Review of LAN Airlines flight Santiago Concepcion in Economy

Airline LAN Airlines
Flight LA203
Class Economy
Seat 26A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 06 Sep 15, 09:15
Arrival at 06 Sep 15, 10:00
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By 1236
Published on 4th February 2016
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This was my first flight on LAN Chile and I had booked this ticket online directly on LAN's website. The whole process of getting the tickets was quite straightforward and I was also able to obtain the boarding pass after online check-in using Apple's Passbook app on the iPhone (now called the Apple Wallet).

photo 23748098794_97cc8c4e51_b
LAN Airbus A320

Arriving early at the airport, there was already a queue forming at the check-in counters and with an all economy seating for domestic flights, and with me no longer having any sort of status with oneworld, I just waited patiently like all the others. Check-in was a breeze even with my snowboard bag and during the process, there was also those plastic baggage clasp that passengers could use in the event they do not have a lock. I also got a paper boarding pass even though I had the pass on my iPhone already.

photo 24395321445_c138336784_b
Chocolatier and Starbucks coffee in the terminal

With the boarding pass in hand, I made my way to security as I already had breakfast at the hotel. Another short queue before I was inside the departure hall proper. Early in this morning there was already cafes and some shops opened for business. Starbucks beside the gate where my flight was due to depart is already seeing queues for that morning cup of coffee.

photo 24287082792_0e7d1d513f_b
Queuing to board LA203

There was a proper boarding queue with 2 main lines, with one for rows 1-14 and another for rows 15-29. There was also a line for passengers requiring assistance and those with small families and another one for oneworld elite members. Though on this particular flight it seems none of the passengers hold premier status on LAN or any other oneworld airlines.

LA203 Santiago Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport SCL - Concepción Carriel Sur International Airport CCP
STD-STA: 0855-1005
Actual: 0915-1000
Airbus A320 CC-BFG
Gate 28 Seat 26A

photo 24376294685_d35fdf052d_b
LAN Economy Class cabin

With an all economy class seating and long queues, I was in no hurry to board and waited until halfway after my boarding sequence commenced before I started queueing to board the flight. I had a window seat on this flight and surprisingly enough I had the whole row to myself so it makes for a great start this morning.

photo 22161727530_b9f6b08367_b
Rainy weather this morning at Santiago

For a full-fledged service airline, the legroom on economy class was lacking and the seats also were not the most comfortable. Comfort wise I would say it was slightly better than the slim-line seats used by Lufthansa on their intra-European flights.

photo 24376295595_cb9f1f8270_b
Seatback pocket during boarding

The seat-back pockets contained a safety manual and LAN's inflight magazine. Fortunately there was not the usual airplane advertising common on budget carriers. Other than that, the cabin actually looks pretty fresh and clean.

photo 24268075662_9724671a04_b
Inflight reading materials

Boarding took a while but it was overall a pleasant experience with music coming through the cabin. The passengers were mostly civil with nothing out of the ordinary happening.

photo 24080702620_860d6578e6_b
Cabin during boarding

photo 24080703720_d1a7c59f4e_b
LAN's star logo on the headrest

Once boarding was completed, the crew members came around to check the cabin and positioned themselves for the safety demonstration which was screened through the overhead inflight monitors that came down.

photo 24376298125_788e0cf350_b
Overhead inflight monitors

The safety demonstration continued on and was as normal as it could be. No frills seems to work fine here. During the taxi, it was time to do some plane spotting since SCL is the aviation hub of Chile, and there was a lot of international airlines aside from LAN jets.

photo 24008521459_c7db606c97_b
LAN Chile jets at SCL

While it was another cloudy winter day in Santiago, there was a decently good view of the airport as we took off in the morning.

photo 23748110794_3961060b27_b
Take-off views from SCL

As we cruised past the cloud cover, sunlight started to stream inside the cabin, brightening things up. It is said sunshine does cheer people up and this was the case today as 2 pleasant cabin crews started the inflight service from the from.

photo 24268083832_3ccfb8037c_b
Andes mountains view above the clouds

photo 24268086352_35a0aed723_b
Inflight cabin service

For the short flight, all passengers were given a choice of two snack and I picked the cookie and a yogurt bar. Eventually I would get to try all of the snacks served by LAN on their domestic routes. I also got a cup of coffee to perk myself up. I enjoyed both the cookie and coffee, the latter is somewhat better than the usual cup of airline coffee. For the yogurt bar, I actually saved it for the slopes and it was equally tasty!

photo 24376310525_aa433b88ae_b
Complimentary inflight snacks and coffee

The time we were up in the air was quite short since the crew started collecting the trash after completion of the meal service and by then, the plane would also start its gradual descent into Concepción.

photo 24350104286_65fa11eb18_b
Descent into Concepción

Similar to the start of this trip, the weather at our destination was also cloudy. For what was supposed to be one of the largest metropolitan areas in Chile, Concepción looks somewhat rural but the views was not bad as we passed by the Biobio river delta.

photo 24376314925_d310d7d8f0_b
Rio Biobio delta
Town of Concepción

Concepción airport is actually very nice with its warm wood accents throughout the terminal and the relatively small size did make it easy to navigate. The wait for luggage was not that long and it probably took about 15 minutes after I reach the luggage claim area before I was reunited with my snowboard and I was off to meet my arranged driver who would drive me to Nevados de Chillan ski resort.

photo 24293843981_0bfb054f06_b
Waiting for luggage at CCP

Given the short duration of the flight, the all-economy seating while lacking in legroom was adequate. An excellent inflight crew and views out of the window did keep me occupied while the absence of seat mates made the whole flight a whole lot more comfortable!

For the return flight to Santiago, I nearly missed it due to some drama at the slopes but that is for another time. Anyway I was probably one of the last passengers to check in as I was the only one checking in for what one of the last flights departing Concepción that day.

photo 23827103644_516a4656a0_b
LAN check-in desks

After a quick check-in by the agent, I got my boarding pass and took some fast shot of the wonderful airport terminal. Small and nice airports like this does hold a somewhat special space during my travels.

photo 24087550389_90142c3666_b
Concepcion airport terminal

Security was equally quick with most of the passengers already in the waiting area. Friendly security officers even commented on how 'retro' my Fuji XE-1 looks. when I arrived at the gate, boarding has not yet commenced which meant I still had time to charge my phone with the supplied phone charging area around the gates. Another thumbs up for Concepción airport with amenities built for travellers in mind.

photo 24455371345_f2d47c8873_b
Airbus A320 operated by LAN in CCP

Some photos from Santiago:

photo 21658493143_c3037e4368_b
Lobby of the Hotel Altiplanico Bellas Artes

photo 21715012464_07ab35f273_b
Bicycles for rent

photo 21717364703_b5894943d2_b
Under the glass-domed atrium in Museo de Bellas Artes

photo 22173474878_b143f0866a_b
Residential blocks

photo 21740108403_b9bbefb284_b
Museo de Bellas Artes at night

photo 21865842743_9e07066372_b
Springtime in Parque Forestal

photo 22461037756_e461057d26_b
Friendly Chilean wave

photo 22300223099_178518bf59_b
Cyclists along Avenida Bernardo O'Higgins

photo 22473685552_6c8e57a568_b
Sights of Santiago

photo 22299134780_1991d983ec_b
Under the Cherry Blossom

photo 22461097876_db359c598d_b
Assorted Nikkei Sushi at Panko Sushi

photo 22726597960_de36af8208_b
Santiago at Dusk

photo 22391090983_8259604097_b
Inside the Ox restaurant

photo 22593962628_edeed70da0_b
Flat iron wagyu

photo 22391099773_50b13a4d24_b
Sea urchin ceviche

photo 24333635980_e96f06d5da_b
Santiago Cathedral

photo 24629174965_20f7c3567a_b
Costanera Centre

photo 24603073576_8c26cfe204_b
Taking the funicular to Cerro San Cristobal

photo 22299726408_f2d7872a11_b
Las Condes at dusk

photo 21864714404_5a148cea04_b
Circular skylight atrium at the Grand Hyatt Santiago
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