Review of Kenya Airways flight Nairobi Johannesburg in Business

Airline Kenya Airways
Flight KQ 760
Class Business
Seat 2F
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 04:15
Take-off 11 Dec 15, 08:25
Arrival at 11 Dec 15, 11:40
KQ   #31 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 100 reviews
East African
Published on 16th December 2015
Hamjambo, mabibi na mabwana!

Thanks for clicking and welcome to the 4th part of the African trip that covers the continental link between Africa's 15th and 3rd largest cities.

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With most long haul flights arriving within half an hour's time, the security checks and screenings were crammed of Asian, European, American and African travelers. Removing the shoes is compulsory and KAA does not provide disposable plastic socks.

Used for disabled passengers too
photo DSC07208_zps8koimnke

T1A was inaugurated the 7th of July 2014 by President Uhuru Kenyatta, son of Jomo Kenyatta, even if it became officially operationnal to general public in August 2014!

KAA renamed each of the terminals to keep in line with international standards and expectations (T1A, 1B, 1C, 1D and since April 2015 domestic ops at new T2). These developments also finally separate passenger streams and prevent arriving and departing passengers meeting, other than through glass partitions, required by the American FAA for Cat 1 status, which will allow for direct flights between the US and Kenya. (DL to Atlanta most likely…)

Airy and luminous
photo DSC03097_zpskmcuyzm1

In this brand new wing, KQ customers and Skyteam frequent flyers can unwind in one of the 2 lounges both located at the mezzanine - The Simba and, the nearest to gate 17 - The Pride Lounge!
I obviously opted for the latter much larger! To summarize its assets compared to its predecessors, one can find a 7 bed dorm (= rest area bloody cold due to the aircon), decent tarmac views (too bad for the tinted window panes) and a sort of high tech zone with Samsung Galaxy tablets!
Also, it looks like the hot drink machine is not automatic like one could expect, hence a lone robotic staff member must deal with all the customer requests which, 1) are plenty in the morning time for sure generating long queues/wait and, and 2) is ludicrous since as far as i know making expresso or most teas doesn't require high skills…(well that's the case with my Nespresso Coffee Maker at least lol)

photo DSC07210_zpsz0wcd8qd

A nice touch of African opulence
photo DSC07211_zpsjrk1x8tr

A new thrice weekly visitor
photo DSC07216_zpsixhivh8k

A second breakfast
photo DSC07213_zpsjxb94hsk

At 8 am, i was one of the lasts to board along with a couple of Danes, slowed down by a computer issue.

5Y – KZF, 14 months old ( only the 2 first 787s got a name)
photo DSC07215_zpsvdjmso3d

KQ operates 3 daily flights at 8:25 am, 12:05 pm and 9:45 pm, the morning service sees a widebody 788 while the followings are flown with 738 theorically offering a BSI cabin or a E190 with personal IFE. SAA provides 2 daily flights on A320, Ethiopian with 10 weekly services sends a 77W or the 738, like RwandAir for the single aisle aircraft.

The usual stuffs were handed out: PDB, a comprehensive amenity kit, newspapers/magazines.
Once the slides were armed and cross checked, load factor appeared light in Premier World, although in a 737/E190 cabin it would not have been so blatant. (btw i've included cabin shots from another JNB-NBO flight)

The amenity kit is provided on the morning flight only!
photo DSC07224_zpskfijter1

SA181 departed 20 minute before us due to the congestion, the second runway, part of the Greenfield project won't come too early.

Some old 772s are parked on the left
photo DSC07226_zpssyys7udy

photo DSC07235_zpslpuaviyx

What's on TV now?
photo DSC07237_zpsdgc2ydoq

Just splendid!
photo DSC07263_zps5hajafee

Uhuru Peak on the right
photo DSC07256_zpshu2kca1u

photo DSC07240_zpsea44lovx

Breakfast meal followed quickly a hot oshibori, served in 3 steps by an energetic and charming crew. I was not in the mood to think hard, therefore i watched the comedy the Croods that helped to catch forty winks in this comfortable full flat seat.

photo Scan0001_zpsm1h1n0xs

photo Scan0007_zpsqcjv3fqh

photo Image_zpslv4biapa

1st round: tasteless fruits
photo DSC07265_zpsbfonngxs

2nd round: warm and flaky croissant (there are 2 types of bread roll to choose from also)
photo DSC07269_zpswxriluim

3rd round: Despite a low 11% of Muslim population in Kenya compared to Tanzania, no bacon/pork on KQ menus, very pity as this chicken sausage tasted horrible!
photo DSC07270_zpsf29ousit

Lake Malawi, can you spot the competitor?
photo DSC07275_zpswynv9lck

photo DSC07280_zpskxuxv5gz

Forward cabin
photo DSC07319_zpsjylcryx7

Same again
photo DSC07376_zpsfrl3dkmu

A common occurence with KQ: no self-service buffet in the galley
photo DSC07378_zpsrdgwl266

second cabin
photo DSC07314_zpsgrvesvqf

photo DSC07306_zpshi76biua

Lilongwe – capital city of Malawi – brought back good memories !
photo DSC07348_zpswdu10gox

The state-of-the-art Bingu Stadium should have been handed over 2 weeks ago…
photo DSC07349_zpspdi15ugg

Runway seems in better shape than during my last flight in 2010
photo DSC07358_zps20wxdj4r

Landing on 3L at 11:30 ahead of schedule.

photo DSC07303_zpsif6ab2pr

One of the many open-pit mines
photo DSC07302_zpsa3towg8o

B-2047 in special c/s
photo DSC03105_zpst019xep2

I've missed that one last year: So fustrating to see it now!
photo DSC03110_zpsmktqohvg

photo DSC03111_zpssbfjg2vs

Zoulou Fox at JNB
photo DSC03112_zps0l8gsuna

Health officers collected the Ebola form before lining up at the Immigration lanes where a rather useless heat screening took place prior getting your stamp. The luggage got delivered in no time on the belt while my large box waited at the oversize/fragile bagage area!

photo DSC03113_zpsvhwbytqa

Have you already got 3 or more stickers? :-D
photo DSC03116_zpsgdkcrwdz

That's all folks from now!
photo DSC03128_zpspmdin1mx
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Kenya Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Kenya Airways Pride Lounge


Nairobi - NBO


Johannesburg - JNB



Lounge a bit crowded, but it's well designed and represents a huge improvement.
No surprise in flight, you get what you pay for!

Comfort: full flat so by far, KQ is the best way to travel in/to/from East Africa
Crew: Smiling and some of them do speak fluent French
Catering: simple and it was my third breakfast of the day so...
IFE: Comprehensive with many movies/tv shows/documentaries/news/games in 4 languages

Thanks for reading,
Coming up next, a taste of the competition...

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  • Comment 152586 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9449 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report with us. KQ seems to provide a very good service on board and most of the report I ahve read agree on the very good crew members.
    Makes em want to try them once !
    • Comment 330331 by
      East African AUTHOR 1556 Comments
      You're welcome, thanks for reading and commenting SkyteamCHC
      Is the good service due to the constant decline of the loads? maybe or maybe not...
      TBH with you, regarding KQ reviews my own opinion is often biased ;-) , however if one day you do fancy going to Seychelles, or to the white sandy beaches of Mozambique or to a safari in Africa you should give them a go!
  • Comment 152613 by
    Nick 172 Comments
    Great report! T1A looked really nice, I've unfortunately only experienced the old terminal at NBO. The lounge and the 788 business cabin also looked quite sharp as well.
    • Comment 330414 by
      East African AUTHOR 1556 Comments
      Yes very true and sorry for that!
      There is a trick indeed, T1A new gates start from the number 15, KLM flight is often allocated at T1A yes but gates 7-10 ;-). And RwandAir operates from the former Unit 2 (= regional, gate 3-5).
  • Comment 152734 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
    Beautiful report. Some awesome aerials over Africa!

    The new pride lounge looks very nice. catering onboard is underwhelming for this breakfast flight, but the seats seem very comfortable and roomy. Great fisheye cabin shots!

    Nice shot of SA A320 over lake Malawi!

    Where is that pic in Jo'burg CBD taken from? Did you stay in the CBD?
  • Comment 154167 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1873 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR! (I know I’m way late to the party)

    From the pictures of seen in FRs, the Pride Lounge does look to have a nice local décor.

    Fantastic shot of Uhuru Peak! Great air-to-air with SA too.

    The breakfast looks very disappointing for J. The fruit looks like it came off a Y tray. The main also doesn’t look that enticing. At least KQ pre-pours the cereal and doesn’t give you a box of Kellogg’s like CX ;)

    So honestly, I read the SA report first. I’d say that there is no comparison between this hard product and what SA offers on their A320s. The seats don’t offer an incredible amount of privacy, but with a light load like on this flight it's a non-issue. The catering on this flight wasn’t good, but if you already ate in the lounge, then who really cares. It sounds like KQ offers a great soft-product with friendly crews as well.

    PS – I’m glad you took off your sandals before standing on the seats for that great aerial shot of the cabin :)
  • Comment 154506 by
    East African AUTHOR 1556 Comments
    Thanks again for replying NGO85

    (I know I’m way late to the party) => No worries ;-)
    From the pictures of seen in FRs, the Pride Lounge does look to have a nice local décor. => Much better than before
    At least KQ pre-pours the cereal and doesn’t give you a box of Kellogg’s like CX ;) => huh, CX? the well respected airlines does that? hard to believe... :-D
    The catering on this flight wasn’t good, but if you already ate in the lounge, then who really cares. Exactly, and add to this, the eventual short/long haul brekkie for some passengers...

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