Review of Korean Air flight Sao Paulo Los Angeles in Economy

Airline Korean Air
Flight KE 62
Class Economy
Seat 53B
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:30
Take-off 03 Jan 15, 14:10
Arrival at 03 Jan 15, 20:40
KE   #17 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 123 reviews
By 2581
Published on 8th December 2015
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KE 62 GRU-LAX (São Paulo/Guarulhos->Los Angeles)
DEP GRU 14:20 03 JAN 2015
ARR LAX 20:45 03 JAN 2015
Flight Duration: 12:25
Aircraft: B777-300ER

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Flight route map courtesy of

It was time for me to leave Brazil after two short weeks of hanging out with my friends here. In that time, I've been everywhere in São Paulo, and traveled via bus to Florianopolis. I haven't had time to travel to Rio de Janeiro.

If you read my trip report on KE 61 from LAX to GRU, the aircraft I flew on that flight was a B777-200ER. Today's flight, KE 62, was with a B777-300ER. This would be my first time ever being inside a Korean Air B77W.

I had just taken an overnight bus from Florianopolis which took almost 14 hours. My friend drove me from Bom Retiro to GRU T3 at around noon time. We made the trip in 30 minutes since there wasn't too much traffic that day.

On Highway SP-60 from São Paulo to Guarulhos Airport. This is the sign that lets you know that you have exited the city limits. I will surely be back next time!
photo IMG_4687
Exit 219B onto BR-610. BR-610 will take you to the terminals.
photo IMG_4693
I wasn't aware that GRU had Terminal 4.
photo IMG_4694
My flight today would be leaving from T3. In fact, most airline operations other than TAM, GOL, Azul, and Delta have been moved here after the terminal opened early 2014 for the World Cup.
photo IMG_4696
Guarulhos Airport Terminal 3 Departures ramp.
photo IMG_4697
It's definitely one of the most interesting terminals I've ever been to.
photo IMG_4698
Since it was opened only half a year ago, everything looked very clean.
photo IMG_4700
The view of the terminal inside.
photo IMG_4701
This is the Korean Air check-in counter. Checking-in through smartphone on Korean Air mobile site enabled me to skip all this long line and advance directly to a web check-in counter. I probably saved about 15-20 minutes of time. Most passengers seemed to be just US-bound passengers.
photo IMG_4702
I was all checked-in within 3 minutes of walking into the airport.
photo IMG_4703
My friends and I walked around Terminal 3 for a while. We decided to take a walk to Terminal 2 to eat at a food court there.
photo IMG_4707
My boarding pass for today's flight.
photo IMG_4712
@ McDonald's in Terminal 2
photo IMG_4714
After saying good-byes, it was time to head toward my flight. The Terminal 3 was pretty much empty as I was passing through the securities and customs.
photo IMG_4704
Heading toward the Terminal 3 concourse. There were many restaurants, lounges, and shops along the way and certainly rooms for expansion in this terminal.
photo IMG_4717
There were couple United planes and a Swiss Air plane at the gates. My plane, KE B77W had arrived from LAX in the late-morning.
photo IMG_4718
Panorama shot of the Terminal 3 scene.
photo IMG_4719
Departures status of today's flights.
photo IMG_4720
The concourse was very clean, simple, and pristine.
photo IMG_4722
Looking back at the Terminal 3's unique design.
photo IMG_4723
KE B77W. KE's livery looks great on this aircraft.
photo IMG_4724
The ground staff was setting up the gate for boarding.
photo IMG_4726
One more look at the KE B77W with São Paulo in the background.
photo IMG_4728
Passengers lining up to board.
photo IMG_4729
All US-bound flights were subject to extra-screening at the gates. My facial lotion was taken away from me during the process.
photo IMG_4736
Flight attendants greeting passengers.
photo IMG_4739
The rear economy class section.
photo IMG_4740
My original seat, 52A.
photo IMG_4741
All seats would eventually be taken.
photo IMG_4742
Passengers settling in.
photo IMG_4744
Zurich-bound Swiss Air was getting ready to depart at this time.
photo IMG_4750
The flight attendant kindly asked me if I would be willing to switch seats with another passenger, who was seated at 53B. His wife was seating right next to me. How could I say no, I offered to give up my own seat. Good thing was that there was no 53C, so my new seat was an aisle seat.
photo IMG_4751
Panorama view of the cabin from my new seat.
photo IMG_4753
The cabin lights were dimmed shortly after safety announcement. It started to pour when the plane started taxiing.
photo IMG_4758
Flight route map for today's flight.
photo IMG_4760
Skycam on KE's B77W.
photo IMG_4761
And the plane took off through the turbulent clouds above São Paulo.
photo IMG_4765
Beverages and meal services commenced shortly after take-off.
photo IMG_4769
Honey roasted peanuts and pineapple-orange juice.
photo IMG_4770
I believe there were three choices. There were Korean-style bibimbap (mixed rice and beef), fish, and chicken. The chicken dish turned out to be a pasta dish, with raviolis. I wish KE would consider distributing menus to the passengers so that they know exactly what they're getting.
photo IMG_4771
I'm not a fan of pasta, or cheese itself. This dish looked very cheesy to me. Along with the main dish was a Greek salad with mozzarella cheese, fruits, and a bread roll. I had a red wine to go along with the dish.
photo IMG_4772
The chicken meat is underneath the cheese.
photo IMG_4773
The ravioli wasn't too bad. I just avoided the cheese as much as possible.
photo IMG_4774
The Greek salad, which had mozzarella cheese balls, olives, tomatoes, and cucumbers.
photo IMG_4775
The plane was cruising over the State of Mato Grosso by the time the first meal services had concluded.
photo IMG_4778photo IMG_4780
I found it interesting that Korean Air had its own custom-printed Customs Declaration Card.
photo IMG_4784
The plane started to go through series of severe turbulences from above the Amazons until when it cleared the Andes Mountains.
photo IMG_4788
Some mid-flight snack (muffins) and more pineapple-orange juice.
photo IMG_4792photo IMG_4796
The second meal service started somewhere over Mexico, near Gulf of California. The choices were fish or beef. I chose the fish.
photo IMG_4805
It was another pasta dish, but didn't look bad to me.
photo IMG_4807
The fish was done nicely on this dish. The pasta wasn't too bad either.
photo IMG_4808
The plane made the initial descent somewhere over El Centro.
photo IMG_4811
Flight attendants getting the cabin ready for arrival.
photo IMG_4812
Inside the new TBIT. The arriving passengers would walk on the floor above the departures floor toward U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
photo IMG_4813
Riding the escalator down toward the Customs and Border Protection.
photo IMG_4814

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  • Comment 152076 by
    757Fan 587 Comments

    Thanks for sharing the return flight to Los Angeles from Sao Paulo! It looks the meals offered were of a higher quality than what was served on the outbound leg from LAX.

    Great to get on a 777! The Economy Cabin looks pretty roomy.

  • Comment 152078 by
    MrMax 144 Comments

    I think when you said that the flight departed at 2:10am you meant that it departed at 2:10pm

  • Comment 152263 by
    Rl 777 810 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    GRU T3 looks clean and elegant, especially from the outside!

    It's nice you got to fly with the 772 and 77W on this trip, a little bit of variety keeps things refreshing.

    The cabin of this 77W looks clean and quite spacious in a 9-abreast layout instead of the more common 10-abreast layout nowadays.

    I can agree on the part that the first main course looks slightly too cheesy. I'm also not a big fan of too much cheese. The second meal service doesn't look bad.

    Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 152282 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5273 Comments

    The new terminal looks nice.
    It would have been a difficult decision for me to switch from a window seat to an aisle seat. At least it wasn't a middle!
    The catering looks good and overall the product is much better than what I'm sure AA offers on the same route.
    I had heard the loads weren't so great on this route and that is why KE downgraded to an A330, but your flight seems to be packed.

    Thanks for sharing!

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