Review of Lufthansa flight Hamburg Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH9917
Class Business
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 12 Feb 16, 15:00
Arrival at 12 Feb 16, 16:20
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Published on 22nd February 2016
Hello Flight-Report Community,

On Friday February 12th, 2016 Lufthansa officially celebrated the delivery of the world’s first A320neo.

Some 700 invited guests were in attendance at the Airbus Finkenwerder factory near Hamburg, Germany (XFW). The XFW and TLS factory are the only location producing the A320neo (neo = New Engine Option). was present in Hamburg for the press conference and delivery ceremony. Following these, we had the exciting opportunity to catch a ride on the ferry flight of the brand new A320neo from XFW to Lufthansa’s main hub at Frankfurt airport.

1. Finkenwerder (XFW) – Francfort (FRA) – Airbus A320neo – Business Class

The day began at the delivery center, where Lufthansa’s first two A320neo aircraft were on display.

photo 0002photo 0003

Breakfast was offered in the room where the press conference was held

photo 0003a

From left to right: Fabrice Brégier, CEO of Airbus, Carsten Spohr CEO of Lufthansa Group, and Robert Leduc, president of Pratt & Whitney.

photo 0004photo 0005

Lufthansa’s first two Airbus A320neo

photo 0005a

The aircraft on the left if registered D-AINA. The aircraft on the right will be D-AINB, but was still wearing its temporary registration of D-AXAX.

photo 0005bphoto 0006photo 0007

In all, Lufthansa Group has ordered 116 A320neo and A321neo, of which 60 will be equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines.

photo 0008photo 0009photo 0014

The first two A320neo aircraft proudly announce their newness to differentiate them from the large fleet of A320ceo (ceo = current engine option): "First to fly A320neo, Less noise, Less fuel, less CO2".

photo 0009a

Yep, this is indeed an Airbus A320neo

photo 0010

As the name A320neo (new engine option) would suggest, the major development in this new model is with the engines. Airlines can choose between two engine types: The LEAP-1A from CFM International or the PW1100G-HM from Pratt & Whitney

photo 0012

The A320neo promises a 15% reduction in fuel consumption.

photo 0015

During the delivery ceremony, Airbus highlighted the huge success of the A320neo program, which already has over 4,500 orders from 75 different airlines.

photo 0018

All current A320 family models will be offered in neo version, with the exception of the A318.

photo 0017

At the end of the ceremony there is the traditional exchange of gifts.

photo 0019

Group photo with the crew that will be working the flight to Frankfurt.

photo 0020

Before flying to Frankfurt on the brand new A320neo, let’s take a look around the assembly line.

photo 0023photo 0024photo 0025

Final assembly for A320 family, both ceo and neo.

photo 0026photo 0027

Parts of the A380 are also built here before being shipped to the Toulouse plant in Southwest France for final assembly.

photo 0028

After final assembly in Toulouse, the completed A380s come back to Hamburg for cabin interior fitting.

photo 0029photo 0030

Our flight to Frankfurt is getting ready for departure with the catering being loaded.

photo 0031photo 0032

As with any flight, there is a security check prior to boarding.

photo 0034photo 0035

With fan blades boasting a 2.06 meter diameter, neos are distinguished from ceos.

photo 0036photo 0037photo 0038

Welcome aboard this A320neo flight!

photo 0038aphoto 0038c

The cabin looks like a typical Lufthansa narrowbody cabin, at first glance.

photo 0039

The cabin is outfitter with the same Recaro slimline seats used on the majority of the narrowbody fleets within the Lufthansa Group.

photo 0039a

View to the right

photo 0040

And to the left

photo 0042

With the A320neo, Airbus offers airlines a new option called “Space Flex” which carves out more space in the cabin for seats by reducing the size of galleys and closets

photo 0038b

The rear lavatories have also been arranged to save space.

photo 0050photo 0049photo 0051

Unsurprisingly, the space savings have not translated to more space for passengers, as Lufthansa elected to add extra rows to the A320neo cabin. Seat pitch has been reduced to just 29” in Economy with 31” in the first few rows of the aircraft, most often used for Business class.

photo 0043

With the fuel savings from the new efficient engines and additional seats, the operating cost per seat has been reduced by about 20%.

photo 0052

Unlike the majority of airlines, Lufthansa has elected to keep the “no smoking” sign.

photo 0052a

On this special flight, invited guests are seated in the first rows of the aircraft with the middle seats blocked.

photo 0052b

This month’s issue of the Lufthansa in-flight magazine showcases the A320neo PW1100G-JM engine.

photo 0053

The Captain stands out in front of the passengers and announces that we’ll be doing the traditional “wing wave” on takeoff to say goodbye to the birthplace of this new aircraft.

photo 0054

The engine start up on the A320neo is very quiet.

photo 0056photo 0057

The Delivery Center

photo 0058photo 0059

After pushback, following technical issues with the A320neo engines, the aircraft must stay still a few minutes with the engines on low power before starting to taxi. Pratt & Whitney has announced that this issue should be fixed by April. It was because of these issues that Qatar Airways, originally slated to take the first A320neo delivery, decided to wait prior to delivery—Lufthansa then stepped up as the launch customer.

photo 0060

The A320neo and A321neo have now both flown; but the smaller A319neo has yet to take its first flight as it awaits engines.

photo 0061

During taxi we can see some A321ceo awaiting delivery, including Delta Air Lines’ first A321 due to be delivered in March.

photo 0062

And here we go!

photo 0063

All A320neo family aircraft are outfitted with Sharklets.

photo 0064

The engine noise level inside the cabin is noticeably quieter in the A320neo. It is even more noticeable outside the aircraft where engine noise has been reduced by more than 50% compared to the A320ceo. This has made the A320neo the only aircraft able to operate at London Heathrow without restrictions.

photo 0065photo 0066

The in-flight service begins with the typical and odd Lufthansa service protocol of serving food prior to drinks.

photo 0067

photo 0067a

… after a while, came the drinks.

photo 0068

On this special flight, a short-haul Business class-like meal was served.

photo 0071

Metal silverware

photo 0072

The food was nice and fresh

photo 0072aphoto 0073

Flight attendants clearing the cabin after the meal

photo 0074photo 0075

Starting out approach into Frankfurt

photo 0076photo 0077

To our right, a new A320ceo due to be based in Munich. This aircraft was also at XFW.

photo 0078

Landing on Runway 07L.

photo 0079photo 0080

Lufthansa’s first A320neo is greeted by a water arch on arrival

photo 0081photo 0082

One last look at this rather dense cabin of 180 seats.

photo 0083photo 0084photo 0085

The first of many A320neos to come.

photo 0087photo 0089photo 0090

Here is a video of the flight. You can judge the cabin noise level for yourself:

    PRACTICAL INFORMATION Lufthansa is the first airline to operate the Airbus A320neo. The Lufthansa Group has 116 orders for the A320neo family. 61 A320nwo and 40 A321neo will go to Lufthansa, while 10 A320neo and 5 A321neo will go to Swiss International Airlines. Lufthansa should receive 5 A320neos in 2016. Currently, this first A320neo is flying exclusively on the Frankfurt (FRA) to Hamburg (HAM) route. Service from FRA to Munich (MUC) is slated to begin at a later date. Catalogue price for a new A320nwo : $107.3 Million (USD).

Flavien travelled as a guest of Airbus & Lufthansa, this report is our own opinion though.
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This A320neo is the first of a long line of new generation aircraft to enter commercial service with an airline. The aircraft will experience some growing pains with the known Pratt & Whitney engine issues, but these issues should soon be fixed.

Indian low-cost carrier Indigo will be the next airlines to take delivery of the A320neo. Indigo has ordered an impressive 430 next generation Airbus narrowbody aircraft.

For the time being, no firm date has been set for delivery of Qatar Aiways’ first A320neo. The airline was the original launch customer for the A320neo.

Based on current orders, the A320neo family enjoys a 60% narrowbody market share against its competitor the Boeing 737MAX.

The pluses :

- Engine noise reduction
- More efficient engines with 15% lower fuel burn*
- 15% lower CO2 emissions*
- 5% lower maintenance costs*
* compared to the previous generation of A320 family aircraft

The minuses :

- Decreased Seat pitch compared to the current Lufthansa A320 fleet with the addition of 2 extra rows of seats.
- A rather hard seat with limited recline and no headrests.



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