Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Newark in Business

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS89
Class Business
Seat 6A
Flight time 09:30
Take-off 14 Sep 15, 10:15
Arrival at 14 Sep 15, 13:45
OS   #81 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 353 reviews
By 5990
Published on 21st October 2015
I flew to New York just for a night-stop to make some preparations focused on another, much longer stay there a few weeks later.
Austrian Airlines flies to New York JFK and Newark. JFK would have departed 15 minutes after my flight, but getting to Manhattan isn't that easy than from EWR.


photo loww

Again I got to Vienna Airport by car.

photo twr

The airports tower is the highest in Europe (109 m) and has been finished in 2005.

photo t3

Going to the checkin counters …

photo chckin

… for Business Class

photo checkin2photo 89

Boarding Number 001 - I was the very first who checked in :D
You see API? This means that I had already submitted my passport details etc. (in the web-checkin process). Otherwise you'll see SSSS which would mean that there will be a separate doc-check.

photo sec2

Security Check is most of the time superfast here. This time I could use the fast lane which made it a bit faster (maybe there was not even a difference).

photo sec

Passengers are asked for a feedback. They got these screens in their toilets as well.

photo board

My gate's G21. F gates don't have Passport Control, G gates do.

photo pass

The next stop was Passport Control which was average. But there is an extra line for EU/Schengen citizens.

photo sec3

A look down at the line for Security Check and the apron.

photo lounge

A short glance in the Austrian Business Lounge for Non-Schengen-flights. There's another at the F gates.

photo dutyfree2

A very larger Heinemann duty-free store

photo dutyfree3photo belt

Heading to my gate on a moving walkway

photo hall

Terminal architecture

photo g21

The gate is already open, so there's a staff member at the counter

photo gopen

The same information on my mobile

photo boarding

Boarding time!

photo oe-lax-austrian-airlines-boeing-767-3z9erwl_PlanespottersNet_423583

The aircraft was a Boeing 767-3Z9(ER)(WL) with the registration OE-LAX. In 1992 it entered service for Lauda Air and since 2007 it is part of the Austrian Airlines fleet. It is configured with 26 C-seats (1-2-1) and 199 Y-seats (2-3-2).

photo seat2

My seat: 6A

photo seat3

Austrian has two versions of their 767 cabin configuration. One has a bigger Business-class, the other a bigger Economy-class. This here had the bigger Eco.

photo screen

38 high resolution screen (Economy has 9)

photo safetyphoto predepdrink

Pre-departure drinks were offered. I chose a glass of orange juice but there were also some alcoholic beverages avialable.

photo menu

The Flying Chef handed out menus to choose from. There was also a wine section in there.

photo lifeball

During taxiing I spotted some Austrian special liveries. Actually almost all of them (except Star Alliance).
Here: Vienna Life Ball on Boeing 767-300ER

photo myaustrian

Here: The new myAustrian branding which says Servus on its belly on Airbus A321. Some people like it some not. I miss the blue colour accents.

photo esc

Here: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 which took place in Vienna on Airbus A320.

photo nuts

Up in the air first of all a mix of nuts was served and the table was set.

photo appertizer

Then I could choose some antipasti from the trolley.

photo soup

Then a Tyrolean bacon dumpling soup was served which was delicious.

photo toilet

I had a short time for a break to check out the toilet. They are nothing compared to the bathroom in Emirates' A380. But there was a basket with earplugs, combs, wet tissues and face moisturizer from Bogner (german company).

photo chicken

I returned to my seat and promptly got my ordered deep fried chicken breast served.

photo desert

For dessert I wanted to try the Mozart tart with a selection of fruits from the trolley. I can really recommend this!

photo kaffee2photo eiskaffee

Some of you might now be astonished: Then the coffee menu was handed out and I ordered a Wiener Eiskaffee (coffee, cream, vanilla ice-cream).

photo kit

Each Business Class passenger gets such an amenity kit containing toothbrush, socks, moisturizer, … nothing special

photo plugs

The seat offers a power outlet, USB-jack, Austrian headphone jack, as well as a LED reading light.

photo seat

I hope this picture explains itself.

photo footrest

Mood light in the cushioned footrest area

photo phones

Noise-cancelling headphones

photo 2ndservice

About 1.5 hours before landing the second service was done. This time a so called Brettljause which is a traditional meal of hill farmers.

photo screen2

Watching the airshow…

photo cabin

A short look at the cabin interior from my seat.

photo inboundny

Inbound for New York

photo viewny

The pilots said we flew a very rare approach with a beautiful view on the Big Apple. Fortunately I sat on the right side of the plane.

photo libertyphoto antiice

Newark is a hub of United Airlines; JFK is a hub of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and JetBlue

photo oelax

Commonly immigrating into the U.S. is a pain in the ass, but this time I was even faster than the crew.

photo belt2

At the baggage claim I was very surprised that there was an employee who placed the bags with the handles easy to catch.
I don't see the point of building airports with carpeted floors. I find that's very disgusting.

photo viewny2

On the transfer to the hotel

I just found this newly released promotion for the OS Business Class

See more


Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Vienna - VIE


Newark - EWR



I didn't have access to the Business Class Lounge due to my fare type. But there is the chance even for Economy passengers to purchase a lounge admission for 35€.
This was a very enjoyable flight. Thank you very much to the whole crew who looked after me always with a smile on their faces.
I was really surprised to find an episode of and AirLounge ONE in the movie library which should probably be a must-have on all flights.
Gourmet Entertainment by DO & CO was as always superb.

As you can see on my rating I'm very satisfied with the OS longhaul-C-class. They created an impeccable product.

Advice: If you can decide between JFK and EWR, go for EWR! It's not that overfilled. (My opinion)



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  • Comment 149036 by
    Nick 171 Comments
    Great review Jetset. The coffee drink was a nice touch by Austrian!
  • Comment 149079 by
    Benoit75008 7191 Comments
    Thanks for this report.

    Your pictures are amazing!
    OS is getting better and better. They were so low 4/5 years ago and they made huge progress.
    Meal seems to be austrian one with this fried chicken :)
    • Comment 327364 by
      Jetset AUTHOR 52 Comments
      Thank you very much!
      I'm glad this is taken up positively.

      I have not heard something negative about OS' longhaul Business Class. Even the employees are astounded about that.

      On the other hand coach is average and passengers are threatened to get a thrombosis.

      On European routes they will increase the pitch of C, but decrease Y to adapt to European standards, so it will be kind of the same as Easyjet.
  • Comment 149214 by
    Chibcha SILVER 591 Comments
    Thanks for this report!

    I find VIE so nice, everything looks so classy. OS's J looks great too, the catering looks delicious.

    Great shots of the arrival into EWR!
    • Comment 327518 by
      Jetset AUTHOR 52 Comments
      Yes, it's not that big like Frankfurt (definitely not :P ), and not that superb like for example Bangkok. But it's not too bad, something in the middle.
      Many people complain about long distances to walk (which unfortunately is not wrong), but I know my way around and like its general cleanliness.

      It's interesting to me that there are no identical airports. Each has its one character, its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Comment 149514 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6885 Comments
    Nice Report. I really like the look of OS's new Business class--the colors are much better than that weird wood and green carpet they used to have. Too bad you couldn't get lounge access (Guessing it's not possible to buy access on ID tickets with LH Group). The Do & Co Catering always looks delicious--this really sets OS apart from other airlines. Cool shot of the Statue of Liberty on landing. Great pics as usual! Thanks for sharing.
    • Comment 327717 by
      Jetset AUTHOR 52 Comments
      Thank you!

      Luckily I can't remember the times of 'weird wood and green carpets' anymore. But the internet never forgets. Did you travel that time with OS or have you just been into it?
      Yes, it would've been nice if it had turned around for the second it took the picture. Although the statue was at least 2 kilometers away, this is really not bad.

      I just noticed that the last Flight-Report on a B767-300 has been written by YOU (-> American Airlines 44) two months ago. There I announced this particular report. You can check it!
  • Comment 149688 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thank you Jetset for sharing this great FR with superb pictures as usual.

    VIE has improved a lot since the last time I was there. The new terminal looks very spacious and inviting.

    I think LH and OS are the only airlines that feature their staff on their boarding passes which makes them more coveted for those of us who collect boarding passes.

    OS along with TK have some of the best catering in the industry. The use of the trolley displaying the appetizers is a classy touch. The food looks delicious and the coffee service is a course by itself. ;) I would love to try OS long haul in the future.

    It's always tricky to offer any fried items onboard. Fried food is best consumed when it is prepared right away in order to appreciate its crispiness. Was your chicken satisfactory?
    • Comment 327862 by
      Jetset AUTHOR 52 Comments
      Hello Jetsetpanda, I appreciate your kind words!

      Hahahaa that's good that you like you. It costed about 725 million Euros (50% more than estimated) because of heavy mismanagement. :(

      You're right, I just realized that too. On my return flight I got an LH boarding pass, but I'm not sure if I've got enough footage to do a report. Was a red-eye flight.

      I think it was satisfactory. Probably that's why they take the DO & CO chef with them. Just the rice cooled down quickly.
    • Comment 327925 by
      jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
      On my return flight I got an LH boarding pass, but I'm not sure if I've got enough footage to do a report. Was a red-eye flight.
      - It's not the quantity but the quality that really matters. ;)
  • Comment 150577 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2016 Comments
    Fantastic FR!

    Interesting that OS discriminates lounge access based on fare class.

    I like the OS cabin décor, very classy. I think it is something that SK is trying to mimic in their new J cabins.

    Do&Co catering looks great as always. I’d be hesitant to get fried foods on a plane since fried foods are usually at their best right after being fried.

    Beautiful shots on arrival into EWR, and an even better shot of your bird on arrival.

    “At the baggage claim I was very surprised that there was an employee who placed the bags with the handles easy to catch..”
    - Japanese style
  • Comment 160097 by
    Pan Am 747 1 Comments
    With a regulaer Business Class Ticket you hace access to the lounge..,but in this case ..,it was a staff ticket (see the print of OS12 on Boardingpass,that means Austrian Staff private travel) ;-)

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