Review of Delta Air Lines flight Atlanta Toronto in Business

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL1874
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 717-200
Flight time 01:38
Take-off 15 Sep 15, 15:23
Arrival at 15 Sep 15, 17:01
DL   #38 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 802 reviews
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Published on 7th March 2016
This is a post about my trip to Chile and the whole itinerary is as follow:
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With a relatively long layover, I used the time to get out of the airport to visit Atlanta for a bit. Photos from the layover are in my blog, for anyone wishing to read them.

photo 24056204004_e76f36bed7_b
Delta check-in area at ATL

With my luggage was already tagged all the way to Toronto, I arrived back at the terminal via the convenient MARTA train service. Perhaps due to the long layover time, I had to get my boarding pass in Atlanta and that meant getting it at the counter since there was some document check that needs to be done. Delta has a vast operation here in Atlanta considering it is their largest hub, and it certainly shows with the numbers of counters and self check-in machines. I tried to self check-in where the machine informed me of a full flight and asked if I wanted to volunteer to change flights. That's a drawback of using self check-in machines right there and the fact they do not tell you where to go to.

photo 24658159546_1a33a91898_b
Atrium at Atlanta past security

After getting my boarding pass, I was unsure where I should head to so I had to walk around to find the priority security queue. The good thing was the security officers who gave prompt information on which side has shorter queues. During the mid-afternoon, the security queues here is probably average, not the longest I have seen but not empty either. I had to wait probably 10 minutes or so before I was through.

photo 24566601772_31c688fecd_b
The most non-stops out of Atlanta

With some time before my flight and having been to some of the Sky Clubs in Atlanta, I walked around the main terminal first before taking the train to the E concourse area since my flight to Canada is considered an international flight. That also meant being able to spot some of the Delta wide-body airplanes, along with re-visiting the Sky Club near the E gates.

photo 24057541673_257ec2729d_b
Reception at Delta Sky Club

DL1874 Atlanta Hartsfield–Jackson ATL - Toronto Pearson YYZ
STD-STA: 1455-1717
Actual: 1523-1701
Boeing 717-200
Gate E36 Seat 2A

Since boarding was not called for in the lounge, I left the lounge at the boarding time printed on the pass. As I reached the gate, there seems to be some delay as the flight is not boarding yet. This meant waiting around the gate since I did not want to walk back to the lounge. The flight departure time was now showing 1515, a delay of 20 minutes which in all considerations is not a cause to worry.

photo 24057548253_c253cf0d23_b
Business Class seats onboard the 717

I waited for another 20 minutes or so before the boarding was called with Sky Priority passengers boarding next after passengers requiring assistance.

photo 24316700489_1aca93c578_b
Nice fresh upholstery

We had a very comical CSM Washington who was very jovial in welcoming passengers and rushing them to not block the aisle by saying front loading door will be closed in minutes! It was just hilarious to watch from my seat.

photo 24590859211_ca674f8a71_b
Onboard a classic Boeing 717-200

There was no welcome drink for this flight though but bottled water was provided on every Business Class seat.

photo 24316704069_1e7bbd5e62_b
Dasani bottled water

Halfway through the boarding process, my seatmate arrived. She is apparently visiting a friend in Toronto.

photo 24316703059_9989069373_b
Boarding the Boeing 717

One of the reason I picked this flight was that it is a Boeing 717, a relatively unique airplane based on the MD-80 design, and only getting the current designation after McDonnell Douglas merged with Boeing. This was my first time onboard one of these airplanes so it was interesting to see the difference compared to other regional jets.

photo 24658181056_54fa0c1770_b
Safety instruction card

For starters, business class seating is a 2-2 while economy was in a 2-3 confifuration. As such I believe the economy class seating on these planes should be quite comfortable considering the Embraers that Air Canada uses have the same configuration but a 1-2 seating in business class.

photo 24590869191_c0502c57de_b
Another Boeing 717

Delta is by far the largest operator of these reliable jets and they are quite common in Atlanta. I also liked what they did with the bright blue upholstery, which was also comfortable for this ride to Toronto. However I would not say the 717 has the most legroom or the widest seat since the seats feel quite small.

photo 24388878850_713182f87a_b
Legroom on the flight

Boarding was done very efficiently and the crew strived for a fast turnaround and there was also no queue for take off which certainly speed things up a bit. While it was a clear day, there was a lot of smog building up around the city which made the views slightly blurred as we got higher.

photo 24566628572_d042b6d507_b
Skyline of Atlanta during take-off

The flight flew around the city of Atlanta as we turned our bearings to head north. This meant we flew past the DeKalb Peachtree airport and Lake Lanier. Fine pleasant weather meant it was a clear view of the ground throughout with minimal turbulence.

photo 24057570513_804a4b257c_b
DeKalb Peachtree Airport

photo 24684402035_334b9dee80_b
Lake Lanier in Georgia State

Shortly after passing Lake Lanier, cabin crew passed around the snack basket which had a choice of bananas, pretzel snacks, nuts and chips. She also took our drink orders at the same time.

photo 24590884161_ecde350382_b
Inflight snack service

photo 24684405435_23bee5a35b_b
Kettle cooked chips

After distributing the snacks, she came around with drink orders where I had a ginger ale.

photo 24658220466_4e3e6757ce_b
Ginger ale onboard

I relaxed on the seat and read a book while munching on my chips throughout the flight. For a relatively older plane, it seems to be renovated since the lights, air vents and overhead compartments looks cleane to me.

photo 24316705749_6ec297e1c2_b
Overhead compartment

photo 24388880180_138131612f_b
Lights and air vent on the Boeing 717

During the middle of the flight, the Captain for the flight was very welcoming and even offered to point out Niagara Falls to us on the way to Toronto. I was quite thirsty and requested for another bottle of water. However I have to request for it twice before I was provided with one. That was the only slight during the flight and I believe it was also due to the crew being busy with their tasks which caused them to forget.

photo 24566645512_7db2f21786_b
Flying past Lake Erie

Once we crossed Lake Erie, we are technically flying over Canada and the sunset views was nice during our descent. Flying on these regional jets also meant being closer to the ground and having better views as we circled to land into Toronto Pearson International Airport.

photo 24590890401_607920f48f_b
Toronto Pearson Airport in view

photo 24658208326_4f7875561b_b
Downsview Airport

photo 24684417955_e66a025ccf_b
Toronto and its surroundings

The clear weather continued but smog around the vast metropolitan city also meant the view from some angles were not really nice due to obstruction by smog. But our circular descent meant I got to see the city from various angles and that was a nice flight just for the views.

photo 24566659882_0468533caf_b
Skyline of downtown Toronto

photo 24658222196_a5d93320c0_b
Air Canada's Boeing 787

The novelty of taking a Boeing 717 was nice for sure and I do not mind a day flight on these jets as long as I am on the window side. Once again, there was not much to fault Delta for this flight since we did eventually arrive early. Now I just need to go through immigration and collect my luggage. The immigration in Toronto took a while since there was a lot of passengers arriving as well though nothing as long as my wait in Atlanta.

photo 24684432775_10a17d8dba_b
Delta Connection CRJ

Some photos of Atlanta during my layover:

photo 24046236593_c673b359cc_b
ATL in Woodruff Park

photo 24646833756_8b6344bc86_b
Downtown in the morning

photo 24305370419_ec0cfe13e1_b
Inside Cafe Lucia

photo 24673077005_51b64a9763_b
Entrance to the CNN Center

photo 24044898824_53d6763f0c_b
CNN Headquarters

photo 24673089055_cb7b05f4be_b
Inside the CNN Building

photo 24305395659_cf94902cd5_b
Olympic Rings fountain

photo 24555312422_5bfc56873e_b
World of Coca-Cola

photo 24046229893_b5d11c4926_b
Elevator atrium at the Grand Hyatt
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  • Comment 159144 by
    757Fan 625 Comments
    Fantastic photos! It looks like you had a great flight with Delta on one of their 717's, and awesome photos of your time in Atlanta. My wife and I spent sometime at the CNN Center during a layover, and we loved visiting that place!

    Thanks for sharing.
    • Comment 336106 by
      Quirrow AUTHOR 155 Comments
      A wonderful weather makes a standard flight all the much better. I found Atlanta very pleasant to walk around during September when I visited. It was a shame I only had a few hours to spend, so would not mind returning again to explore more of the city and surroundings.
  • Comment 159151 by
    beijinner 158 Comments
    Thanks for this great report!

    Your pictures are amazing! Which camera did you use?

    Nice presentation of this uncommon plane.

    DL just delivered a snack during this flight? Prety poor for a 2 hours flight in J.

    Thanks again for sharing!
    • Comment 336107 by
      Quirrow AUTHOR 155 Comments
      Photos of the cabin was taken with a Fujifilm XE1, while the Atlanta photos were from my larger DSLR (Canon 5D mk 2).

      I think none of the legacy carriers (AA, UA or DL) serves any kind of hot meal anymore for flights of less than 2 hours. For this flight the snack was adequate especially since it departs after lunch time and arrives before dinner. For the record, I actually find DL to be better than UA or AA in terms of catering as for the same YVR-LAX route, only DL serves a nice meal.
  • Comment 159157 by
    redadeco 47 Comments
    I second the above comment: absolutely poor catering from DL for a business class product on this type of flights (I get a full meal when flying YVR-SFO, which is comparable in terms of length). Could it be due to timing?

    Kudos to your for the quality of your photos, top notch! (what camera do you use btw)

    Thanks again for the FR!
    • Comment 336108 by
      Quirrow AUTHOR 155 Comments
      I am not sure if they serve any kind of meal for the lunch/dinner time flights. Probably it could be due to the timing of this flight.

      As I had taken a YVR-LAX route on DL, I know the food onboard DL tends to be good. For this flight, I was also not left wanting for anything more since I did have lunch during my layover in Atlanta.

      With regards to the camera I used, I replied to it in the above comments.
  • Comment 159158 by
    aussenrist 225 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report with excellent pictures! Glad to hear that you have a B717 flight!
    The refurbished cabin looks very new with great seat pitch. But one drawback for this flight is that DL not providing meal for first class passengers lol
    Great travelling bonus of Atlanta and look forward to your next series!
    • Comment 336109 by
      Quirrow AUTHOR 155 Comments
      While the catering is just snacks, the crew did come around for second helpings, and I believe all the carriers have cut back on catering for flights less than 2 hours in length. This is not Asia or Europe after all where premium passengers are fed really properly onboard flights.
  • Comment 159160 by
    Jett Tyler GOLD 329 Comments
    Love seeing reports on MD-80/90 & 717. Fantastic review of Delta!!!

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