Review of El Al Israel Airlines flight Tel Aviv Beijing in Economy

Flight LY095
Class Economy
Seat 33D
Flight time 10:10
Take-off 22 Jul 13, 22:50
Arrival at 23 Jul 13, 14:00
LY 39 reviews
By BRONZE 3309
Published on 7th March 2016
Second flight with Elal to the east.
The first time I flew to Thailand (BKK) with ELAL in Boeing 747-400 4X-ELH, known in Israel as: "The flying pigsty". (LY081 and LY082)
I hoped for better flight in this time and It was better and "repaired" the bad experience.

I got the "newest" Boeing 767-300 in ELAL fleet, 4X-EAL. (Flying since 2000, in service in ELAL from April 2011)

Ben Gurion airport entry:
photo 20130722_195820_??? ???????

After 2 hours in the duty free, I boarded to the aircraft.
photo 20130722_223457
(Thank You IAA for the points on the window that always make my photos looks bad)
photo 20130722_224100_?????

The flight took off at time.
The aircraft isn't so huge and I liked It. Better flight exprience than the Boeing 747-400 that carries more passengers (Something like twice than the B763).
The seat space is perfect! The comfortest aircraft I flew in ELAL fleet! (I tried B738, B744, B752 and B763)

Short time after take off the crew served us crackers and drinks.
photo 20130722_233442

Some cabin photos during cruise: (I think that I'm the only person who doesn't sleep in long flights)
photo _DSC8742photo _DSC8747
The flight is very boring. There's no PTV. I brought my laptop with me and It helped to entertain me.

But I had a luck! The pilots recived my request and I entered to the cockpit! They were very nice and I was in the cockpit for 2 hours of the flight. I think that they were boring also ;)
photo _DSC8750photo _DSC8751

7 hours after the take off, the crew served a breakfast:
photo 20130723_060016
It's included: Salad, bread, yogurt, water, "ski" cheese (white cheese in hebrew), date honey, vinaigrette sauce and water. Also we got hot drinks like cofee and tea.

(Sorry but I wasn't took photos of the meal that served after the take off)

Then we closed to Beijing. Some cabin photos:
photo _DSC8753photo _DSC8755

And from the gate:
photo _DSC8756

PEK airport is huge! I never saw so huge airport in my life! But it's organized well and You can go to your destination in the airport without problems.

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El Al Israel Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Tel Aviv - TLV


Beijing - PEK





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  • Comment 159222 by
    NGO85 SILVER 1982 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this rare LY long-haul FR!

    B767s are some of the most comfortable with the 2-3-2 configuration. It's a shame these have never been retrofitted with newer cabins with personal IFE. The old school boxy overhead bins bring back memories.

    The breakfast offering looks good for a second meal on a long-haul flight. Too bad no pictures of the first meal (I realize this flight is >2 years old so nothing you can do about it).

    But it's organized well and You can go to your destination in the airport without problems.
    - Most might disagree with this statement, PEK can be an unfriendly experience depending on the day.

    Definitely a treat to go into the cockpit midflight, won't ever see this on a US carrier.
    • Comment 336042 by
      Dor BRONZE AUTHOR 114 Comments
      Today ELAL has a streaming system that You can use with laptop or smartphone. It's not like PTV, but it's better than nothing.

      The first meal usually in long haul flights like this is sandwich or something. In LY096 flight (PEK to TLV) I got two meal and Crackers.

      I think that PEK is very OK and I found my destination without any problems.
      Also, usually ELAL will not enter to the cockpit, most of the time I got negative answer.
    • Comment 336044 by
      Dor BRONZE AUTHOR 114 Comments
      By the way... ELAL have Ipads for Bussiness class and Economy premium class for free.
  • Comment 159300 by
    Chibcha SILVER 556 Comments
    I don't know if I would like to take such a long trip in a plane like that, but if you say it was comfortable, then i'll trust you. Maybe it is bearable during the night flight, but maybe the return is not as candid.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 336133 by
      Dor BRONZE AUTHOR 114 Comments
      The flight to/from Beijing in ELAL are always night flights. (and for most or even for all the destinations in the far east)
      Most of the people are sleeping during the long haul flights. I am the crazy... :)
  • Comment 361595 by
    okapi SILVER 4147 Comments
    Very nice trip report. I just wondered what route EL AL follows to PEK.
    Even though the flight is long, the cabin looks very clean at the end of it. EL AL seems to be a quite nice airline.
    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 361621 by
      Dor BRONZE AUTHOR 114 Comments
      I think that Hanian airlines product is better, they offering new aircraft with IFE systems, Elal operates in this route only B763 that some of them are very old (1991... Like EAP and EAJ).

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