Review of TAM flight Manaus Sao Paulo in Economy

Airline TAM
Flight JJ3409
Class Economy
Seat 46A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 21 Feb 16, 16:25
Arrival at 21 Feb 16, 21:25
JJ 43 reviews
By 3752
Published on 22nd February 2016
It took more than I wanted for me to justify my nickname.

For most people, flying is only part of a trip. I guess that for most of us enthusiasts, flying is one of the main attractions.

TAM, the Brazilian airline, one world member and part of Latam airlines group, together with LAN was one of the first airlines to receive the new A350 extra wide body.

As soon as it was told that LATAM's their newest aquisition would be flying between São Paulo and Manaus to train, check and certify the Crew members, I booked it, no hesitation.

I'm from São Paulo, and due to my busy schedule that week, my inbound flight to Manaus was performed by an well-known A320. So, the ride in the newborn Airbus with be on my way back home.

It was Saturday - February 20 when I left my hotel in the historic downtown Manaus, and headed towards the bus stop a few blocks away to get the "executive" bus to the airport.

On my way to the bus stop
photo 12715304_10206756969737723_7822634959501386077_n

Bus stop and tropical fruits market.
photo 12745930_10206756969217710_1080971951065544801_n

Absolutely nothing executive in the van, besides a barely working air conditioning (extremely needed in Manaus, by the way).

We reached the airport 35 minutes later. The terminal has been recently renovated for the World Cup 3 years ago, and now it's pretty decent compared to what "Eduardo Gomes" international airport was before and to brazil's airport standards of quality.

Eduardo Gomes International Airport - Your entry door to the amazon.
photo 12733540_10206756965377614_2460015177040825979_n

I went inside to get a blast of air conditioning and stop sweating like a bathroom mirror.
photo 12733986_10206756965497617_6498108329211314284_nphoto 12734040_10206756965977629_11778817757757252_n

I know most people share their experience in airline's lounges in their flight reports, unfortunately, that was not the case (neither was the budget limit) So, I went upstairs to have a quick Pizza Hut since it was way past lunch time.

photo 12717226_10206756966177634_8863577181324228655_nphoto 12745862_10206756966497642_3653904223362820068_n

Problem solved, I went steps ahead to a quick check in the observatory deck and went downstairs to print my boarding pass.
photo 12705352_10206756966737648_17601659948853411_n

Manaus airport has an unusual design in which the check-in counters are located in a lounge after the entrance area. People usually go to the ticket sales counter trying to check-in..

If you're in Manaus, be aware tha this is not the check-in area lol. Go 10 feet ahead.
photo 12742624_10206756967097657_6852261899775845636_n

Check-in area
photo 12715295_10206756968257686_3411259132200055021_n

Tam Check-in counters. All calm and organized. Surprisingly!
photo 12745596_10206756968057681_2081642618565803813_n

Self check-in kiosk puking my boarding pass:
photo 12745983_10206756968137683_3449236244665689781_n

Cleared security checks in incredible 35 seconds and reached the relatively empty boarding area, with not many, but yet interesting, food options, from Japanese food to ice cream.

photo 12729269_10206756968497692_4636182476019817603_n

Lazy afternoon in Manaus.
photo 12743882_10206756969177709_3049055518975033934_n

A350's fellow neighbors in MAO.
photo 12742027_10206757513831325_7456360324944088778_n

Boarding procedure began one hour in advance, for no apparent reason, TAM's ground staff was nice and agile, result: everyone on board and 30 minutes yet left for departure.

People in line:
photo 12715224_10206757513591319_8742176790434897679_n

Our bird 1/2
photo 12717150_10206757512391289_6264985926742559033_n
*First A350XWB of the Americas.

Our bird 2/2
photo 12729144_10206757512911302_4564415239041319523_n

Coming in
photo 12745943_10206757512471291_6196109912498077041_nphoto 12744506_10206757511431265_6403990743771335240_n

A350XWB TAM's economy class
photo 12734260_10206757511751273_6941487916871291094_n

Folks were coming in as I settled down in my 46A - window seat, and kept exploring the new features in this aircraft.
photo 12744001_10206757506551143_1174210374487675357_n

The A350 is incredibly silent, and that really amazed passengers in the flight. The standard seating plan for the A350 is a 3-3-3 configurations what gives a 18" seat width and 33" pitch. The pitch is pretty much the average found in airplanes all over the globe , the seat width is 1 inch bigger than TAM's 77W in their 3-4-3 arrangement, for example. For any one who is slightly over weight 1 inch already makes a difference.

I personally liked the - red and blue - seat colors, but from what I see in the internet, it's far from a unanimity. Anyways, it's confortable, the fabric seems neat and the seat reclination is fine.

My seat mate was pretty tall, you can judge the pitch by this image:
photo 12745500_10206757510431240_8903006187797001514_n

The bin slides down, and don't have a door anymore, I've seen this a lot in 777 but never in an airbus.
photo 12718359_10206757504191084_7862226524774119573_n

The no-smoking, fasten seat-belts and keep eletronic devices off sign, is fully digital. According to the FAs in can show ads if the company chooses so. HOW HASN'T ANYONE THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE?
photo 12717692_10206757505111107_728731870994920727_n

The IFE is modern and the screen size are correct. As in any brand new aircraft the touch screen functions are perfect. Has a wide and up to date variety of songs and movies. Games and TV Shows are also available. My entrainment in this 4 hours long flight would be the air show in its new version that allows you to explore the map and center in the aircraft again whenever you wish. Flight data is also available all the time, and you can choose to display the distance from origin, destination, and relevant cities. You can also explore the time zones in a world map. Everything is available in both metric and imperial mesurements. It's all new for me at least in TAM's aircrafts.

You can charge your device via USB below the IFE screen or through power outlets located beneath each seat.
photo 12717188_10206757503511067_8060353347815787258_n

Safety card and sickness bag (not used, but taken for collection purpose!)
photo 12729398_10206757504111082_2373071562634276589_n

We left parking position on time.

photo 12742719_10206757506791149_4798588518498542811_n

photo 12717198_10206759874210333_3818610260703145259_n

Lining up:
photo 12733580_10206759874170332_3240419975474344767_n

photo 12742343_10206759874890350_8240317860378439537_n (1)

Rocket climbing above the amazon
photo 12715324_10206759874450339_3093276608584471408_n

River Rio Negro and River Solimoes are two rivers that merge at this spot. Due to chemical differences their waters don't mix up. The result is the tourist attraction below:
photo 12715511_10206759875010353_8518965263450876633_n

Seat belts signs were turned off at 10.000 feet and the flight attendants rushed to the rear
galley. Wasn't expecting anything free to eat as I never expect in domestic flights, so was positively surprise when Gaidoz , our FA and a real gentleman, offered me the ham sandwich with olives sauce. Not amazing, but correct for someone who was expecting to starve. Variety of drinks was offered, but no alcoholics. Chose the orange juice. For some reason the catering was boarded as it was a full flight, so the flight attendant offered another sandwich. My doctor wouldn't agree but I said yes.

photo 12741894_10206759509201208_5450541208085923332_nphoto 12741997_10206759509161207_8122018574530889035_n (1)

Flight went on uneventful even while we were bouncing trying to deviate from heavy formations in northern Brazil.

photo 12729014_10206759508561192_4286733578928073212_nphoto 12734168_10206759508401188_3752185526258187099_n

So, I decided to visit the restrooms and stretch my legs. As in any new aircraft the bathroom look as good as a bathroom can look. This is one of the two in the rear but there is 5 more in the division between the two economy class sections. One of this 5 (in the midle) is adapted for disabled people.

photo 12733422_10206759507641169_3226586712772678122_nphoto 12744097_10206759507921176_1302310042213900791_n (1)

Then, I was greeted by the friendly crew members who kindly invited me to take pictures of the rear galley and also showed me what was new.

A350 'sci-fi style' galley
photo 12745773_10206759507241159_5974579732487855831_n

The Ovens and the garbage disposal
photo 12715258_10206759506081130_7645738395233000309_nphoto 12733454_10206759505721121_4309608547389427377_n

Hot/Cold water dispenser
photo 12742356_10206759505801123_4966799981826341243_n (1)

Crew rest, a.k.a. 'The Sarcophagus':
photo 12744526_10206759506801148_4271238567830579731_n (1)

Flight Attendants cockpit:
photo 12715315_10206759506841149_3068328262468797523_n

TAM and LAN are about to unite their brands into one, the galley systems are already set up!
photo 12717261_10206759506601143_9031595675461526538_n

Went back to my seat as we were close to our descent procedure.

People resting in peace (alive!)
photo 12742611_10206759505561117_2424272323752151259_n (1)

We began our descent procedure to Guarulhos international and Capitain Falcão told us that we would have to hold due to traffic conditions in Sao Paulo that evening.

Waiting for our turn nearby Ribeirao Preto
photo 12742480_10206759504961102_4850280762568090903_n (1)

In this flight, we flew with two captains: Captain Falcao, TAM Airlines Mastercapitain and Cpt. Peter, from Airbus who was actually training Cpt. Falcao in the Airbus A350.

After two complete holding procedures, we continued our descent to Sao Paulo, expecting now a 20 minutes delay.

Mood lighting waking us up for landing:
photo 12112293_10206759504201083_1067290033248742384_n (1)

Sao Paulo Lights always tell me when I'm home:
photo 12743526_10206759504001078_4511541470348742108_nphoto 12729061_10206759503481065_1222354586588563827_n (1)

Final approach…
photo 12715618_10206759502281035_3085477710071816464_n

And touchdown!
photo 12742382_10206759501601018_7095354464227074553_n

We taxied out through the rainy taxiways of GRU Airport that evening and parked at a remote position in front of GRU new Terminal 3.

Usual rush for nothing right after parking.
photo 10330335_10206759501641019_3249544296843596217_n

As the huge line of 200 passengers was slowly moving, I took two photos that were missing in this flight report.

Peolple had just left, so everything is messy and smashed but here they are:

Economy Class left section of 3 seats (ABC)
photo 12744048_10206759501241009_6115843682915833781_n (1)

LATAM's business class with 30 full lie-flat beds of 2,10 meters in a 2-2-2 arrangement
photo 12744571_10206759501161007_7579511933220312721_n

Walking down the stairs to get in the bus, I looked left and saw the Rols Royce Trent XWB taking a quick nap. In one word: HUGE.
photo 12742277_10206759500760997_1337563328031904754_n (1)

Our bus was the last one to leave the apron towards the terminal. A loooong bus ride after and we were in bag claim where bags were already circling.

Two quick bonus:

When you fly over the amazon you realize how big it is:
photo 12743559_10206759875250359_7481951202327066339_n (1)

And when you cross the bridge over Rio Negro, you realize the same :)
photo 12743619_10206756970257736_5909934711058897328_n

Hope you guys enjoy this Flight Report as much as I enjoyed flying A350XWB.

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Cabin crew10.0

Manaus - MAO


Sao Paulo - GRU



Tam's product in the A350 XWB seems correct, seats are average, IFE is modern and complete. I wouldn't be afraid at all if I see that my (medium or long haul) flight will be in an A350! At least I'll know that my hours of sleep are guaranteed because the aircraft is pretty silent. looking forward to meet him again soon.

MAO: Airport is confortable, air conditioning system works properly and I did the faster security check ever. Not bad. At all.

GRU: The improvments of GRU's new administration can be felt everywhere. It was clear in the international terminal, and now it's obvious in their domestic terminal, even though still under remodeling. On the right track to be one of the best airports in South America.

SPECIAL THANKS for TAM amazing flight attendants I had the opprtunity to talk with in this flight: Chief Purser Brunnet and Kiraliz, FAs Gaydoz, Akeme, Kamilla, Catarina Oliveira and Cecilia Romano. Is really nice to fly with people who work well and love what they do. You guys were awsome.



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  • Comment 158334 by
    Flytak 151 Comments
    Thanks for your very nice and complete FR. It is nice to see another version of the A350. Y cabin seemed to be quite comfortable. However design of the cabin is not exactly my taste especially the very cheap looking headcover and the very bold colors used that do not look premium. Manaus airport is also a discovery for me, this is a very neat airport compared to GRU, or GIG during my last visit in Brazil (7 years ago...) which looked very grey to me. Inflight service looked very OK for me. Catering is OK, I hope the sandwich tasted better than it shows. Very nice pictures of the scenery.
    • Comment 335354 by
      A350Flyer AUTHOR 10 Comments
      Glad you liked it! The cabin is confortable indeed in spite of its controversious colors and fabrics. The head cover is not part of the seat itself is a demand from Brazil's health surveillance agency, that requires that at least the place where people's head touch must be changed after eache flight...never saw any sense in that.

      Manaus airport is looking good and well dimensioned for its actual demand. GRU and GIG were actually really grey years ago. Finally their administration changed and they are been renovated. GRU already looks way better it once did.
  • Comment 158345 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9758 Comments
    Thanks for this first Flight report on TAM's brand new A350 !
    I really like this plane , too bad that TAM did not launch yet it's new livery on this plane.
    Inside , I am a bit disappointed by the cabin as some details are not what I expect on a new generation plane ( like the paper head covers that look cheap and the choice of the business seats that are in a 2X2X2 layout)
    The screan is very good and I love to have the IFE on when I fly.
    The sandwich is a nice touch and the FA in charge of your section was very good.
    Very detailed FR that gives us a very good impression of this new bird.
    • Comment 335355 by
      A350Flyer AUTHOR 10 Comments
      As I said before, that awful looking head cover is a demand from Brazil's health surveillance agency, that requires that at least the place where people's head touch, must be changed after each flight, as bizarre as it sounds lol.

      The buisiness class seating plan was also disappointing for me, thaught that in 2016 it would be basic that every passager in C reached the aisle without jumping its companion. At least the seat is full lie flat and the 2,10m (6'9) lenghth of the bed seems confortable.

      Thank you for reading!

  • Comment 158349 by
    KL651 TEAM 4530 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.

    I think the only things that really look brand new on this plane are the galley and the screen.
    Other than that, the cabin, though clean looking doesn't look revolutionary.
    I guess the rather plain fabric and colours of the seat explain that.

    Service once again seems adequate on TAM and friendly FAs sure make a difference.
    • Comment 335356 by
      A350Flyer AUTHOR 10 Comments
      At least something looks new hahaha!

      But I must agree with you, the cabin is close to everything we are already used to. Maybe, focused on having a unique product in their fleet LAN/TAM chose not too invest in their interiors, for now. The seats fabric and colors did not bother me, but indeed are far from anything classy. The colors and fabric of business class look way better despite its old fashioned 2x2x2 seating plan.Still think the aircraftis 'flyable' though.

    • Comment 335359 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 981 Comments
      What would make an economy class (or cattle class, as user East African calls it) cabin revolutionary?? I just feel lucky that they haven't followed the suggestion to carry standing passengers!! See

      And as for the lousy colors, I'm afraid they will be LANTAM's colors of choice... forever. Somewhere I read that that reddish blue (or blueish-red) color was chosen because it's midway between TAM's institutional red and LAN's blue, something I don't completely agree with because LAN's institutional colors are those of the Chilean flag (blue, red and white), and now they are surely dropping the Chilean lone star for this Latin American institutional image. :'''( Not that I have something against LANTAM representing the whole continent, but I doubt such merge is motivated by any sort of Latin American sentiment. hahhaha

      Well, what I really hope is that this merge will work out. Monopoly and all, this has meant lower air-ticket prices for us Chilean flyers (so far), with Sky Airlines turning into a low-cost airline to compete with LAN.
  • Comment 158370 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 981 Comments
    Thanks for sharing! I hate LAN for not bringing the A350 to Chile. :( But they do have the Boeing Dreamliners here. I guess it must have been an agreement between TAM and LAN now that they are merging this year.

    I have been to Brazil twice, but always in the south (Rio and Camboriú) and the heat was... bearable. Well, I was in Rio in June. I wonder what the best (cooler) time of year would be for a visit to Manaus.

    The food looks great for economy class! I have never gotten anything better than a bag of peanuts from LAN.

    And the FA's politeness comes as no surprise to me. I have always had the best experiences when sharing with Brazilians. Always so nice, cheerful and polite. I wish the whole world was like them.
    • Comment 335357 by
      A350Flyer AUTHOR 10 Comments
      Things are much cooler in June, the problem in visiting Manaus in June is that it rains a lot, for people willing to visit the rainforest is a great period, anyway.

      I think that right after the merge the Brazillian LATAM will have 767 and A350 (77W are about to leave) and the Chilean LATAM 767 and Dreamliners, maybe as the merging is established planes will jump constantly between the Andes and Brazil!

      Glad you liked us brazilians. You are invited to come over as much as you want!

  • Comment 158669 by
    Chibcha SILVER 527 Comments
    Thanks for sharing, the A350 looks awesome!
  • Comment 158723 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    MAO looks nice and modern now!

    The cabin looks nice except the seat covers, they look a bit old-school to me.

    33 seat pitch isn't bad, most of the wide-bodies I've flown in long-haul offer 31 seat pitch in Y.

    Fantastic aerial shots!

    Have a good one, see you!

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