Review of Air Asia X flight Seoul Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Air Asia X
Flight D7 505
Class Economy
Seat 50K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 07:15
Take-off 22 May 13, 17:30
Arrival at 22 May 13, 23:45
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By 7844
Published on 14th December 2015
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D7 505 ICN-KUL (Seoul/Incheon->Kuala Lumpur)
DEP ICN 17:30 22 MAY 2013
ARR KUL 23:45 22 MAY 2013
Flight Duration: 7:15
Aircraft: A330-300
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Flight route map courtesy of
The next two trip reports mark my first ever flights Air Asia or Air Asia X. Air Asia X recently inaugurated flights to Seoul/Incheon, starting round trip prices to Kuala Lumpur for less than $100 (based on one-way price). The airline quickly became popular among Korean travelers wanting to travel to Southeast Asia for a cheaper price. I myself had some business to take care of in Singapore, so I decided to take Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur and then Singapore. The itinerary was to take Air Asia X D7 505 from ICN to KUL (arriving in KUL LCCT at around 10:30PM local time), and taking the Air Asia AK 1807 to Singapore the morning after. For the returning flight from Singapore to Korea, I would be taking a non-stop Korean Air flight.
I arrived at Seoul/Incheon Airport terminal around noon-time on Wednesday, May 22nd.
photo 207
The counter for Air Asia X was due to open at 14:10.
photo 213
The best place to spot planes in Seoul/Incheon Airport without going through passport control is located on the fourth floor near Paris Baguette.
photo 217
Not a lot of people know about this place.
photo 220
This place is called Bi Sun Roo (???). The views on the main terminal ramp and the satellite concourse are amazing from up here.
photo 223
There was a performance going on that time of the day.
photo 225
Check this place out next time you pass through ICN! I believe ICN announced recently that this place was underground a major renovation in late-2015.
photo 226
I made sure I was one of the first ones to check into the flight. That way, I could have a better chance at getting one of the window seats.
photo 227
Even if you checked-in online, you still need to get the boarding pass printed from the ICN airport counters. Air Asia X counters in Korea does not charge fee for people to print boarding passes at counter. Usually, Air Asia X and Air Asia charges fee for passengers to be check-in at airports.
photo 228
The tags for the carry-on baggage.
photo 229
The boarding pass for tonight's flight. For people who pre-ordered meals, the agent would place stickers on the boarding pass. I did not pre-order any meals.
photo 230(2)
Air Asia X, along with all other international carriers other than Asiana or Korean Air, operates out of the satellite concourse of the Seoul/Incheon Airport. The signs for the satellite concourse (gates 101-132) are in red.
photo 232
The escalator to underground automatic people-mover system.
photo 233
Underground automatic people-mover trains for the satellite concourse.
photo 234
This is what the satellite concourse looks like. Very similar architecture, if not the same, as the Main Terminal.
photo 235
My favorite resting spot in satellite concourse is the one near the star alliance lounges.
photo 237
At around 16:10, the flight D7 504 from Kuala Lumpur arrived into Gate 112.
photo 239photo 241
It was the special livery Air Asia X A330.
photo 243photo 246
The Air Asia Flight attendants in their striking red uniforms were waiting at the gate.
photo 247
I walked around the satellite concourse for a bit before heading back toward the gate.
photo 249
First time traveling to Southeast Asia, so I was pretty much stoked.
photo 250
Boarding the plane.

The layout of the economy class was 3-3-3 and for the last 8 rows it was 2-3-2.
photo 256(2)
The tail end section seats.
photo 257
My seat, 50K, is the red seat. No one ended up seating next to me during the flight.
photo 258
MIAT Monglian B767 and Emirates A380.
photo 259
The seat pitch was good enough for me. And the seats didn't feel narrow either.
photo 260
Panorama view of the cabin interior.
photo 261(2)
For the meals-for-purchase, the choices were as follows:
1. Pak Nasir Nasi Lemak
2. Thai Green Curry Chicken
3. Smoked BBQ Chicken
4. Chicken Redang and Basmati Rice
6. Vegetable Curry and Biryani Rice
7. Malaysian Fried Rice
For snacks there were chicken hot dog and pizza bake. Instant ramen and rice porridges were also offered. The meals-for-purchase were offered at 10000 KRW or 10 USD. The instant ramen were 4000 KRW and the rice porridges were 3000 KRW. They were just too expensive, but I ended up ordering the Thai Green Curry Chicken.
photo 262
Each seats had Air Asia X logo on them.
photo 263
photo 264photo 265
Hawaiian B767. Now Hawaiian serves A330 to ICN.
photo 266
And the plane finally took off.
photo 268photo 269photo 270
After taking off toward the north, the plane immediately turned away toward west before setting direction for Malaysia.
photo 271
The sunlight was intense, so I closed the windows.
photo 272
The plane eventually rose to a safe altitude.
photo 273(2)
And the flight attendants started serving beverages/snacks/pre-ordered meals.
photo 274(2)
The interior lights dimmed a bit.
photo 276
I paid 10000 KRW (10USD) for the Thai Green Curry Chicken meal.
photo 278
The portion was too little for the price I paid.
photo 279
The sun was eventually setting.
photo 280
The cabin lights were turned off completely.
photo 281
Two hours 'til landing.
photo 282
I decided to spend 6 MYR (about 3 USD or 3000KRW) and got a Bubur Nasi, which is like an instant chicken soup.
photo 284
Looked like this when cooked.
photo 286
It wasn't too bad! It tasted like breakfast potato grits.
photo 287
During second meal service.
photo 288(2)
After one hour and half of nap, I've arrived at Malaysia.
photo 289
Local time 23:00.
photo 291
MasKargo sign tells me I'm in KUL!
photo 292
No rain.. thank God! (since I have to walk outside to the terminal)
photo 293
There were a lot of other Air Asia X A330.
photo 294
The flight attendants were announcing to tell passengers not to take pictures outside. Air Asia really wants passengers to keep moving without stopping.
photo 295(2)
It was very hot and humid outside…
photo 296
I took a quick picture before walking toward the terminal.
photo 297(2)
The agents everywhere were directing people where to go.
photo 298
Not too long of a walk later I got to the entrance of the terminal, where I would be taking escalator up to customs and immigration.
photo 299photo 300
Immigrations Arrivals Customs. There were many lines available for foreign passport holders so I didn't have to wait a long time.
photo 301
After immigration customs I was directed back downstairs past customs declaration.
photo 302
I heard from other trip reports and blogs that exchange rate here was the best.
photo 303
photo 304
Starbucks was due to close 01:00 so I headed for McDonald's.
photo 305photo 306
Immigration stamp and sticker.
photo 307

LCCT will indeed forever be missed in some people's hearts. To me it was one of the most unique terminals I've ever experienced. I haven't had a chance to go through the new LCCT in Kuala Lumpur airport, but I hope to get a chance to do so someday.

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Air Asia X

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Seoul - ICN


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