Review of Cathay Pacific flight Osaka Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX561
Class Economy
Seat 69B
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 04:20
Take-off 29 Feb 16, 19:25
Arrival at 29 Feb 16, 22:45
CX   #1 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 458 reviews
By 2515
Published on 13th March 2016
Hi guys, this is the Part 2 of my flight report for my round trip from Hong Kong to Osaka Kansai.

Part 1: CX566 HKG-KIX []
Part 2: CX561 KIX-HKG [You are here!]

Video version of this flight review:'v=U9jLqs8t0lE (Kindly watch and comment!)

So it was soon the end of my 3-day trip in Osaka and it was time to go home!

Back to the terminal 1 of Kansai International Airport
(Sorry the following pics were taken when I first arrived at KIX indeed…I was too rush for the flight to take pics when I was to return HK)

photo DSC_4915
The JR train station at airport

photo DSC_4916
Overlooking at the bridge between the JR station and the Aeroplaza

photo DSC_6038
Received my boarding pass, dropped my luggage, passed the security check and immigration, now running at the airside of the terminal.

photo DSC_6044
Soon we were on the plane which was parked at Gate 4 (Need to get there by a automatic passenger mover). The equipment is a Boeing 777-200 with 3-3-3 economy setting. The flight was not fully loaded so we managed to safeguard the empty window seat. How lucky we were :)

The plane is B-HND, which consists of 42 regional business seats and 293 economy seat.

photo DSC_6046
The latest economy seat in Cathay's fleet

Sorry that I did not take any pic during take off, it was fully dark outside anyway.

photo DSC_6060
As soon as we get to the height snack (peanut) was served.

photo DSC_6065
9-inch PTV for economy seat. The flight info system was not the latest one which I encountered during the outbound flight. This is of 4:3 display and lower resolution compared with the latest one. As shown it took around 4 hours to take us from KIX back HKG, compared with the 2-hourish duration it took from HKG to KIX.

photo DSC_6066
We were soon flying over Kyushu.

photo DSC_6068
Inside the pocket: SHOP the inflight sales catalog, DISCOVERY the inflight magazine which contains recreational content and the list of content in the IFE, as well as the 2016 new safety card (Which the super soft plastic texture made it feel like 10 year old already)

photo DSC_6071
One hot meal was served for this flight. Standard Cathay Econ hot meal, except no haagen dazs……
The appetizer is lemon marinated scallop and shrimp, with a soft roll bread and a raisin cookie

photo DSC_6073
There are 2 options of entree that night (For Cathay 2 options for medium/short haul flight and 3 options for long haul). I picked the beef sukiyaki with steamed rice with black sesame. The other choice is wak-fried chicken in black bean sauce and steamed jasmine rice. It was not a superb meal but not disgusting anyway.

photo DSC_6083
We were then flying over Taiwan before making a right turn heading to HK. I took the pic when we were at Taichung. Such a pretty view.

photo DSC_6100
We were approaching HK and the PTV started showing some arrival info. This one is about the transfer gate for transit pax.

photo DSC_6101
Flight map: Approaching HK

photo DSC_6102
This one is about Cathay's transfer flights later in the night. Mostly are European flights.

photo DSC_6108
Finally arrived and people rush to stand up and wait at the aisle as always.

Scheduled departure: 1930JST
Actual departure: 1931JST
Scheduled arrival: 2245HKT
Actual arrival: 2238HKT

Looking forward to the next journey :)
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew9.0

Osaka - KIX


Hong Kong - HKG



Another decent and smooth flight by Cathay.

decent hot meal served and very friendly FAs.



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  • Comment 159599 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this return trip.

    Standard catering but still way better compared to other parts of the world on similar flights of the same length. Too bad that there was no ice cream for dessert.

    Nice shot over Taichung.

    • Comment 336419 by
      hkflyer AUTHOR 5 Comments

      Totally agree, I like Cathay and honestly I think their catering service is quite good and the food is not really that bad, it is just people here/around in Asia like to criticize their food with no obvious superior comparisons (and some compare it to European or American carriers...) with such regional services

  • Comment 159606 by
    marathon GOLD 9792 Comments

    Great aerial view of Taichung, with an approximate 150° heading. The smaller cobweb lower left, north of the river, is centered on the high speed train station which appears as a bright oblique line. You see that this station is quite far from the core of Taichung in the center of the picture.
    The large dark area lower right is Taichung Airport (RMQ), also a Taiwan Air Force base - you can barely make out the runway which appears as a very faint vertical line on the picture.

    Back to the flight... 3-3-3 seating in a 777 with decently sized screens ? AF frequent flyers, compare with your 3-4-3 cattle cars with Gameboy screens and wail.

    Thanks for sharing !

    • Comment 336418 by
      hkflyer AUTHOR 5 Comments

      Wow man it seems u really know much about Taichung. I have never been to Taiwan (Yea even though i am from HK...) and thanks for your info. I was actually wondering (and still) why for one big area most of the lights are yellow (typical street lamp i guess?) while another area (the top right one) have all green lights? Hope this is not an overly stupid observation and question...

    • Comment 336520 by
      marathon GOLD 9792 Comments

      I once landed in Taichung by accident and made the most of my day there (see my LZN - RMQ report, and the preceding one to understand why I went there).
      This green lighting is indeed strange. My uneducated guess is that this area has fluorescent lighting whereas the other places have sodium gas discharge lamps. I do not find your question stupid :)

  • Comment 159616 by
    sacha787 151 Comments

    Thanks for this nice TR.
    I didn't know CX had refurbished their old 772s!

    • Comment 336420 by
      hkflyer AUTHOR 5 Comments

      They have actually refurbished all their equipment except 747 and A340 to be phrased out totally within this year and next year. (I also didnt realise this until this trip, always thought they kept the old hardshell one for regional A333 and 777-200/300)

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