Review of El Al Israel Airlines flight Tel Aviv Bangkok in Economy

Flight LY081
Class Economy
Seat 39B
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 10:35
Take-off 06 Aug 11, 23:30
Arrival at 07 Aug 11, 14:05
LY 39 reviews
By BRONZE 4087
Published on 8th March 2016
This is the worst flight I've ever had.
The aircraft was horrible and aws known in Israel as "the flying pigsty". (And of course in my flight it was true)

Some ELAL aircrafts that resting in saturday…
photo _DSC0599photo _DSC0610photo _DSC0616

Ben Gurion statue in the entry to the terminal:
photo _DSC0617

Duty free:
photo 2011-08-06 20.06.59photo 2011-08-06 20.07.11
(BUG shop isn't exist today, instead today there's other electric and gadgets shop that names "ALAM" in hebrew.)

Aircraft information:
Boeing 747-400
First flight: 1.3.1996
In ELAL fleet since March 2011.
Reconfigurated in ELAL. This was the only B744 in ELAL fleet without first class.
Instead of first class in most of the 747s which located before doors 1R and 1L, there was premium economy class

In my seat the PTV worked only on the flight map. I was lucky because I brought a tablet with me.
In many seats the PTV wasn't working and the crew tried to restart them, in most cases it didn't helped.
Some people received tablets from the crew, others got nothing.

In my section the A/C worked but not cold enough. It was known problem in this aircraft that the A/C in some sections can't cool under 27 celsius degrees.

One and a half hour after take off, the crew served Sandwich with chocolate mousse. I chose the tuna sandwich. It was nice. The mousse was sweet but not too much.
photo 2011-08-07 00.51.35

The crew received my request and I entered to the cockpit of this huge aircraft for half hour:
photo _DSC0620

During cruise:
photo _DSC0628

8 hours after the take off, the crew served breakfast:
photo 2011-08-07 07.55.05
Included: omelet, cheese, bread, strawberry jam, chocolate mousse (again…), yogurt, water and hot drinks.

We were finally close to BKK airport and the nightmare was close to the end:

(Sorry but I couldn't take good photos because I sat in the middle and not near to the window)

Eva Air aircraft:
photo _DSC0644

Cabin view after landing:
photo _DSC0645photo _DSC0646

Good bye!
photo _DSC0647

And hello to BKK airport!
photo _DSC0648photo _DSC0649

I took some better cabin shots in ELAL tour during May 2014, so I attach them:
photo DSC_1593
photo DSC_1617
Business class:
photo DSC_1635photo DSC_1647
Upper galley:
photo DSC_1636
Economy class:
photo DSC_1638photo DSC_1662
Premium economy class:
photo DSC_1642photo DSC_1644
Mid galley:
photo DSC_1664
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