Review of Cathay Pacific flight Nagoya Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX539
Class Economy
Seat 49A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:10
Take-off 10 May 16, 16:10
Arrival at 10 May 16, 19:20
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By 1216
Published on 18th May 2016

Hi all,

This is the return flight for my recent trip from Hong Kong to Nagoya.

photo dsc_1376.
So the trip started with me taking the train from Nagoya downtown to the Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport

photo dsc_1379.
Arriving at the airport, and getting to the departure level

photo dsc_1380.
The Dragon, the symbol for the famous trail of tourist attractions in the middle Japan

photo dsc_1382.
Soon (Sorry didnt take pics of the check in counters…) I was at the airside. The international terminal is actually very small, given the light amount of international traffic to and fro Nagoya. So there are just A FEW shops and then the two main gate corridors.

photo dsc_1383.
The gate corridor. A Korean Air flight was going to depart for Busan

photo dsc_1384.
Our plane today. Cathay A330-300 B-LAR at Gate 18

photo dsc_1389.
Gate 18. Since there were really not much to do or see at the terminal most people were very punctual to get to the gate and were just sitting around waiting to get aboard

photo dsc_1393.
The boarding started on time at 3:30pm (-40mins). It was pretty smooth as most pax were already around the gate.

photo dsc_1394.
At my seat :) And another Cathay flight was arriving at the gate next to us. The B772 will be departing for a NGO-TPE-HKG return flight a little bit later.

photo dsc_1396.
The typical Cathay Econ class seat with the 9" PTV. I still find the small shelf below PTV very useful for putting documents and small stuff. Even though the label mentions no storage during taxi, take-off and landing, basically everyone still put stuff there anytime and the FAs actually know it, the only restriction is no charging of devices via the USB port during taking off and landing

photo dsc_1397.
So I mentioned the boarding was on time and most people were around the gate at that point time because, this flight was actually pretty empty…There were only two HK tours and several dozen other passengers and thats it.

photo dsc_1395.
This is a two class A330-300 with 39 long haul business class seats and 223 Econ seats, and I was sitting at the rear of the front Econ cabin

photo dsc_1399.
Safety video being shown

photo dsc_1401.
Pushing back

photo dsc_1403.
Raining heavily outside and taxiing to the runway (Only one runway at this airport)

photo dsc_1405.
Taking off! All the rainwaters were running to the rear side

photo dsc_1409.
Bye Nagoya! Until next time

photo dsc_1410.
It was an estimated 3hr 40mins flight and the captain mentioned during the pre-flight announcement that they encountered "quite a few bumps" when they flied from Hong Kong to Nagoya previously in the afternoon, so they would expect the same pretty much on this return trip.

photo dsc_1413.
Peanuts and drink served typically

photo dsc_1415.
Flying over the cloud layer, up to 40,000 ft!

photo dsc_1418.
The early dinner was served. The appetizer is Korean vermicelli salad, with bread, a biscuit (where is my haagen dazs…..), and the entree. The choices were either Japanese seafood curry rice or chicken rice. Nowadays a small bottle of water is served along the meal on Cathay's flights.

photo dsc_1419.
I picked the curry rice because I love Japanese curry :) The entree was actually delicious for me (Probably I like the traditional fast-food type of Japanese curry anyway…)

photo dsc_1430.
So it turned out it was much more than "quite a few bumps"…The weather over Japan was very unstable and we kept running into cloud layers and there were so much turbulence that the service was suspended continually all the way over Taiwan till almost arriving in Hong Kong

As usual when approaching HK the transit flight info was displayed on the PTV

photo dsc_1437.
Evening :) (Sitting on the West side so cant reli appreciate the sun)

photo dsc_1444.
The cabin lights were turned off for the landing

photo dsc_1450.
Getting down back to below to the cloud layer (Hong Kong was suffering from very bad weather in that week as well)

photo dsc_1452.
The sky was completely dark by the time we arrived in Hong Kong

Scheduled departure: 1610 JST
Actual departure: 1625 JST
Scheduled arrival: 1920 HKT
Actual arrival: 1918 HKT
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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew7.0

Nagoya - NGO


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It was another smooth short-haul flight at Cathay Pacific. It was quite comfortable partly because the cabin was not fully occupied and the meal was not too bad (You can argue it was not really a fancy meal as some people really pursuit for). The cabin crew on this flight provided good services although they were not really smiling a lot, projecting a bit cool image but anyway. Can't wait for the next journey !

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    WanWan 18 Comments
    A nice flight report. I really like your photos style. Last flew with CX in 2006 on the route SUB-HKG-LHR, almost ten years, so this report help me to illustrate my next trip along CX in August 2016 on the route CKG-HKG-PEK

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