Review of Delta Air Lines flight Sao Paulo Detroit in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 52
Class Economy
Seat 37F
Flight time 10:45
Take-off 09 Jan 16, 22:15
Arrival at 10 Jan 16, 06:00
DL   #64 out of 138 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 653 reviews
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Published on 12th February 2016
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Delta Airlines DL 52
GRU-DTW (São Paulo/Guarulhos->Detroit)
DEP GRU 22:15 09 JAN 2016
ARR DTW 06:00 10 JAN 2016
Aircraft: B767-300ER (Winglet)
Duration: 10:45

photo DAL 52
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Heading back home after a vacation is always hard. Trying to take some pictures for my blog posts on my return flights are harder. This flight report is my return flight from Brazil to US after my 2-week long and awesome trip. It will be a much shorter flight report than my DL 105 flight report; I simply took less pictures than I did on the DL 105 flight.

Sampa, you will be missed. Valeu!

My friends drove me from Bom Retiro to Guarulhos Airport that day. It was pouring hard by the afternoon.
photo 927
Delta check-in counters. There were flights to New York and Detroit that night.
photo 928
My boarding passes for tonight's and tomorrow's flights. I would be connecting through Detroit for my next flight to San Diego. There was supposed to be a snowstorm coming in soon after I arrive in Detroit. Concerned, I asked the check-in agent if I should be concerned. He said there are no cancellations as of then so it shouldn't be a problem. I really needed to make it back to San Diego as scheduled.
photo 934
After saying last byes to my friends, I headed to the VIP Lounges upstairs in Terminal 2.
photo 936
VIP Lounge entrance.
photo 936a
Some snacks and beverage choices were offered.
photo 937
The lounge itself was very spacious, with clean bathrooms and nice view into Terminal 2 apron.
photo 938
Walking over to my gate.
photo 940
Terminal 2 international side.
photo 941
My plane, B767-300ER Winglet.
photo 943photo 944
DL Businessfirst class.
photo 945
Economy class.
photo 946photo 947photo 948
The inflight entertainment system. I haven't seen that kind of tray table before on a flight.
photo 949
Passengers settling in. The Brazilian lady who was supposed to sit on 37F (aisle seat) preferred to sit on the window seat. I was okay with that as long as she doesn't have to use the restroom too many times. She ended up not having to go to restroom at all throughout the whole flight.
photo 950
About 1.5 hours in, we got our dinner.
photo 954
Chicken with rice and salad with bread rolls and cookies. The strawberry pudding cake was pretty good, not too sweet. There was a Brazilian lady next to me who gave me her cookies and the cake to me to eat.
photo 955photo 956
I woke up when the plane was making the descent into Detroit.
photo 957
For breakfast, a hot sandwich and snack boxes containing granola bar, chocolate, and fruits were distributed.
photo 958
The hot sandwich had cheese and ham within.
photo 959
The entertainment system had some problem, so the last 40 minutes or so, nobody could use it.
photo 961
Checking flight status after clearing the immigrations. They only had about four immigrations officers working at that time (2 for US Citizens and 2 for visitors). I passed through the immigrations in 10 minutes, but I could see that there was a huge line for the Brazilians.
photo 962
There was a Delta Skyclub entrance right before entering the McNamara concourse. Neat thing about the Detroit McNamara concourse is that the Westin hotel offers its own security checkpoint directly from the hotel lobby. The terminal itself is very modern and clean. To this date, it's one of the best terminal I've ever been in.
photo 963
Waiting for my next flight to San Diego.
photo 964
It started snowing hard by the time the plane was making its way to the runway. The plane needed to make a stop to de-ice, during which time all of the runways were shut down due to too much snow and wind. After 2 hours of waiting on the de-ice tarmac, the plane eventually went back to the original gate, where we waited for about 3 hours. Had the plane departed about 30 minutes earlier, we would've made it out before the snowstorm.
photo 968
We eventually took-off about 5 hours behind schedule. I was thankful that I still made it to San Diego that day.
photo 979
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Cabin crew9.0

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Sao Paulo - GRU


Detroit - DTW



Overall, nice comfy red-eye flight from Brazil to USA. The food was nothing to complain or compliment about. The flight attendants, at least on this flight, were very courteous and lively (one of them was really fun-mannered and joked a lot during announcements). Too bad I encountered a snowstorm during my journey back, but I was thankful that Delta didn't cancel the flight and provided the passengers with food and snacks while we waited in the gate.



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    Rl 777 810 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    The refurbished cabin doesn't look bad even though I'm not the biggest fan of those colours. The 2-3-3 layout in the 767 is a big plus though.

    The first meal looks alright but I expected a full breakfast for a flight of this length, a sandwich and a snack box isn't enough for an almost 11h flight IMO.

    I'm glad you made it to SAN, despite the 5-hour delay.

    Have a good one, see you!

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