Review of Aer Lingus flight Belfast London in Economy

Airline Aer Lingus
Flight EI36
Class Economy
Seat 9F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 15 Aug 15, 17:25
Arrival at 15 Aug 15, 18:15
EI 80 reviews
Published on 6th January 2016
First time using Belfast City Airport. I entered through into the departures area which is quite bright with a number of amenities and moderately sized check-in area. Having checked in online and carrying only hand luggage, I made my way to security. Security took less than 5 minutes and I was soon in the departure lounge. There are a few but limited number of shops and restaurants as well as a small seating area providing views of the airport. At the time I visited all the food and drink outlets had closed, but this wasn't a problem as I had paid to use the Aspire Lounge at the airport which is situated just beyond the British Airways Lounge. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the lounge, but there is a link below.

photo P8150437
Aer Lingus A319 EI-EPR arriving at Belfast City BHD/EGAC
photo P8150443
EI-EPR pulling onto its stand.

The Lounge itself is quite normal. There was a selection of food (mostly snacks) and drink, Comfy Seating, Newspapers, a quiet area and plugs for laptops and chargers. I had a Coffee, a Beer and a number of biscuits and crisps while I was there. Free Wifi is provided but is awful, but the airport provides its own free wifi which is perfectly fine and reaches the lounge. The lounge was clean and had a very civilised feel to it. One of the main reasons for choosing the lounge was that it had a view over the apron and part of the runway. I found myself a seat by the window and spent about an hour and half doing some planespotting. The cost of the lounge was only £15 which was quite reasonable.
photo P8150516
Flybe DHC-8-Q400 G-ECOA taxiing at Belfast City. Taken from the Aspire Lounge

There are a number of screens showing departures and it was soon time for myself to begin boarding (17:00 GMT). We were boarding from Gate 2 which requires walking down from the departure lounge and boarding the plane via stairs - there is an airbridge but our flight wasn't using it. The aircraft flying the route was one of the few A319's in Aer Lingus's fleet, EI-EPR. I found my seat next to the engine, 9F. Boarding was relatively quick. We pushed back at 17:22 and soon we were backtracking down Runway 22. Takeoff was relatively smooth and we banked left heading SW. Cruising altitude was 33,000ft. The service onboard was basic with a drinks and snacks service. The seats were quite comfortable. Cabin Crew were quite friendly. Our route took us across the Irish Sea, Wales before joining the approach pattern for London Heathrow. We banked right just over Central London and lined up for landing on Runway 27L. Touchdown was hard. We taxied off 27L and a short taxi later we pulled onto our stand at Terminal 2. Airbridge attached we quickly disembarked. Very little hassle otherwise arriving at Terminal 2.
photo P8150535
Taxiing at Belfast City Airport
photo P8150537
Flying over Wales
photo P8150561
Pulling onto our stand at Terminal 2 London Heathrow

Below is the takeoff from Belfast City Airport onboard EI-EPR
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Aer Lingus

Cabin crew8.0

Belfast - BHD


London - LHR



The lounge was nice but the main use for me was being able to do some spotting in comfort, which it did. Belfast City Airport is compact but it is functional and pretty convenient to get to Belfast City Centre. I would certainly use it again.

Aer Lingus was very good. The crew were friendly and the cabin was quite comfortable. The cost was not to bad at around £40 including allocated seating. There were very few issues and overall it was a good trip.

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  • Comment 154171 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us.

    At the time I visited all the food and drink outlets had closed <== Your flight was at 17:00, how early do they close???

    Any pictures of the cabin? EI seems to be now competing with the LCCs, but at least their fares are reasonable (£40).

    PS - This plane (EI-EPR) is now with Vueling.

    • Comment 331791 by
      AviationEagle32 AUTHOR 10 Comments

      At the time I arrived in the departure lounge. The coffee shop had just closed which was about 15:30 and the restaurant had close by 16:00. I was a bit surprised myself but at the time the airport only had a couple of departures left. I did take pictures from the cabin but unfortunately I seem to have lost them. Their business model is an LCC and they seem to be doing ok. Their fares to and from the UK are very good and can be as low as £20-25. Finally, EI-EPR at the time I was travelling this aircraft was still flying for Aer Lingus.

    • Comment 331795 by
      NGO85 1622 Comments

      Finally, EI-EPR at the time I was travelling this aircraft was still flying for Aer Lingus.
      - I was just pointing out an interesting observation when I was looking at this plane's history on airfleets. It was leased to IB before EI. It was obviously still EI when you flew it before it got transferred to VY a couple of weeks ago.

      I find that really strange how the airport closes so early, I guess they don't have any nighttime flights to LHR/LGW out of BHD?

    • Comment 331799 by
      AviationEagle32 AUTHOR 10 Comments

      There were a few later evening arrivals, but I believe it was a combination of it being a Saturday and they do have an issue around noise with local residents. I think during the week there are evening flights.

    • Comment 331794 by
      NGO85 1622 Comments

      Dear Cpdu91,

      The purpose of FR is to foster a community where people can share their experiences in an open and welcoming forum. Instead of criticizing someone's first attempt at writing a FR, a more productive response would be to welcome them to the community and provide constructive criticism that would allow them to improve their future reports instead of discouraging them from sharing future experiences. Yes, there could be more photos in this report, but if you closely read the text, there is a very detailed account of the flight report, which thoroughly explained the authors experience. If you don't like someone's report, then perhaps its best to keep in mind that: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

      - NGO85

  • Comment 154187 by
    cpdu91 73 Comments

    Hi and thanks for sharing this; but I don't really the purpose of uploading what you did, no pictures of the cabin, seat, catering.. I don't know if I could really call this a flight report...

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