Review of Delta Air Lines flight Atlanta Sao Paulo in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 105
Class Economy
Seat 53J
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 08:55
Take-off 24 Dec 15, 19:50
Arrival at 25 Dec 15, 07:45
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Published on 20th January 2016
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DL 105 ATL-GRU (Atlanta/Hartsfield->São Paulo/Guarulhos)
DEP ATL 24 DEC 2015 19:52
ARR GRU 25 DEC 2015 07:44
Flight Duration: 8:33
Aircraft: A330-300 (242-tonne)

photo dal105
Flight route map courtesy of

I try to head down to Brazil as much as I can, since a lot of my friends and family members live down there, mostly in São Paulo area. I decided to take about 2 weeks of leave to travel down there this past Christmas/New Years break, traveling within the country to other cities such as Porto Alegre, Campinas, and Rio de Janeiro. I had purchased the itinerary from San Diego to São Paulo/Guarulhos via Delta Airlines about 10 months prior, when the tickets were very cheap. Delta offered the roundtrip at a price about $800 at that time. The outbound leg was via Atlanta and the inbound leg was via Detroit.

On the day of departure, 24 DEC 2015, I heard there was a t-storm moving through Atlanta, where I was supposed to be making connection for about 5 hour. To my relief, my flight from San Diego left on time at 7:50AM, landing on time at Atlanta at around 2PM. I consider myself lucky, since a lot of the flights ended up diverting/cancelling last minute. On my approach into ATL, I could feel the presence of the t-storms around the area. My flight to GRU, DL 105, landed on time from Amsterdam, also to my relief.

As soon as arrived at concourse C, I checked-in at Delta Skyclub in that concourse to unwind a bit. The situation was a bit hectic everywhere. The check-in desk was flooded with people needing assistance with their flights. But overall, the lounge wasn't crowded.
photo 118
I got my money exchanged to Brazilian Reais (thank you exchange rate!)
photo 121
Every concourses' help desks were flooded with people needing assistance. A lot of people's plans, particularly along the east coast, were affected by the storms.
photo 123
I headed over to Concourse F, the international terminal. This would be my first time ever being in the terminal ever since it opened. Overall, I thought it was a nice terminal. The airline lounges were located on the top level. With my American Express Platinum card and Priority Pass Member, I decided to check out both the Club at ATL and Delta Skyclub.
photo 125photo 126
The entrance to the Club at ATL.
photo 127
View of International Terminal security check-point from the Club at ATL.
photo 128
Overall, the Club at ATL was a relaxing lounge. The only downside is that they could've done better with the food offering (I've only seen hummas and pita bread, couple yogurts, chips, and beverages). There were shower facilities (which I took an advantage of), business room with computers, and bar area.
photo 129
The self-service snack area.
photo 130
One of the shower rooms.
photo 131
Shower/bathroom area.
photo 132photo 133
I walked on over to the Delta Skyclub, which was just around the corner.
photo 135
The food offering was much better than that of the Club at ATL. There were minestrone & broccoli cheddar soups, BBQ chicken breast, mushrooms, mac and cheese, salads, breads, and complimentary beverages.
photo 136
Self-service food area and bar.
photo 137
My plate. The mushrooms were my favorite.
photo 138
Delta's breast cancer awareness B764. I miss the pink livery.
photo 142
I headed toward my gate at around 7PM. The gate was located at the end of this concourse.
photo 146
My plane had already arrived from Amsterdam. I started to hear Portuguese here and there.
photo 148
This is Delta's brand-new 242-tonne A330-300.
photo 149
Boarding started around 7:10PM. They had some issues with the system so they manually checked everyone's passport for valid Brazilian visa.
photo 150
The last economy class section of the A330-300.
photo 151
This is my seat.
photo 152
All seats had AVOD.
photo 153
A British Airways speedbird had arrived from LHR.
photo 154
I like the 2-4-2 configuration on A330.
photo 155
The seat pitch was good enough for me.
photo 159
The captain made an announcement that some connecting passengers couldn't make it to this flight due to cancellations in/out of ATL. The seat next to me was empty for tonight's flight. He had also mentioned that this plane was brand-new.
photo 160
Cabin scene during push-back.
photo 161
KLM flight had just arrived from Amsterdam.
photo 162photo 163photo 164
Concourse E.
photo 165
Concourse B&C.
photo 166
Take-off was a bit behind-schedule at around 8:30PM.
photo 168photo 169photo 170
Pretzels and peanuts were distributed shortly after take-off.
photo 171
Cabin scene during beverages and meal services.
photo 172
The rear galley of the A330-300.
photo 173
Watching Straight Outta Compton. Great movie by the way. I am stunned non of the actors got nominated for Oscars.
photo 174
Meal service commenced about 1.5 hour after take-off. Choices were pasta or chicken.
photo 175
My frango (chicken) dish.
photo 176
It was tomato-sauce based chicken dish and rice with shrimp cocktail side, salad, and bread roll.
photo 177
Plastic utensils.
photo 178
About to pass over Haiti.
photo 178aphoto 178b
Brazil Immigration form was distributed after meal service.
photo 178c
I slept for about 4 hours, waking up somewhere near Manaus.
photo 179photo 180
Cool feature enabled me to see the movie and the map at the same time.
photo 181
Passing over a small city somewhere over Mato Grosso.
photo 182
The sun was beginning to rise at around 4AM local time.

Breakfast service commenced at around 2 hours before arrival into GRU.
photo 191
The sun was pretty much up by then.
photo 193
For breakfast, this little box was distributed to all passengers. Some passengers with special order got hot meal.
photo 194
The contents of this box were written on the box.
photo 195
Inside the box were as follows: cold bagel with cream cheese, Biscoff cookies, cheese, and yogurt. Pretty simple breakfast snack.
photo 196
Orange juices were distributed immediately after.
photo 197
Couple hours left to São Paulo!
photo 197a
When it came time for descending, the plane made a very steep and quick descent. Just look at the angle from this picture!
photo 198photo 199
The plane descended through the clouds in no time.
photo 200photo 201
I assume that's Campinas over there.

As the plane made the final turn, the city of São Paulo was clearly visible.
photo 204
I could see Bom Retiro from here. Paulista was visible from here too.
photo 206photo 207
The plane landed about 15 minutes behind schedule.
photo 212photo 213
Terminal 3 scene.
photo 214
The plane taxied toward Terminal 2, where Delta maintains its GRU operations.
photo 215photo 216
Thanks for the nice flight!
photo 217

At that time of the day in Terminal 2, there were two arriving flights, my flight from ATL and another DL flight from JFK. Luckily, I got to the immigrations and customs before most of the passengers disembarked from the JFK-GRU flight. It was still a 30 minute wait for me, and I remember Terminal 2's immigration and customs being small in size. With the passengers from the other flight joining us, the hall quickly became packed, with people waiting by the escalators. I can't even what it was like before Terminal 3 opened up!
I was able to locate my bag right away in the baggage claim and walk out to arrivals floor in Terminal 2, where my friend greeted me. The walk from arrivals to the parking wasn't too long. GRU Terminal 2 hasn't changed much, minus couple renovations on the departures floor to improve securities and customs.

We immediately headed toward Bom Retiro, where I would be staying for most of my trip in the city. We ended up watching Star Wars that night in Shopping Center Norte.
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Overall, fantastic flight via Delta! This was my second time ever flying internationally with American carrier and I think Delta stepped up its game upgrading the entertainment system throughout the economy class in its wide-bodies. I was very fond of the Delta Skyclub at Concourse F, though the Club at ATL provided good services too (minus the food offerings). I consider myself lucky to have made it through ATL during the storms, with hundreds of flights being cancelled/delayed/diverted around me.



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  • Comment 155862 by
    yyz_planespotting36 5 Comments
    Great report!
    It seems like Delta offers an amazing service!
    Very nice IFE. Also was there was no breakfast(or maybe there was)

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    757Fan 632 Comments
    Great report! Looks like you had a nice flight with Delta in Economy. I always fly Delta whenever I can; their service is always very good.

    Looks like you had a nice meal on the flight down to Sao Paulo. Your flight reminded me of a flight my wife and I took last year to Paris from Minneapolis in Economy.

    Looking forward to your return flight!

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