Review of Lufthansa flight Singapore Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH779
Class Economy
Seat 96A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 14:25
Take-off 05 Nov 15, 10:05
Arrival at 05 Nov 15, 17:30
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By 15383
Published on 28th November 2015
This is my very first experience with Lufthansa. During the original date of departure, the first thing I did was check the movement of my flight from FRA to SIN. To my very surprise, the incoming flight from FRA was cancelled. There was no email or sms or phone call from anybody and I was the one discovered myself. I quickly made a call to the central reservation and they knew nothing but the flight was delayed with no ETD at that moment. Therefore I waited for half a day and decided to make a trip to airport counter to ask properly. Luckily before I did that, I received an email with a new ETD out of SIN with a total delay of almost 11 hours!!!
photo 20151106_084646photo 20151106_092603
A clean and bland livery
photo 20151106_093130
photo DSC00154
I managed to get myself on the upper deck economy section. If you are flying an A380 with LH economy class, do look out if your plane has economy class on upper deck as they are very comfortable with 2-4-2 configuration.
photo DSC00155
A very low profile looking business class cabin, nothing fancy as compared with the ME3

After boarding completed, we were delayed by another 2 hours as the aircraft was scratched by air-bridge and the paint needed to be repaired. We ended up on the air at about 12pm from Singapore.
photo 20151106_104323photo 20151106_104328
First thing I noticed was the huge IFE box blocking one third of the leg room. The IFE screen is quite small by today's standard but it is responsive enough and the content is acceptable and adequate variety.
photo 20151106_122659
First service - a pack of biscuit with drinks
photo 20151106_124232photo 20151106_124348
First meal service after the hot towel service - Breakfast
Main - Omelette with mushroom, veggie, potatoes and sausage.
Side - Yoghurt, bread with butter and cheese along with a drink.
This is the very typical Lufthansa style Breakfast tray. Easy to serve and cheaper than the normal tray probably to save cost.

Then after flying for 6 to 7 hours, second meal service after another round of hot towel
photo 20151106_230300
Sorry to say but this is the worst main course I ever had. It was a very weird tasting Briyani with chicken curry. I was very upset as the crew only mentioned chicken with rice. It would be totally different if they had a menu card.
The other selection though was a lot better - Beef with potatoes
photo 20151106_230340

I really love the crew on my flight as they were very friendly and professional. Throughout the 12 hours flight, the crew in my section served drinks every 45 minutes and I was very impressed by her service level.

As the flight was delayed by another 2 hours on ground due to the scratch, almost everyone on board with connecting flights were missing their flights. While approaching Frankfurt, the cabin crew happily told everyone on board that everyone were rebooked and spelled out every single connection that were being re-booked. However when we landed, it was a total different story.
photo 20151107_010450
Almost all lufthansa flights were cancelled and it was a chaotic situation. The instruction given was very unclear by the ground staff at the gate, transit counter were closed due to strike, waited for luggage but was told it won't come out at all and we need to go to the booking counter at departure hall. Too many stories to write but I was very disappointed by the handling of such 20151107_013844
Catering island for the angry, hungry and frustrating LH passengers.

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Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Frankfurt - FRA



After my flight with LH, I will definitely rethink in the future before booking the flight from such Legacy carriers that always having such issue. Especially that I had a family emergency after a few days and they will not allow any changes to my ticket due to my fare class. If I were taking the flight from ME, I would at least get to change my flight with some fee instead of buying a long haul one way ticket.

Information on the route Singapore (SIN) Frankfurt (FRA)


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  • Comment 151288 by
    marathon GOLD 9846 Comments

    I find you very lenient on the grading. 11+2 hours late deserves a lot less than 6 in on-time performance. Services in SIN could have been better since you were informed late of the delay. The worst main course on board does not deserve 6, but maybe you averaged with your that of your companion. And last not least, it does not seem that services in FRA deserve much above zero if the situation as chaotic as you describe.
    I find the captions under pictures layout confusing (initially I saw the business class cabin with the comment on the economy, etc.). Pictures under text is more natural on a website (not like in books and magazines).
    Thanks for sharing !

    • Comment 329153 by
      wolfsburg AUTHOR 7 Comments

      According to the crew the crazy delay was due to technical fault when the previous aircraft taxied out to the runway and they were unable to takeoff with a replacement that night due to curfew in Frankfurt. Therefore it caused such a huge delay. Dinner was bad but breakfast was not too bad though. I will take note with the caption under picture in the future. Thanks!

  • Comment 151296 by
    garuda89 11 Comments

    First of all I feel sorry for you and your delayed flight.

    This report is very surprising for me. Although I seldom flew with LH, on my few experiences with it it was a normal trip as anyone would expect from an European carrier. Living in Germany (or France) you can't help but to expect frequent strikes, especially when it comes to huge corporations like LH. Usually LH posts information on their websites about any coming strikes/ disturbance in their services - did you check before you made the booking? Or did it happen on such a short notice? Usually LH would give you a choice of either rebooking your flight or even a full refund.

    And like Marathon, I would definitely give a worse rating for the on-time performance (for me it would be a 1). But, I guess you were rating it based on the day of your flight instead of the overall experience, which is understandable.

    Still, while Lufthansa traditionally handles strikes pretty well, I guess something's got to give. In this case, it's a bad thing that it's their international service that has to suffer. The distance factor probably also plays a huge role too.

    I think this report serves as a reminder of how bad a trip could be, and hopefully this report would be useful for many potential LH flyers.

    I wish you good luck on your next flight!

    • Comment 329154 by
      wolfsburg AUTHOR 7 Comments

      Yea I did noticed the news about possible strike but there was no email to remind or notice about the possibility. As I made my booking months ahead so there wasn't any notification at the point of purchase. I ended up taking a train to my destination and now I'm still waiting for LH to compensate me on my ticket and reimbursement of train ticket.
      My return trip was great though as I get to fly with the QR A359. Thanks!

  • Comment 151317 by
    KL651 TEAM 4536 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    What a poor experience LH provided!

    Did you get any compensation for the delay?

  • Comment 151430 by
    aussenrist 225 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this flight report!

    I'm sorry and surprised to hear that you have a bad experience of this LH flight. You are so generous for giving those ratings for this flight. Same with member Garuda89 I would probably give “1” for the 11+2 hours delay (IMO indifferent to flight cancelled)!

    Many strange things for this flight: “no email or sms or phone call from anybody” for delay and how LH handled the missing connecting flight situation. Your flight day was not the first day of strike and LH knew that at that moment most of its flights were cancelled. Why they could still be so confidence that “everyone was rebooked”??? I really don’t understand :O

    BTW Looking forward to your next report on A350!

  • Comment 151460 by
    NGO85 SILVER 1772 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this dismal experience on LH!

    What a disaster of a report. An initial 11 hour delay and then 2 more hours for damaged paint, absolutely absurd and as marathon pointed out, there is only one rating that is appropriate for this type of performance by LH. It sounds like things were not handled very well at SIN or FRA.

    I guess the small positives were the cabin comfort and crew (they must not have gotten the memo about the strike…). Catering looks pretty standard for LH. I also don’t like the verbal menus of “beef or chicken,” you really have no idea what you are actually getting.

  • Comment 151607 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    What a disaster, a delay of 11+2 hours at first and a strike upon arrival.

    Catering doesn't look special, your usual LH meals.

    It's sad to hear you had such a horrible experience on your first flight with LH :(.

    See you!

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