Review of Emirates flight Dubai New York in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK 203
Class Economy
Seat 83A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 13:20
Take-off 01 Jul 13, 02:25
Arrival at 01 Jul 13, 07:45
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Published on 10th December 2015
photo 1
EK 203 DXB-JFK (Dubai->New York/JFK)
DEP DXB 02:25 30 JUN 2013
ARR JFK 07:45 30 JUN 2013
Flight Duration: 14:20
Aircraft: A380-800

photo 2
Following my flight from Nairobi to Dubai (EK 720 NBO-DXB) and about a 4-hour layover in DXB, it was time to board the A380 flight from Dubai to New York. First time I boarded an A380 was through a Korean Air flight from Hong Kong to Seoul-Incheon. However, since it was a red-eye flight, I spent most of the flight asleep. This time, it would be a 15-hour long flight, plenty of time for me to experience the A380. This flight would also mark my second time ever flying with Emirates.
I was already checked into my flight for JFK when I received the boarding passes in Nairobi Airport. I passed through the securities and customs (there was a bit a long line for the customs). After securities and customs, I headed up toward the concourse B. My flight tonight would be leaving from gate B15 at around 2AM local time.

DXB's windows configuration made it quiet difficult for me to plane spot at night. Otherwise, I thought the architecture of the concourse was nicely done.
photo 117
Many of the passengers seemed of Indian-descent going back to US (most of them holding US passport).
photo 118
Boarding bridge.
photo 119
Zone F is perhaps the first class. The Economy Class zones were up ahead.
photo 120
The immense size of A380 is clearly apparent here.
photo 121
A big Emirates logo on the cabin wall.
photo 122
Economy class cabin front section.
photo 123
On Emirates A380s, the entire main deck is comprised of 399 economy seats.
photo 124
I like seating toward the tail-end of the plane. That way I can be one of the first passengers to board the plane, giving me some time take pictures. Bad thing about it is that I would be one of the last ones to disembark. And on an A380, the disembarking process can take a while for those seated in the back.
photo 125
My window seat, 83A.
photo 126
The AVOD system was a little different from the one I saw on the B777-200 flight from Nairobi. It bigger, better, and newer.
photo 127
Flight attendants for today's flight were of 13 different nationalities, all of them with ability to speak English and their own native languages.
photo 128
Getting ready for push-back.
photo 129
I liked the details of the windows on Emirates A380. The only problem I have with the A380 windows is that the windows looks big on inside but is small on outside. This layout makes it a little harder to look outside. I'm definitely not a fan of A380 windows.
photo 130
There were airshows available through the AVOD system. The camera views included the ones on the tail, belly, and nose.
photo 132
Emirates' AVOD = ICE entertainment system.
photo 133
I decided to watch Argo for the first time.
photo 134
Another view of the Emirates' A380 windows.
photo 135
Push-back started around this time.
photo 136
The cabin interior mood lighting shifted.
photo 137
Another A380 next to us.
photo 138
See ya later DXB!
photo 139
And the plane took off to the northwest, toward the Persian Gulf.

Tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa, is visible in this picture.
photo 147
The menu for today's 15-hour long flight to New York/JFK
photo 148photo 149
The choices for dinner:
1. Chicken Cacciatore - tender pieces of chicken thigh marinated with parmesan and classic cacciatore sauce, served with creamy plain mashed potatoes and seasoned peas and beans
2. Baked fish - topped with Middle Eastern Saffron sauce served with zerach berry rice and vegetable stew.
3. Aloo Shimla Mirch (Indian)- Potato and pepper curry stewed with spices, served with steamed basmati rice and toor dal.
*The appetizer was mixed bean salad and the desserts were apple and almond cake.

The choices for breakfast:
1. Chive Scrambled Eggs - with grilled bratwurst sausage, baked beans and sautéed potato cubes.
2. Cheddar Cheese Omelette - served with sautéed spinach leaves, fresh button mushrooms and potato herb cubes
3. Vegetable Upma (Indian) - Moist sautéed semolina dish with aloo bahji and poori
*Croissant and Fruits would be served along with breakfast.
*Between the two meals, a pizza would be served for snack.

Cabin crew getting ready to serve dinner.
photo 150
Argo's epic ending got be excited at the end. Coincidentally, my plane was crossing over Iran Airspace as I was watching the movie.

Today's flight route map.
photo 161
Two hours after take-off it was already starting to get bright outside.
photo 162
I chose the baked fish for the dinner service.
photo 163
I apologize for the lack of lighting on this picture.
photo 164
The meal was great. The baked fish was very crisp on outside, and delicious in inside. The saffron sauce worked out very well for this lovely dish.
photo 166
As the day brightened outside, the flight attendants asked all passengers to close the windows.
photo 167
The sunlight was catching up to the plane. For the entire duration of today's flight, the local time would be morning for all of the places the plane was to fly over.
photo 168
We were about to leave the Iran airspace.
photo 169photo 170photo 171
It was also time for me to sleep, since I had to be well-rested before landing into New York.
photo 172
Dark cabin interior.
photo 174photo 175
Some five hours of sleep over, I started to smell something from the galley. The flight attendants were going around to distribute pizza to the passengers.
photo 176
The pizza wasn't bad. It's was a typical frozen pizza that was probably reheated during flight.
photo 177
I spent the next 30 minutes walking around to stretch and take some pictures.
photo 178
The windows on the A380's main deck rear doors.
photo 179
Staircase that leads to upper deck business class. It was blocked off.
photo 181
Photo taken from the rear galley toward the front of the plane.
photo 180
Same view, different side.
photo 183
Panorama shot of the rear section economy class.
photo 185
Restroom looked very nice.
photo 182
After several more hours of sleep we were in Canadian airspace already.
photo 186photo 187photo 188
And the breakfast services were started.
photo 191
The choices for breakfast:
1. Chive Scrambled Eggs - with grilled bratwurst sausage, baked beans and sautéed potato cubes.
2. Cheddar Cheese Omelette - served with sautéed spinach leaves, fresh button mushrooms and potato herb cubes
3. Vegetable Upma (Indian) - Moist sautéed semolina dish with aloo bahji and poori
I ended up choosing the Chive Scrambled Eggs.
photo 192
The dish, which looked pretty good to me.
photo 193photo 194photo 195
Crossing over to American airspace.
photo 196photo 197
First time in the USA in 6 months!

New York is down there.. just not visible due to the clouds.
photo 206photo 207
JFK Airport is visible down below.
photo 208photo 209
Rockaway Beach.
photo 210photo 211photo 212
The plane steered direction above Atlantic Ocean before starting the approach into 22L.
photo 213
Another 180 degree turn above Queens.

Runway 22L is visible in the front.

It was one of the best landings I've ever felt (or didn't was that smooth)

Terminal 4 is visible in the front.
photo 232photo 233photo 234
I arrived at the same gate I used to board TAM flight to Sao Paulo earlier this year.
photo 235photo 236
It took a very long time for me to disembark.

Walking toward the border protection and customs.
photo 241
Terminal 4 tarmac scene.

The lunch for the day was Chipotle. I missed this food.
photo 250
Manhattan from my buddy's apartment.
photo 287
Fourth of July Fireworks in New York 2013.
photo 309

Overall, Emirates was a great airline to fly with. The most memorable part of the airline experience was the food. The catering was done very well for the economy class. Other than that, the flight itself was very uneventful, since I slept most of the duration on the flight. The IFE system onboard was adequate, and the huge screen and responsiveness of the touch screen was great. I didn't encounter problem at all for the IFE onboard. Flight attendants were very courteous; I don't have much more to say since the only time I ever interacted with them was boarding, meal services, and disembarking.

I would definitely fly with Emirates again. My two flights with them (EK 720 NBO-DXB & EK 203 DXB-JFK) proved to me that they are one of the best in terms of service in Economy class. If I could I would also try to experience their first class suites.

Thank you for reading my flight report!
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    whitelight44 346 Comments

    Great FR. Loved the pix. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Comment 152248 by
    fernousdu972 1079 Comments

    The best landing you ever felt was on an A380... You're one lucky guy. I've flown on the A380 three times, and it makes three really hard landings for me.

    Always a great experience to fly on an EK A380. I wish my turn will come soon!

    Great looking meals, as always. And if they tasted good, that's perfect!

    Well, 15h is enough to get rested, thanks to the EK A380's comfort, even in Economy.

    Great photos also.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    I have also experianced the long customs @ DXB (1.5 hrs on a saturday night, after 16h of flying). How was the layover, I have an upcoming connection @ DXB soon. Any Good lounges?? The archtecture is amazing!!!

    • Comment 330167 by
      CH AUTHOR 29 Comments

      I didn't get a chance to explore any lounges in DXB :( Now that I have AMEX Platinum & PP, I'll hopefully get a chance to do so! Here's the link to help you with lounge info

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