Review of El Al Israel Airlines flight Bangkok Tel Aviv in Economy

Flight LY082
Class Economy
Seat 41G
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 10:20
Take-off 19 Aug 11, 00:20
Arrival at 19 Aug 11, 06:40
LY 37 reviews
By BRONZE 4461
Published on 9th March 2016
Some pictures from Thailand:

After 2 weeks in Thailand, that was very nice, the weather is horrible, but the other things were pure fun and good time with my family, I needed to return to my country.
I hoped for better aircraft than was in flight LY081, but I got the same worst aircrraft.
You can see my experience with this aircraft here:

Aircraft information:
Boeing 747-400
First flight: 1.3.1996
In ELAL fleet since March 2011.
Reconfigurated in ELAL. This is the only B744 in ELAL fleet that hasn't first class. (Instead of first class in the nose, there's premium economy class)

BKK terminal:

photo _DSC6511
The aircraft was connected to gate for 2 doors, so the boarding was quick.

I sat in my seat. Horrible! My headrest was broken and the tray was unstable (missing screw or something like this)
It was maybe acceptable for 2-3 hours but not for long haul flight!
The aircraft was 100% load, so the crew weren't helped.

Crackers and cold drink served shortly after the take off:
photo P1000553

1.5 Hours after take off the crew served night meal:
photo P1000554photo P1000555photo P1000556
Included: Pasta, hummus salad, pita bread, sliced vegetables, fruits, water and hot drink.

Than the cabin was darkened:
photo _DSC6515

I tried to sleep, but I wasn't because the broken headrest.

So I watched my "high" resolution PTV:
photo P1000557photo P1000558
In this time it worked OK…

2 Hours before landing the crew served breakfast:

Included: Omelet with potatos, sliced fruits, strawberry jam, bulgarian cheese with vegetables, cake, bread, water and hot drink.

All the meals were very nice.

Shortly before landing:
photo _DSC6513photo P1000567
(the wing shot took from the window door of the aircraft…)

Another nightmare finished and We landed in Ben Gurion airport:
photo _DSC6520photo _DSC6522photo 2011-08-19 06.54.55

Taking the lagguage and good bye!
photo _DSC6525

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  • Comment 159424 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9851 Comments
    Thanks for sharing . it's not so often we read about EL AL on long haul.
    The meals look good but the cabin seems a bit outdated and not very comfortable.
    I am not sure El Al would be my choice for such a long flight.
    • Comment 336226 by
      Dor BRONZE AUTHOR 114 Comments
      For long haul flights to the east, only ELAL has non stop flights.
      If I can choose the flight, I may flight with Turkish, stop in Istanbul and then continue to the east.
      Horrible aircraft. ELAL bought it for 19 million USD and repair it for 12 million USD...
  • Comment 159587 by
    sacha787 151 Comments
    Thanks for this rare TR.
    i flew 4X-ELH in 2014 on CDG-TLV, it looked outdated but every thing worked well. For a 4-hour flight, it was ok :)
    • Comment 336346 by
      Dor BRONZE AUTHOR 114 Comments
      Maybe you sat in other section. In my section it was nightmare.
      The cabin is outdated, I was in ELAL tour in August 2015 and we took photos on the 4X-ELC (744 that ELAL bought from Boeing) and It looks much better.
  • Comment 356132 by
    paccalof 39 Comments
    Hey, is dificult to find a nice and full EL AL report and yours was great.
    The service looks really good and the cabin a little old but the report was really nice. Congrats!
  • Comment 374891 by
    Yotam 1 Comments
    Hi dor,
    When was your flight because i thaink ELAL changed their upper deck for almost flat bed seats and upgrade the business class?
    • Comment 374899 by
      Dor BRONZE AUTHOR 114 Comments
      August 2011, but I took photos of the cabin at May 2014 during tour in Elal.
      Elal upgraded their cabins in 4X-ELA/B/C/D, but 4X-ELH mainly used on the routes to BKK and spain, where probably most of the time, the requests to first class is low.

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