Review of El Al Israel Airlines flight Munich Tel Aviv in Economy

Flight LY354
Class Economy
Seat 49J
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 03 Jul 14, 10:50
Arrival at 03 Jul 14, 15:30
LY 35 reviews
By 1757
Published on 14th March 2016
Some pictures from Germany:

And a little bit from Austria:
photo DSC_3989photo DSC_3993photo DSC_4069_70_71_tonemapped

After week and half in Germany, we arrvied early in the morning to MUC airport.
We returen our car in SIXT and then We tried to find Terminal A1F. (Secluded terminal for Israeli flights)
After long walkings like idiots in the terminal, We came back and found the terminal.
Before the terminal there's a lot of police man and police cars.
In the entry of the terminal there's police man that checks that You really have a flight in his list.

The secutiry inspection is serious. They checking everything. The security man even checked my camera lens to check that it's really lens…

The terminal is very clean but very small. It's enough for the flights, because most of the time, Israeli airlines that arrive to MUC using aircrafts like B737, A320, EMB190/195 and B753.
There's only caffetria (very expensive) and small duty free shop (still better than the duty free in TXL airport…)

The bus took us to the aircraft that was connected to gate.

Some photos from the bus:

Aircraft Infomation:
Boeing 737-800
4X-EKA, the first B738 in ELAL fleet
In service since February 1999

Some photos during taxi:

The wing is little dirty…

As you can see, police car escorting the aircraft. I saw police car like this in FRA also.

Take off photos: (Sorry that the photos not so good because I sat in the middle seat…)
photo DSC_4524photo DSC_4548photo DSC_4565

Shortly after take off, 20-30 minutes, the crew served crackes with soft drinks:
photo 20140703_113250

One hour and 15 minutes after take off, the crew served meal:
photo 20140703_121203photo 20140703_121233
I could choose between meal with pasta with bolognese souce or meal with meat balls.
My meal included: Pasta with bolognese souce, Hummus salad, pita bread, salad, some cake, vinaigrette sauce, water and hot drinks.

The meal was very tasty. I think that It's enough for 4 hours flight.
During the flight I went to the rear galley and the crew served me cold drinks.

Cabin during cruise:
photo DSC_4570

Hope for nice trip like that trip was. I enjoyed so much.
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