Review of Emirates flight Dubai Singapore in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK354
Class Economy
Seat 46A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:42
Take-off 15 Sep 15, 03:15
Arrival at 15 Sep 15, 14:57
EK   #5 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 564 reviews
By 5779
Published on 26th September 2015
Hi everyone and welcome to my second part of this series.

Part 2 is the flight from Dubai to Singapore with Emirates A380-800.

Trip overview
1. MUC-DXB (A380-800) : can be found here
2. DXB-SIN (A380-800) : you are here
3. SIN-DXB (B777-300ER): can be found here
4. DXB-MUC (A380-800) : can be found here

DXB-SIN | A380-800 | EK354

After a 2hour stopover with plenty of time to look around DXB concourse B, boarding for the next flight startet right on time.

First picture of todays A380-800, which will fly us to Singapore.
Registration: A6-EDU
Delivered : 24th February 2012 (so she was just a little bit older than her sister on the previous flight)

photo IMG_20150915_020957381

It was no surprise, that this aircraft was equipped with the older economy cabin, too. So there was no second display on the remote, again. I really enjoy the two displays in the new economy class cabin, but as always the cabin was very clean and in perfect shape.

Scheduled Departure: 03:05am
Push Back : 03:15am
Actual Departure : 03:44am

Scheduled Arrival : 03:00pm
Actual Arrival : 02:50pm
Parking Position : 02:57pm

(All times are local)

We were right on time, that's absolutely amazing.
I think, I never ever had any delay at my final destination with Emirates.

Boarding pass - Luckily I was able to switch to a windows seat again:

photo Ticket_EK354

Some pictures during boarding.

Captain gets ready.

photo IMG_20150915_023221611

View from my seat.

photo IMG_20150915_023624462

The last passengers boarded.

photo IMG_20150915_023630507

Seat was exactly the same like in the flight before.

photo IMG_20150915_023612682photo IMG_20150915_023540090

Just a short question: A few days ago I was checking out the seatguru website. There is already the 2class A380 listed with all information. They say, that the seat width in the 2class A380 Economy will be just 17.5 inch and not 18 inch like in the actual A380's.
Does anyone know if that is true?
18 inch are really comfortable - 17 inch like in all Emirats B777 is also okay, but you definitely feel the extra inch in the A380. And compared to Singapore Airlines B777 with 19 inch width it's a complete different world.

Headrest with the Rugby World Cup 2015 logo.

photo IMG_20150915_030235

Taxiing to the runway - lots of other flights in front of us, so we had to wait a few minutes.

Another A380-800.

photo IMG_20150915_032832667

Crossing the south runway, which was used for landing that night.

photo IMG_20150915_033155855

A few B777 were right in front of us and got the higher priority for departure.

photo IMG_20150915_034309558

I had fun, love that sound when a B777 departs.

Finally after about 10 min waiting time we were allowed to line up.

photo IMG_20150915_034339458

Video: Nighttime Take off from Dubai.

Here is the menu for flight EK354.

photo Menu_EK354

About 1 hour after take off, the Light Bites were served.

photo IMG_20150915_043410133_HDR

The sandwich was very delicious, which surprised me because when I red the menu before departure I thought Oh no, not again that prepacked sandwich which I had a year before during my flight to Kuala Lumpur.

But this time it was quite different and much much better. Some great pieces of chicken inside the roll which you can see on the next picture. The cookies were also very good. Great start for the flight.

photo IMG_20150915_043520088_HDR

After the Light Bites were served all windows were closed and lots of passengers decide to sleep.
I chose to continue with Season 4 of 2 Broke Girls.

photo IMG_20150915_041328075

Some pictures while heading east to India. This picture was taken over the Arabian Sea.

photo IMG_20150915_044459519

Finally somewhere over India.

photo IMG_20150915_050308176_HDR

And then just a few minutes before entering the Gulf of Bengali.

photo IMG_20150915_071052312_HDR

I really like that view when you heading east and the sun rises in the morning and it gets brighter and brighter outside.

But as you can see there were lots of clouds ahead.

I thought it would be very bumpy over India as in my previous flights to China, outbound from Hongkong or to Kuala Lumpur, but this time it was very smooth over India and when we entered the Gulf of Bengali the bumpy journey started.

photo IMG_20150915_075732518

When we reached the Andaman and Nicobar Islands it cleared up and the bumps were gone - but there were still a few high clouds.
photo IMG_20150915_075732518

So then it was time for Breakfast.

I took the Chicken Yakisoba which was quite okay.
The noodles and the chicken was quite good but the dumplings were not that great.
They were a little bit too dry and tough.

photo IMG_20150915_082324423_HDRphoto IMG_20150915_082731319

Just a few minutes after the Breakfast service was finished by the cabin crew the bumpy ride continued.
There were some thick clouds all the way over the Malacca Strait. It was quite uncomfortable because it took all the way, about 1.5 hours, until the descent into Singapore started.

photo IMG_20150915_102135964

Has anyone ever experienced a smooth flight down there without any bumps?
I think thats something which is quite impossible. I thought it would be better on my return flight but it was even worse.
From Singapore up to India it was shaking and the captain was searching for the best way. The flight path was quite funny - left turn, right turn - no go left. But more on that in part 3.

Finally the descent begun and it was still very cloudy and hazy outside. As you might know there was lot of haze in Singapore which was caused by Indonesia fires. During arrival and descent there was nothing to see except some grey air.

Video: Arrival at Singapore.

Here are some pictures taken during taxiing to the gate.

Scoot B787

photo IMG_20150915_105234094photo IMG_20150915_105249514

And last but not least: our lady, which brought us safely to Singapore.

photo IMG_20150915_150506438

Thanks for spending your time and reading my report.
Part 3:
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Cabin crew9.0

Dubai - DXB


Singapore - SIN



Again a great flight with Emirates.
Some words about the airports. DXB was crowded as hell - but well, thats normal during midnight. Overall in my opinion there a not enough seats available, especially during such peak times. All seats prior to the gates were full, but thats no surprise when you have a few A380 standing next to each other.
When the gate is open and you get to the lower level before boarding the aircraft, it looks much better, because there are only the passengers for the next flight. It would be great if the gates open a little bit earlier - nevertheless, it's always great to be at DXB.

My first impression of Changi Airport was WOW. It was so clean and very very friendly, within seconds you feel very welcome. Immigration was, yeah a little bit slow, but when a almost full A380 arrives, there are 500 people who need to go through immigration, overall everything was fine.

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  • Comment 147870 by
    KL651 TEAM 4512 Comments

    Thanks for this 2nd part.

    The breakfast served is a bit on the small side considering there was only a snack served before and the flight is longer than MUC-DXB.

    Otherwise, even on an older A380 EK provides once again a good service.

  • Comment 160474 by
    MrMax 144 Comments

    Thanks for a great FR!

    I personally don't like the sandwichs EK serves sometimes for Lite Bites. I prefer the pizza they serve on North American flights.

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