Review of United flight Washington New York in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA 4050
Class Economy
Seat 16A
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 26 Nov 15, 08:20
Arrival at 26 Nov 15, 09:20
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Published on 16th December 2015
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United Airlines UA 4050 IAD-LGA
DEP IAD 08:18 26 NOV 2015
ARR LGA 09:39 26 NOV 2015
Flight Duration: 01:19
Aircraft: CRJ-700

photo ual 4050
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Following my red-eye UA flight from San Diego to Washington-Dulles, I had about two hours before I needed to make my way to gate C28 for my short connection flight to LaGuardia. I had a priority pass card, so I wanted to use the British Airways Lounge in Concourse B and take a quick shower before heading off to New York. The British Airways lounge was set to open at 0700 that day for priority pass card holders. As long as I make it back to concourse C by 7:40, I'd be golden. Quick shower it is!

photo 216
IAD Concourse C after my arrival from San Diego. I headed for the underground people mover system for Concourse B.
photo 218
The Concourse C station for the underground people mover is located a little north of the actual concourse. It was a long walk. I think IAD must have planned for future concourses north of the Concourse C.
photo 219
Inside one of the cars.
photo 220
Chipotle was the first restaurant that came into sight as I ascended to the departures level of the Concourse B. From what I hear, this location used to sell breakfast options (chorizos, eggs).
photo 222
A huge MIT Daedalus plane on display in Concourse B.
photo 223
The entrance to British Airways Lounge was just around the corner, on the opposite site of Chipotle.
photo 224
Since the lounge wasn't open yet, I waited on one of the gates nearby.
photo 225
The lobby area of British Airways Lounge on the second floor. I was the only guest at the time.
photo 227
The lounge was very nice looking (and spacious). One side of the lounge overlooked the concourse interior. The other side overlooked the apron.
photo 228
I immediately requested to take a shower. The shower facility was very nice.
photo 229photo 232
Since it was very early morning, there wasn't any hot meal offerings. There were only wide-selection of beverages, snacks, and fruits.
photo 233photo 234photo 235
I had an urge to drink one of those Yeungling's but it was way too early in the morning.

I made it back to Concourse C just as my plane for La Guardia started to board.
photo 241
Not my plane, but similar.
photo 242
This gate required passengers to walk a little bit on the apron.
photo 243
The view of UA CRJ-700.
photo 246
The seats looked (and felt) very new. UA must have retrofitted all of these very recently.
photo 247
View of the cabin from my seat.
photo 248
Scene of early morning departures of Concourse D.
photo 249
Take-off was on time at 08:30.
photo 250photo 251photo 252
I was hoping to catch some aerial view of Baltimore and Philadelphia as I flew, and I got what I wanted. Here's a view of Baltimore.
photo 253photo 254
View of Aberdeen Proving Ground.
photo 255
Delaware Memorial Bridges.
photo 256
photo 258
Philadelphia Airport visible below.
photo 259
Delaware River Bridge (I-276) and I-95.
photo 261
New York finally came into view at around 09:10.
photo 262
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.
photo 263photo 264
Lower Manhattan.
photo 265photo 266
Manhattan looked gorgeous on that Thanksgiving Day morning!
photo 267
432 Park steals the show among the Midtown skyscrapers.
photo 268
Landing was early at around 09:15.
photo 272
La Guardia morning scene Thanksgiving Day.
photo 275
Arrival into Central Terminal.
photo 276
I had some time to kill before my friend picked me up. I headed for the Centurion Lounge in LGA Central Terminal.
photo 278
The entrance to Centurion Lounge.
photo 279
The Centurion Lounge of LGA was offering free Uber rides to anywhere in the city. Since I was heading for New Jersey, I wasn't eligible. Perhaps I could've taken Uber to Port Authority Terminal.
photo 281
Inside the Centurion Lounge dining area.
photo 282a
There were selection of hot meal (eggs/meat) and a lot of fruits.
photo 283
Egg dishes selection.
photo 284
The dish I picked was excellence. It was a poached egg with benedict's sauce.
photo 285
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Washington - IAD


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  • Comment 156691 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2002 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR!

    The BA Lounge looks nice visually, but a common problem with them is the poor catering as you pointed out (no hot food options). I think most people find the drink selections to be very strong in their lounges.

    That CRJ could sure use a new paint job. The new UA seats don't really look that comfortable form the pictures I've seen, but I've also never tried them.

    Fantastic aerial shots, I love flying along the Eastern corridor since it always low altitude.
  • Comment 156741 by
    Nick 171 Comments
    Thanks for making a full report on such a short flight! The British Airways lounge looks pretty nice despite the lack of food choices. The shower rooms looked great as well. Nice job getting those pristine shots while you were the only one in there.
  • Comment 156829 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report from one of my home airports! I didn't know the BA lounge was also a priority pass lounge--it's a really good lounge IMO, and the food selection is much better in the PM when the actual BA flights are going out.

    I had an urge to drink one of those Yeungling's but it was way too early in the morning.
    - I would have! Nooooo shame. Nobody's judging :-)

    The seats looked (and felt) very new. UA must have retrofitted all of these very recently.
    - The seats do look nice and new, and I like the colors, but they also kinda look like ironing boards, lol.

    Nice aerial shots, especially on arrival at LGA. Being on the left side is almost always a guarantee of a good view on landing!

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