Review of Jin Air flight Macau Seoul in Economy

Airline Jin Air
Flight LJ 8
Class Economy
Seat 51F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 19 May 14, 01:30
Arrival at 19 May 14, 06:05
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By 1833
Published on 9th December 2015
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Jin Air LJ 8 MFM-ICN (Macau/Taipa->Seoul/Incheon)
DEP MFM 0130 19 MAY 2014
ARR ICN 605 19 MAY 2014
Flight Duration: 3:50
Aircraft: B737-800

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For my return flight to Korea, I decided to change the flight segment from HKG-ICN to MFM-ICN. My friend and I made a last minute travel plan to Macau on Sunday, so it was better for both of us for me to take the red-eye flight back to Korea on Sunday night. Plus, I had more time to spend in Macau with this change, since the Jin Air flight was scheduled to depart from Hong Kong late afternoon.
The ferry ride costs about 20 USD one way from Hong Kong to Macau. We had about 18 hours to kill, so we ate, walked around, hung out at casinos. Around 11PM, I headed for Macau Airport, which I could get to by taking a shuttle from Venetian Casino. Jin Air counter actually doesn't open until 11:30PM, so there was no real rush in getting to the airport early.

We were strolling around Venetian Hotels & Casino, just amazed by its amazing size.
photo 383
The sign for shuttle to Macau Airport.
As you can see, there's free shuttle to just about any ?important places from most hotels in Macau (even if you were not guests). I tend to use these buses whenever I can.
photo 385
Boarding the buses bound for Macau/Taipa Airport. My friend was bound for the ferry terminal, which was close by the airport.
photo 386
I decided to try out some Macau Airport's McDonald's at the second floor.
photo 390
The Jin Air counter was on the right side of the departures floor. Air Macau took over the left side. The counters opened promptly at 11:30PM.
photo 396
All seats were sold out. Especially on the Monday morning red-eye flights, a lot of Koreans tend to take this flight back home and report to work right after they land…at least that's what I'm hearing them say.. (@@)
photo 398
Right after the security checkpoint.
photo 399
As you can see, Macau Airport isn't big at all. It especially feels empty tonight since Jin Air is the only flight leaving at this time.
photo 400
Gate 6 is where my flight would be departing from.
photo 401
The boarding pass for today's flight to Seoul/Incheon. It's a generic boarding pass that has Macau Airport logo on it.
photo 402a
It was pouring outside. Jin Air B737 is visible.
photo 404
Time was 12:30AM. Still one more hour til departure.
photo 406photo 407
At 1AM, the boarding started. I just woke up for a short nap.
photo 408
Everywhere you can see Korean tourists bringing back mooncakes and cookies.
photo 409photo 410photo 413
The plane looked same as the one I took from Seoul to Hong Kong.
photo 414
I put on my earplugs, preparing to sleep the whole duration of the flight.
photo 415photo 416
I woke up time to time during taxiing to take some pictures. Here is a shot of the runway.
photo 418
See ya Macau! That bright building is the Venetian.
photo 428
I dozed off for a good three hours. The plane was getting ready to descend into Seoul/Incheon.
photo 430
Dark cabin interior. Everyone was pretty much asleep for the most part.
photo 432
Sun was steadily rising over the land of the morning calm.
photo 434
Right after the announcement of approach into Seoul, the flight attendants quickly distributed breakfast meal boxes.
photo 436
Each box contained water, yogurt, croissant, and Korean style rice cake.
photo 439
Inflight scene during the last beverage service.

The dense fog around Incheon Airport gave me false illusion that we were still far away from the ground.
photo 448
Not too far later, we landed into the dense fog at Seoul/Incheon. Local time about 5:00AM?.
photo 451photo 452
And thankfully, the plane took us to the main terminal. This saves me time of having to go from the satellite concourse to the main terminal.
photo 454

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