in Business

Airline Alitalia
Flight AZ 785
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 12:16
Take-off 29 Jul 14, 13:29
Arrival at 29 Jul 14, 18:45
AZ 301 reviews
By 10665
Published on 2nd February 2015
I spent 1 night in Narita after my inbound flight from Papeete on Air Tahiti Nui. I had left you in the ANA Crowne Plaza and it is now time to leave the hotel for Narita Airport to catch my Alitalia flight to Italy and on to France.
I go downstairs to check out and Austrian Airlines crew are also getting ready to depart for their return flight home to Vienna.
photo P1010282_zps8e23ea33

Jump on the bus and within a short time we are reaching the check patrol before entering the airport grounds.
photo P1010285_zps31642bcbphoto P1010283_zpsbc23adfb
photo P1010287_zps7902096e

We drive around and spot a few planes…
photo P1010288_zps713c2d8a

I am dropped off in front of the terminal and I make my way to the check in area. There are ground agents helping people check-in on the kiosks before they go to the counter.
photo P1010290_zpsd97a1a20
photo P1010291_zps2c0f6e78

The process for me will take a few minutes as I am travelling in Magnifica and I used the Sky Priority lane. Bag was dropped off, ground agent wished me a good flight and sent me to the lounge.

I walked around and found this memorabilia shop, with a lot of stuff with the Pan Am logo, they were a bit pricey though…
photo P1010292_zpsf2df13d0

After walking around the land-side area, I make my way to the Sky Priority departure area with separate security checks which expedites the whole process.
photo P1010293_zps4a7c58d0

There again the whole process took only a few minutes and I was airside and ready to explore the terminal before reaching the Delta SkyClub. This part of the terminal is dedicated to SkyTeam and friends and I will meet a lot of the regulars…
photo P1010294_zps0e73db59
photo P1010295_zps606853eaphoto P1010296_zps2ad24f43

I then went up to the lounge to wait for my flight to Rome Fiumicino.
photo P1010297_zpsc73cb3fb
photo P1010338_zps1fc759c9

I was greeted by Delta staff, they scanned my boarding pass and went back to their computers… Not the warmest welcome…

I turned left and chose a seat in the very uncrowded lounge. I checked the view and a Delta 757 was being pushed back from the gate I was going to depart from.
photo P1010298_zps22f2c73a

Next to my gate a Garuda 777-300ER to Jakarta was waiting its departure. I always have a little laugh when I see Garuda, the ugly duckling everyone, and I really mean everyone, was making fun of, the airline everyone loved to hate… Bad reputation, bad service etc… Look at them now, they are a force to reckon with and a service that is second to none !
photo P1010299_zps9e647fa7

Now let's visit the lounge and buffet area !
photo P1010300_zps304ed9bd
photo P1010301_zpsb8670fc2
photo P1010302_zps31457c95
photo P1010303_zps32a34876
photo P1010304_zpsc7326e30
photo P1010305_zpsf83b44a3
photo P1010306_zps57c870ec
photo P1010307_zps70e14c3f
photo P1010308_zps969e23c4
photo P1010309_zpsf1b1adfb
photo P1010310_zps7c0ba647

My first selection…
photo P1010311_zps6b5ae89f

…and the second one
photo P1010312_zps231a60dc

From time to time look outside to see the traffic and I notice this Alitalia 777 taxiing towards us… Is this the Milan or the Rome flight ?!
photo P1010313_zpscf84e1fe

Well from the look of it, it will be my aircraft for Rome EI-DDH named Tropea ! Lucky !!!
photo P1010316_zps12472d3a
photo P1010318_zpseb8bea73
photo P1010320_zps843b71e0
photo P1010321_zpsfa781839
photo P1010315_zps3e6ce9fb
photo P1010319_zps8b150afa
photo P1010324_zps55ae7cec
photo P1010327_zps744af853
photo P1010328_zpsf661809b

Blocked !
photo P1010329_zps03c49d23

Soon after the Alitalia planed blocked, the Aeroflot A330 to Moscow pushed back in front of a Malaysia Airlines A330
photo P1010330_zpsd6ea4a56

And Garuda departed soon after.
photo P1010334_zps1c193392

Everyone is busy on the Alitalia 777, getting is ready for its flight home.
photo P1010335_zps4d34e907
photo P1010336_zpsaaff5880

This was a new one for me, and after some search, it is a new Thai charter airline, on its way back to Bangkok.
photo P1010337_zps6b802032

Closer to the boarding time I made my way downstairs to board the aircraft, the crew was finishing their checks and soon after they boarded two UM passengers, a couple of people on wheelchairs and then started boarding with Magnifica Class passengers and SkyTeam Elite Plus.
photo P1010340_zpsfac71ebfphoto P1010339_zps8d624d4e
photo P1010341_zps7cd5437a

Being in Magnifica, I'm amongst the first to board the aircraft. I turn left here !
photo P1010342_zps38c76d39

We are being greeted at the door by the Chief Purser and a Japanese cabin attendant.
photo P1010343_zps5a7c8591

My seat, 1A
photo P1010344_zps10161073

Lets discover the seat, its controls and features and its surroundings.
photo P1010345_zps13cda030
photo P1010346_zps1a55402e
photo P1010347_zpsc87a1e85
photo P1010348_zps0517d9b2

I am then offered a pair of headphones.
photo P1010355_zps28f54d32

Boarding is over and we are pushed back on time. The Chief Purser introduces herself in Italian and english and then a Japanese cabin attendant makes the same announcements in Japanese.

While we are taxiing the safety demonstration for this aircraft are shown.
photo P1010356_zps35f5b81d
photo P1010361_zpsba71cb3b
photo P1010362_zps3025b442

Good Bye Narita !
photo P1010364_zps4af6a41b

We are turning and entering the runway 16R for our take off.
photo P1010371_zpsc607f095
photo P1010373_zpsc643f970

Our plane is speeding down the runway to lift off and start its journey home.
photo P1010376_zps61dfa8e9

Views of Narita traffic
photo P1010378_zps241b4b91
photo P1010379_zpsef8abc6f
photo P1010380_zps573dd3e7

We are crossing the coast before we turn and continue our climb over Japan.
photo P1010386_zpsf6c64613

The crew hands out the travel kit.
photo P1010387_zps3ca3caf7
photo P1010388_zps0bb0f212

Quick glance at the airshow
photo P1010391_zpsd98e41bb
photo P1010392_zpsf337c683

Now it is time to explore the inflight entertainment which is showing its age… it's bad, it needs a change an quick !
photo P1010394_zps6e318ef4photo P1010393_zpsa792d8f7

But first lets start the dinner service ! Alitalia has good reviews about the food and it will keep its promise on this flight !

The crew will start by setting the table.
photo P1010395_zpsb38c3e5b

The cabin is empty, only 10 of us in Magnifica today. The crew will start the service on the right side.
photo P1010396_zps410825c0

First antipasti.
photo P1010400_zps8f4ffa13

Than the second one.
photo P1010404_zps3faea218

Then comes the pasta service, they were to die for !!! And quite honestly, I could have asked to eat just that !
photo P1010405_zps3d87513a
photo P1010406_zps7b35f481

The crew will then come with the main dish, choice of a fish or chicken, I'll go for the latter.
photo P1010407_zps39701735

Then comes dessert, I'll ask for a selection from the cart. Tiramisu, Green tea cake and chocolate éclair.
photo P1010408_zps32600339

To finish my meal I will ask for an espresso and a taste of the limoncello and the amaretto.
photo P1010409_zpsb9a8ebac
photo P1010410_zps707d5a48

After the tables are cleared, the crew will offer a bottle of water to each passenger. The plastic glass on top is not needed really… and not too classy.
photo P1010411_zps16a80e79

A little full after the meal, I go for a walk and pay a visit to the restrooms. Not a lot to report about…
photo P1010412_zpsd4da3c5e

I will watch a movie and have a short nap. It's a little hot in the cabin, like on most flights to and from Japan, so I decided to walk around again and go check the self-service bar area between doors 2.
photo P1010413_zpsa0752639
photo P1010414_zpsfced2866photo P1010415_zps8d6dcbb5

Nothing fresh, plastic glasses… Not very Business Class like.

My small selection of snacks.
photo P1010416_zpsd6ec6abd

This is what the seat pocket contains as reading material.
photo P1010417_zps796eebf0

I will make a purchase from the duty-free boutique, a selection a truffle paste and truffle oils for my best friend who loves this stuff !

Some 2 hours before we arrive, we are served a snack. Tasty and effective.
photo P1010418_zpseb77962bphoto P1010420_zps0420ccf5

I will once again finish it with an espresso.
photo P1010421_zpsf072f280

I have a little bit of time to watch some more TV before we reach Italy.
photo P1010422_zps5072863c

Quick glance at the airshow, we are over Austria but still far from Rome…
photo P1010423_zps5a92f5dd

Let's have a look at the Ulisse Magazine now.

Network first
photo P1010425_zpse743d259
photo P1010426_zps4b7cc627

Than fleet
photo P1010428_zps944c0687

Our route today.
photo P1010431_zps920eb3f6

Still not in Italy…
photo P1010433_zps53606115

We'll soon fly over the Adriatic sea
photo P1010435_zps1d9674e8

2 minutes short of an hour to go before we land in Fiumicino.
photo P1010437_zps7e0be43b
photo P1010439_zpse886b788

Soon !
photo P1010445_zps42c92e08

We then get a message about the connecting flights upon arrival, mine is the first Paris flight.
photo P1010446_zps59d81a02
photo P1010447_zps40b3301f

We have now started our descent towards Roma Fiumicino Airport.
photo P1010449_zpse9a8f476
photo P1010451_zps083bf10d

We continue to descend as the altitude is showing on the airshow
photo P1010452_zpsbf742fb5

The graphics are so early 1990's…
photo P1010453_zps9e6e9b9a

We are now lined up for landing and flying over the Roman countryside suburbs.
photo P1010455_zps7f7a6e9aphoto P1010456_zps46f1f29c

Our airplane's shadow.
photo P1010458_zpsf7d37c9dphoto P1010460_zpsd2b17c59

And we've landed !!! and taxiing.
photo P1010465_zps4bcdcd96

SkyTeam Partner, China Airlines has just arrived from Taipei.
photo P1010466_zps43b1f027

The China Airlines A330 goes park near another Alitalia Boeing 777 and a Turkish Airlines A321
photo P1010467_zps6124dee7

It is now out time to reach our gate.
photo P1010469_zps83b4eeaf

Seat belts signs are off and I am waiting for the door to open and change terminals for my flight to Paris.
photo P1010470_zpsfdcbcb4d

First off the aircraft !
photo P1010471_zpsb4575009

See you for the next flight to Paris now !
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Cabin crew9.0

Delta Air Lines Sky Club - 1, Sat 1


Tokyo - NRT


Rome - FCO



This was my first time on Alitalia and I was rather impressed with the performance of the airline.

Excellent and comfortable seat, the crew was really nice but one steward who didn't smile much and did his job just like a robot, no soul, no smiles...
The food was also really nice.

Points Alitalia has to work on are the inflight entertainment and the snacks and self serve bar.

Otherwise, an excellent job well done.

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Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 4 avis concernant 1 compagnies sur la ligne Tokyo (NRT) → Rome (FCO).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Alitalia avec 6.2/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 12 heures et 44 minutes.

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  • Comment 128531 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 10321 Comments
    Thanks for sharing with us this great FR .
    It confirms that Alitalia is really a good option on long haul , with a very comfortable cabin and a great catering. I don't know how they do it but their pasta is fabulous ( ok they are italians but in flight it's a challenge)
    Good that the majority of the crew was professional and nice. For the steward that did not smile and did the minimum without pleasure , it seems that each airline has his own . For Air France on FR we gave them a nickname Monique so yours was a male Monique !
  • Comment 128532 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2002 Comments
    Thanks for this report. Great tarmac shots at NRT.

    The SkyClub, much better than domestic SkyClubs; definitely not up to the same standards as JL and NH's lounge offerings at NRT, but can you really expect more from a US airline? (It's still much better than KAL Lounge at NRT)

    It's a shame that the foot cubby on the window seats is closed off; it's a waste of a couple of inches between the seat and the wall. I wish they would do more with the cabin, it's just too gray, they should have added some red or green accents here or there.

    I think AZ is one of those airlines that has really done a 180 in recent years, their long-haul hard product overhaul was much needed post-Air One merger and I've only heard good things about their catering (definitely confirmed by your meal pictures). I really want to try AZ one day to try the Magnifica catering.

    I'm not too surprised your cabin is empty, I think the fact that NH doesn't even touch the Italian market speaks volumes about demand ex-Japan (JL only does chartered flights into FCO/MXP out of HND during peak Japanese tourist seasons). AZ will be axing their service to KIX next month. Japan is a tough market for SkyTeam airlines since there are no code-share partners for domestic transfers, I think KE has to handle most of that traffic from ICN.
  • Comment 128533 by
    flywunala 155 Comments
    Great pictures of AZ moving map / geovision, although that IFE looks a little out of date....
    I have posted your pics on the dedicated FLICKR page

    Thank you.
  • Comment 128559 by
    02022001 GOLD 4448 Comments
    Tanks for this pictures about planes ! Narite is really spotter-friendly for that ! Thanks very much for this Flight-report ;)
  • Comment 128590 by
    Concordino 36 Comments
    I really find Alitalia's got the best table ware in business class. I find it better than some first class cutlery. The food looks great! I like the way they keep the Italian food culture of antipast-pasta-entree instead of doing the same as all other airlines. Well done Alitalia, we'll see how it goes as Ethan takes over 75% of their capital...
    Thanks for a great report
  • Comment 128591 by
    flywunala 155 Comments
    Hopefully with Etihad on board they might upgrade the moving map IFE system !
  • Comment 128601 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Beautiful report as always! I like the Delta Sky Club at Narita, actually, it's the only Sky Club I really like, lol. It has actual food, which is nice and is large with great views of the tarmac. That's great that you got a 777 in SkyTeam livery...such a beautiful livery! Alitalia is really impressive in Magnifica class. The seats are top notch and the catering looks really good. Plate service with no trays is becoming more and more rare in J these days. I'm surprised that there isn't more positive buzz about Alitalia's Business class because it really is a great product.
  • Comment 128611 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this great report.

    AZ has a very nice J product with top amenity kit and catering. The variety of courses is amazing and it's nice to see that it follows the Italian tradition. The red ribbon around the utensils is a classy touch and the salt/pepper shakers bring a contemporary feel to the tableware. Just genial.

  • Comment 131639 by
    Bernardpf59 77 Comments
    thanks for nice pictures and comment. food seems high quality and viewing this pasta dish made me hungry!!!! note that boarding sign showing way to each class uses , in italian, usual AZ terms but not in japanese as they are translated into japanese using international and basic business premium and economy . but this way, they are sure that japanese pax will understand.
  • Comment 136725 by
    Shelley 1 Comments
    My husband and I leave on this flight on Wednesday. Thanks so much for the detailed report. It will be a wonderful flight. I live in Tokyo and this upcoming trip to Rome is a dream that is coming true for me. Appreciate the photos making it even more of a reality to me.

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