Review of China Southern flight Guangzhou Los Angeles in Business

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ327
Class Business
Seat 11K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 12:06
Take-off 19 Jun 15, 21:47
Arrival at 20 Jun 15, 18:53
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By 7620
Published on 30th October 2015
Back in Guangzhou, I instinctively knew where to go, having spent so much time in the airport while experiencing a delay. Thus it was a short walk to the International security check area since I already had my boarding pass issued from Shanghai.

photo 20338060804_256d7e1d96_b
China Southern First & Business Class lounge

There was a huge bunch of Chinese tourists since it seems to be the school break and many teenagers seems to be headed to Los Angeles as well. In addition, a huge bunch of tour group was being briefed before they head to immigration. I was quick enough to bypass this huge group to a quick security check before waiting in line for immigration and passport check. While it is unusual for passport check on departure in North America, it is common in Asia.

photo 20950825472_5379efd1bc_b
Transfer to the Departure Hall in Guangzhou Baiyun airport

Past immigration, the international terminal really feels different with rows of high-end duty free stores.

photo 20772580650_a755790de9_b
Duty free shopping in the International Terminal

Past the shopping, the terminal opens out into a walkway with the Premium Lounge that caters to airlines other than China Southern and its Sky Team partners. That means most of the Star Alliance and oneworld airlines uses this lounge.

photo 20772672028_ddbbfe5c8e_b
Premium Lounge in the International Terminal

At the end of the walkway, a huge poster marks the entrance of the China Southern First & Business Class lounge. There is a gate agent outside checking the boarding passes. Past the first agent, there is a patio of sorts before a glass door welcomes guests to another reception desk. The staff at the desk check if one is a Sky Team elite member or travelling in First & Business as guests are sent to the left or the right. First & Business Class passengers are directed to the left side of the lounge.

photo 20960632895_7476bd64f0_b
Orchids in the lounge foyer

The ground floor of the First & Business Class lounge is dedicated for dining with a complete buffet table and ample seats.

photo 20772599240_ff3f9148b0_b
Lower dining area with restaurant style seating

Though my first priority is to get a shower, hence I head upstairs where the showers are located at. The lack of elevators meant I had to carry my luggage up the stairs, though they did have a luggage storage room that was guarded by a staff member beside the entrance foyer.

I was able to snag one of the limited number of shower rooms and while I had some low expectations based on my past experience with shower rooms in Chinese airlines' lounges, the one in Guangzhou was very good. The shower room was spacious and even more so than some hotel bathrooms. There is a large wardrobe by the wall that can support my hand carry luggage. Ample amenities are also provided including hair dryers, toothbrush, combs and they even placed fragrance sticks inside!

photo 20339611463_e772866c08_b
Private shower room

A walk-in shower cubicle and toilet occupy the other part of the room. The shower area is even decked out in mosaic tiles, giving it some designer feel, so this was a nice space for a shower, especially considering how warm the whole lounge feels in Summer afternoons. For a fact, I actually sweated after the shower that kind of negated the shower.

photo 20338069344_0b138da58e_b
Shower cubicle and toilet

Fortunately the weather cooled after I finished my shower as the sun slowly sets. This was a nice time to relax after the shower by one of the chaise lounges facing the tarmac. Surprisingly there was very little people using them. Aside from these chaise lounges, there are 3 day rooms that was unfortunately occupied during my visit.

photo 20934405346_a6446ebf5d_b
Lounge chairs with a view

As the sun sets, the dining area downstairs actually got cooler so I headed downstairs for my dinner. But because it was also dinner time, it is common for staff to direct guests to dine with those dining alone. As I was travelling alone, I had a table-mate halfway during my meal.

photo 20960651685_f61fc51fb2_b
Dumplings in soup

The buffet table during dinner time was quite a spread and consists of fried spaghetti with black pepper and onions, fried rice in Thai style, steamed meat ball with radish, fried egg with chopped green onion, fried Potato with vanilla, fried breaded chicken fillet, baked basa fillet with citronella and lemon, stir-fried broccoli with garlic, beancurd with pickled cabbage and mashed chicken and corn soup.

photo 20581450496_cdec0398e8_b
Selection of hot food from the buffet

There was also a noodle station that made wontons, dumplings, egg noodles and beef noodles in soup with various condiments. Wines and beers are also available in the lounge though since I did not drink either, I can't say how good they were.

photo 20607694785_e9825e42dd_b
Wine selection

Finally there are fridges containing desserts like custard cream cake pudding and jelly, sponge cake with raisins, black forest cake, fruit and salad bowls. While there are coffee machines, I was more attracted to the packets of Sumiyaki instant coffee packs which makes for some tasty coffee by just adding hot water. Another feature I liked was the Ferrero Rocher chocolates they supply in the lounge in addition to some crackers and chocolates.

photo 19985145274_4baa48496c_b
Dessert and fruits

For some reason the staff in this lounge is really afraid of passengers taking photos. First the reason they gave was that it intrudes on other passengers' privacy. Then they said it was just prohibited (when I just started taking photos of items on my tables which meant no passengers in the picture), though there were no signs stating so. Then finally, a male staff member approached me and asked what was my purpose for taking photos. Apparently he tried to ensure I had no complaints whatsoever and wanted me to provide any feedback to him for improvement.

photo 20960652565_21653548f7_b
Seats in the lounge at the upper floor with a green wall on the right

As it got noisy in the ground floor due to the dinner service, I headed back upstairs which was still quite warm. It was then that I noticed a small air conditioned room that I wanted to enter but I was stopped as it seems to be reserved for First Class passengers or VIP only. Beside the room there was a tea ceremony area that had regular hours where a staff member would display the art of brewing Chinese tea. Though this area was unoccupied at night.

photo 20772607500_32316c08fe_b
Tea appreciation corner

There is also a small work station area at the corner on the second floor beside the row of chaise lounges, another buffet table setup that was not as complete and a main seating area with a green wall setup. For lounging only, the second floor offers guests far more options and the lounge also stocks up on publications like Wall Street Journal and Financial Times which is impressive considering some of these are rarely available in other lounges inside China.

photo 20968100281_2af9d7723a_b
Private workstations

It feels like this lounge incorporates some great design themes from other lounges and I would say it would be a fantastic lounge if not for the overzealous staff that seems to watch your every move. In addition, I really hope China Southern staff would finally solve the temperature issue in this lounge as it is unbearably hot in the summer!

photo 20772697958_81b3fa6b94_b
Second floor dining area

However with all that being said, there is a lot of effort put into this lounge from the range of food and beverages being offered, to having day rooms even for Business Class passengers, and ample shower stalls that are well equipped. There are also thoughtful amenities like a phone charger cabinet on the second floor and small touches to add privacy and comfort. And finally even adding a staff member to oversee luggage and ensure a peace of mind and more space for guests makes it one of the better airline lounges I have visited and I think even gives Cathay Pacific's lounges a run for its money (probably why they are also continuously upgrading their own lounges). All in all, greater variety for travellers with the competitive premium class market!

photo 20400389904_44eea89e08_b
China Southern Business Class on the A380

CZ327 Guangzhou Baiyun CAN - Los Angeles International LAX
STD-STA: 21:30-19:40
Actual: 21:47-18:53
Airbus A380-800 B-6139
Gate A106 Seat 11K

I made my way to the boarding gate, as boarding was called while I was in the lounge. The departure gate was at the end of the concourse and there was already a huge crowd waiting as expected with an A380. It was really a long line-up for Economy and it looks quite chaotic. I just lingered since boarding has yet to commence, and I took this time to capture images of the Ethiopian Boeing 777 just beside us.

photo 20835117188_0b48018e3a_b
Line-up to board the A380 in Guangzhou

Queues for First and Business was also reasonably long though the 3 agents manning the counters checked us in fairly quick once boarding commenced, and I made my way to the upper deck. It sure was exciting to board another A380 since it is currently my favourite airplane to fly on. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture a nice photo of China Southern's A380 since it was late at night and there was no windows at the end of the concourse meaning the A380 was hidden from view until the aerobridge. Not the smartest way to hide the flagship jet from passengers.

photo 20401961543_8f47d03a16_b
Boarding the A380

photo 20834944640_b0434fa0b3_b
Forward Business Class cabin

The staggered seating on China Southern's A380 was similar to what OZ uses and definitely better than Qantas' sky bed which does not allow aisle access for window based passengers. The staggered seating allows for all seats to gain aisle access. Initially I thin China Southern also seems to place a premium feel on the cabin. The first thing that stood out again was the cabin temperature was quite warm that I started to sweat a bit.

photo 21013116712_b02b68186d_b
Bulkhead magazine shelf

For my seat, I had been re-assigned and was given 11K a seat in the bulkhead beside the stairs. I had initially thought it might be a noisy area and requested for a change of window seat. I mentioned it to the flight steward who introduced himself as Jason. However he did not get back to me with regards to the change in seat assignment, though he was very helpful with regards to other inflight matters.

photo 21030604921_3d24e5f92f_b
Quilted seat headrest

On every seat, there was already a bottle of Evian mineral water for passengers. This was in addition to pillows, quilt and blankets packed neatly under a golden coloured sheet. There was also slippers as usual like in most Asian based airlines.

When I requested for water as my welcome drink, Jason got me a glass of water with a lemon inside. This was an attention to detail that adds a touch of luxury to the flight.

photo 20996777926_6e315bd62e_b
Pre-departure refreshments

At this time, the purser was making her rounds as well and I asked if they provide a pair of pyjamas. She got back to me with a nice pair of pyjamas later on. The cabin crew were also very proud of the cabin and showed passengers around including the inflight bar at the front of the plane above the stairs leading into First Class. Walking around the cabin, I also noticed the forward space beside the stairs was used as a galley. I thought it was such a waste of space considering other airlines did something to the space. In fact this galley was rarely used at all.

photo 21023042395_2f5530c979_b
Inflight bar at the front of the cabin

photo 20834943810_42437f6a64_b
Front galley on the upper deck

As I settled back down on the seat, I was provided with the menu for today's flight. This time around, there was also a drinks menu. And the headphones are the noise insulating kind with soft-touch texture that makes it feel like a Bose. So it seems the inflight amenities are much more complete than their other transpacific flight such as the one to YVR.

photo 20400389104_21b04e6de6_b
Inflight dining menu

Even the amenity kit was 'branded' by Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo. The contents are also generously proportioned and would not feel out of place in a First Class cabin since it included a facial mist to refresh after a long flight. The only other time I saw something like that was on a First Class cabin.

photo 21023048755_176fd96f51_b
Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit

photo 20996792726_fbc5feeaab_b
Noise-cancelling headphones

I made myself comfortable by switching to the slippers and found there was no space for my shoes and I conveniently chucked them on the side storage space found on the upper decks of the A380s. This huge side storage option makes it a hidden benefit to always select the windows seat on an upper deck A380.

photo 20834952490_d6a6a90601_b
Side storage space

Boarding an A380 always seems to take forever and this time it was no difference. I was basically able to explore the front cabin, get magazines, sit down and read them while the crew seems as busy as ever. Since China Southern collects back all the inflight menus after taking down the meal orders, I took this time to think about what to order and take quick snaps of the menu offerings.

The menu for the flight read as follows:

photo 20419787808_ebb350364c_b
Main meal menu

photo 20598750892_a0d7f139c7_b
Breakfast menu

While the wine and beverage menu is listed below:

photo 20607764115_8aed517196_b
Red wine menu

photo 20419785458_b5295f94d8_b
White wine and port

photo 20598747352_fbfe9b72e3_b
Champagne and liquor

photo 20598746782_59d1afb90e_b
Cocktail and tea

photo 19986898653_39cb8e2fb9_b
Tea menu

I was expecting Jason the steward to come over and take my meal order but I guess he was far too preoccupied in settling down the whole cabin. I got around to checking out the seat controls with the most common one-touch function button located on the side and the precise controls on the pull-out panel which will be hidden under the glass holder when not in use. The whole seat side panel design is very nifty indeed.

photo 19985224364_244063498e_b
Seat operation manual

photo 21149501381_5756ae04fd_b
Nifty seat control panel

Eventually he did come over to take my inflight meal order after boarding has more or less been completed. Though some other passengers meal orders had to be taken after we took off. For what it's worth, we actually managed to take-off more or less as scheduled since there was a very short taxi. As usual, the take-off on an A380 is perhaps the most comfortable ever and for that the A380 reigns the skies for now.

photo 20996793506_fc874c75b8_b
Magazines and safety card

Once we were on the air, the crew got around to serving supper. Again, the meal seems to be closer to First Class and China Southern is really making it a point to make the Business class onboard the A380 as their flagship service. The meal started with a ramekin of mixed nuts and then canapes as listed in the menu. However the staff seems to have forgotten to serve one of the canapes and later served it to me individually.

photo 20953821788_6dc0e9d17a_b
Canapes and nuts with champagne

Wine and drinks orders are also presented along with the canapes. The crew were also very proactive at offering more than one beverage during the service. The canapes were okay I guess, but something that I can expect in an airport lounge.

photo 21149500511_5489c63163_b
Tomato cheese tart

After the canapes were served, hors d'oeuvre of roasted chicken breast and smoked salmon with capers came next. The appetizers were really disappointing since the chicken breast are dry and tasteless. Then the smoked salmon just lacked the right condiments in place. A bread basket was then offered with the appetizers and I got the garlic bread. Again the garlic bread this time was quite tough and lacked the garlicky taste. It was not as good as the one I had on the Vancouver-Guangzhou flight.

photo 21141727195_8fec4661ae_b
Roast chicken breast and salad

Fortunately, the soup was as good as it gets. It is something likely to be served in an upmarket Cantonese cuisine restaurant and on par with what Cathay Pacific First Class serves its passengers.

photo 20581538576_56ae907604_b
Chicken soup with red dates and dried longan

The main highlight of this meal though has got to be the main course. I picked the steamed scallop and konjac that came with 2 pieces of roast goose. This was a classic Cantonese cuisine which befits the origins of the airline and by far one of the best main courses I had on a plane. Even though I was quite full from the dinner at the lounge, I was left wanting for more roast goose. The scallops and konjac was also cooked perfectly.

photo 20519064274_8469929a6f_b
Main course of steamed scallop with konjac, roast goose, vegetables and rice

For dessert, the fruit platter was served and I was asked whether I wanted the green tea mousse or the ice cream as they were not shown on the trolley like on the smaller Business class cabin on the 787. I got the ice cream but was surprised it was not another Haagen Dazs. Usually that is something I welcome since I get to try new local ice cream but the strawberry sorbet was far too sweet such that I did not finish it.

photo 20519065174_d328313565_b
Fruit plate

photo 20953827828_46382af2dc_b
Strawberry sorbet

At the end of the meal Jason asked me if I wanted the cheese platter. Usually I do not eat cheese but this time I just obliged since he asked. Nothing special and I just nibbled on it.

photo 20953829318_4341d046f9_b
Cheese and crackers

With supper done, I go on the same routine of walking around the cabin and that was why I liked the A380 with lots of space for me to roam especially with the whole upper deck devoted to the Business Class cabin. The cabin is probably 70% full with some empty seats at the back. On the middle of the Business Class cabin some of the passengers were still having their meal service so I think it was kind of slower back here.

photo 20954938829_eacbc50511_b
Last row of Business Class

Like most flights on the A380, the front and rear staircase are roped off for safety reasons so I did not venture beyond the upper deck.

photo 21131547172_5fd334d28a_b
Rear most galley and crew rest

photo 20520637533_4ca9b1b6d8_b
The stairs at the back

All things considered, I would always try to pick a seat in the forward Business Class cabin which seems smaller and have a larger lavatory since the lavatory located on the rear and middle of the plane seems to be standard sized. The front lavatory is spacious as it took up the left corner beside the staircase.

photo 20520635133_a1271cbf7c_b
Front staircase

At this time, a fruit basket and a plate of chocolates were set up in the inflight bar along with all the variety of drinks available during the flight. Most passengers were just happy to recline and sleep though since my worries of heavy traffic around the front galley was unfounded. I decided to turn in as well and brushed my teeth at the lavatory which was not occupied since most passengers did not really utilize the front lavatory.

photo 21115508896_ee1599631f_b
Inflight bar after the meal service

There was no turn down service in Business Class but I had not trouble making the bedding myself. A good part of a warm airplane cabin is that I could use the blanket as extra padding for the bed. The leg cubby hole is also wide enough for me to stretch into and I think the space was just right for me. Admittedly, I am not the largest size (for comparison purposes, I usually get my shirt in 'Small' size) and so the space was good enough that I slept soundly for several hours.

photo 21131549232_0d84c8fc4b_b
Seat in full recline bed mode

On waking up, I was feeling quite hungry and so I asked if there was any snacks or light meals like noodles. However, there seems to be only chocolates and Jason mentioned that breakfast would be served in about an hour time.

photo 21131549922_8cef9ca769_b
Inflight map

While waiting, I switched on the inflight entertainment system. The selection includes a good variety that should keep most travellers occupied even though if it is not the most complete. Since I do understand Chinese and enjoy Chinese movies, I was suitably entertained. There are also American TV shows but they are usually only 2 or 3 episodes of each series.

photo 21149519301_2bb090d36a_b
Relaxing on the seat

photo 20953609700_99ebb1fe73_b
Illy espresso

Eventually about an hour later, breakfast was served. The service started with the stewardess asking what kind of coffee or tea I wanted. I asked for the illy espresso and it was a good cup of coffee. Then the cereal was served to passengers and there was a choice of corn flakes or chocolate cereal of which I chose the latter. Milk was then provided for the cereal.

photo 20953836798_ed51324a48_b
Cereal with milk

Another crew member came around with a basket of fresh pastries and I got myself some croissant and danish pastry.

photo 21149515821_2b847128db_b
Warm croissant and pastry

When I finished my cereal, Jason came over to clear up the bowls and another stewardess came by to present the main breakfast course. I had opted for the Chinese option of congee with shitake mushroom and chicken as well as a plate of assorted dim sum. The congee was ordinary but still good enough for me and it came with a whole set of condiments like spring onions and peanut which improved the overall taste of the congee.

[photo 20519077414_080279e0e7_b
Congee with shitake and chicken and assorted dim sum plate

My favourite section of the meal was the BBQ pork puff pastry in the dim sum plate. The dim sum also included a preserved sausage roll and pan fried taro cake and steamed golden shrimp dumpling, but I think only the puff pastry was good.

photo 20520643873_8ac8f89163_b
Fruit plate and mimosa

Finally when I was done with the breakfast, the crew came over to clear the tray and I asked for a mimosa to be served with the fruit plate. This pre-arrival meal was impressive considering how the service went. After breakfast service concluded, Jason came by and asked me if I would be willing to provide my feedback and I obliged considering the crew has been fantastic so far. Since I was asked to do a feedback form, I asked the crew for some memento and they provided some poker cards. I actually do collect poker cards from airlines, though China Southern missed the opportunity to market their A380s on the cards' background (which is something Thai Airways did).

photo 20953613960_9b0d8083db_b
Poker cards

I got ready to freshen up before the start of descent so that I could relax in my seat and not have to jostle for the lavatory. The cabin's mood lighting was also changed to project a relaxing ambience.

photo 20954948799_6f8cb5263a_b
Inflight cabin prior to descent

As I returned to my seat, I asked for a cup of tea as I was feeling quite dehydrated after the long flight and I really do like China Southern's wide range of Chinese tea. And the crew also came around with herbal lozenges for passengers during this time. It was a really nice touch to end the flight with. During our descent the weather was quite good and there was no turbulence. In fact the sunset view on our descent into LAX was nice and it provided me a nice view of downtown Los Angeles!

photo 20520648573_d9dd2d7155_b
Sunset view of Los Angeles

We actually landed quite early into Los Angeles though there was quite a long taxi on the way to the terminal. Our plane was even escorted by a police car and the long taxi meant I got to observe various planes alongside us including a FedEx McDonnell Douglas trijet and Southwest's New 737.

photo 21141748165_4e8da26f7b_b
Southwest new 737 at LAX

photo 21149524591_0bc875ed6b_b
Tom Bradley International Terminal

Once we came to a complete stop, the disembarkation was very orderly and I managed to be one of the first few to come off the plane. The immigration queue at Los Angeles at this time of the day was not too bad. In fact it was actually faster than I anticipated so I was quite pleased with the service at the new Tom Bradley International Terminal.

photo 21115526096_24af06124b_b
Seat 11K after the flight

Arriving into the new terminal was really nice with a spacious baggage claim area. I was also grateful for the efficient baggage service since my bag was actually one of the first few to appear on the carousel so the Priority tagging does work after all!

photo 21149526151_a868a0dd87_b
The new Tom Bradley International Terminal arrivals

photo 20519087774_7a9c143d00_b
Baggage claim area

Overall, the cheerful welcome by the crew to the great service onboard the flight and the nice airplane meant that I had a wonderful flight. With the pleasant weather on arrival and the fast arrival procedure into the United States, I was really happy with this flight and I think China Southern deserves a praise here given the value I obtained for this flight.

Final Note on the A380 vs the 787

Since I flew on the outbound via China Southern's 787 and the return via the A380, I figured I should write a comparison note about my experience on these 2 flights.

photo 20400391424_7fee72a0e8_b
Staggered setup in Business Class on the A380

First of all, I realize there was much fanfare about the new 787. However after being on both aircrafts, I still do prefer taking the A380 and I would even pay a slight premium for flights onboard the A380 as it still offers better passenger comfort.

photo 20954940909_114812d030_b
Overhead lights on the A380

The main difference is actually onboard space. Whether in Business class or Economy, most airlines will have better products on the A380 and China Southern shows it has a better hard product on the A380 compared to the 787 with all Business class seats having direct aisle access. Then there is also the quiet cabin and stable take-off and landing aboard the A380, while it was really shaky and creaky on the 787. That meant it was more comfort to the passenger on the A380!
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Worthy flagship service onboard an A380 makes China Southern's offerings to be a decent competition for the price of their flights. There was plenty of food, lots of space and comfortable amenities for a long haul flight.



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  • Comment 149751 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Thank you Quirrow for sharing another magnificent FR.

    I must say that I am very impressed with CZ from your report. The lounge in CAN looks very nice and well appointed unlike those from other Chinese mainland carriers. The chairs facing the tarmac is an inviting area and there are corners where one can go in search of greater privacy. Your meals look appetizing but the plastic fork is a turn off. Too bad about the overzealous staff at the lounge.

    Onboard the seat looks comfortable and I like the colors and detail of the quilted headrest. The Ferragamo kit is surprisingly upscale for J considering that CA, the official mainland Chinese carrier, provides L'Occitane kits for their J passengers.

    The menu is generous and the selections as you said resemble more a first class cabin than a business one. The extras like canape, selection of different soups and 5 choices of main dish really elevate this catering. Taking into account that CZ comes from one of the best culinary regions of the world, the emphasis on Cantonese cuisine is expected and reassuring. Some drawbacks that I see are the slightly awkward translation of the menu, the serving of the local branded sorbet which appears a bit melted, the crackers for the cheese plate (a matter of personal taste I suppose, since I prefer Carr's water or cream crackers with my cheese) and the lack of a self serving buffet in the galley (in this instance AA does a great job with theirs on long haul).

    Overall this was a good experience and shows CZ's willingness to be competitive and improve their product.
    • Comment 333670 by
      Quirrow AUTHOR 155 Comments
      China Southern definitely stepped up its efforts to distinguish its A380 flights so it is definitely worth it to fly on their A380 routes. I only wish they would do the same for their other transpacific routes.
  • Comment 149794 by
    aussenrist 225 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this comprehensive flight report with great pictures!

    The CZ lounge is very modern and decent especially the chairs towards the tarmac! Excellent design and I am very impressed CZ put efforts in their Canton Hub.

    Compared with CZ 787s as shown in your pervious report, I think the A380 business class is better than the 787s in terms of the seat design and privacy. The A380 one looks like a little corner for each passenger. And catering services looks fantastic too.

    To sum up it is a good CZ flight experience and hope that it can maintain and continue improve its services standard.
    • Comment 333671 by
      Quirrow AUTHOR 155 Comments
      The lounge definitely feels modern and has all the nice amenities to match. Service shown by the staff is also very good even though they seemed to be nervous with all my photo taking.

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