Review of Turkish Airlines flight Johannesburg Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK41
Class Economy
Seat 18D
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 09:35
Take-off 26 Dec 14, 19:45
Arrival at 27 Dec 14, 05:20
TK   #12 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 441 reviews
Yonatan Paz
By 2284
Published on 15th March 2016
Hi and hello back to my flight reports!

This report consists my trip to South Africa for travelling and visit friends. My schedule is as follow:
TK IST-CPT (via Johannesburg) Y A333 -
TK JNB-CPT Y A333 (Same plane, same flight from Istanbul) - YOU ARE HERE!
Me and my family planned to fly to South Africa to meet friedns and celebrate a for one of them. We decided to went nearly christmas, because there is a vacation from school. We used our United Miles and payed 37.5K for each direction. We hadn't so many choices to fly from Tel Aviv to Cape Town on Star Alliance, our choices were Ethiopian Airlines (TLV-ADD B738, ADD-JNB B77L, JNB-CPT SA A319) or Turkish Airlines (TLV-IST TK A332, IST-JNB-CPT TK A333). We decided to book TK flights, as we can stay at the CIP lounge, TK service is better than ET and TK flight is a red-eye flight as not as ET flight.
Turkish will start non-stop Cape Town service from November, I think that flights will be operate also on A330-300. It will cut the flight length from 13h10m to 11h.

Connection in Johannesburg Airport:
I landed at 6.20PM and my flight to IST was schelude to 7.45PM. In my opnion the airport has a good contidion but the transafer to the international terminal can be longer than excepted. The main hall at the Terminal:
photo IMG_20141226_183538_1024x768
Security checks and immigration efficlency were faster than excepted.
A panoramic view:
photo IMG_20141226_190244-PANOphoto IMG_20141226_190249

Durning my connection I was entered into the Duty-Free shops which are OK and I hear a call of (Mr. Paz go to gate 24 immidetaly!!!). I left everything and run into gate 24, which is a bus gate.
Our plane, TC-JNO, A330-300 from the bus window:
photo IMG_20141226_192239
Turkish Airbus A330-300 or an old Boeing 767-300ER of El Al to taking me home? I chose TK!

Safety video:
photo IMG_20141226_193809
Seat pitch on TK A330 is tight:
photo IMG_20141226_193819
each seat has a power outlet under the seat, USB and HDMI connection:
photo IMG_20141226_200442

Cabin before taxi:
photo IMG_20141226_193827
South African A340-300 had been parking next to us:
photo IMG_20141226_193839
Before takeoff:
photo IMG_20141226_200302
Bye Johannesburg (By local people: Jo'burg)!
photo IMG_20141226_200945
I asked for coke durning the pre-meal service:
photo IMG_20141226_210128
Dinner included mashed potatos, vegetebales, sliced chicken, 2 salades, ban, cheese and a honey cake i guess. I orderd to drink orange juice and Efes beer (Turkish local beer, "Efes Pilsen", "Andoulu Efes")
photo IMG_20141226_215521
After watching one or two movies we were behind the Ecuator line, passed Nairboi and the Kilimanjaro:

Durning the rest of the flight I tried to sleep the 4 hours until the breakfast service but I was seated next to a Danish family that their kids starting bother me and put their legs near me till I was talking to their parents….. ugly and horrible.
Breakfast service was started 1h30m before landing and included an omelette, sliced fruits, ban and some cheeses.I got water and coffe for waking up, Meal was just OK, nothing more above it:
photo IMG_20141227_033908
photo IMG_20141227_050525

We landed at 5.15AM in Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Disembarking the airplane:
photo IMG_20141227_052153
We got a bus gate and the temparture was 0 degrees at this time….. so cold and unexceptable!
photo IMG_4535photo IMG_4538
Thank you for watching!!! Don't forget to left a comment and look in my other reports!
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Johannesburg - JNB


Istanbul - IST





  • Comment 159939 by
    MrMax 143 Comments

    Hi Yonatan!,
    It seems that TK is offering a great JNB-IST product. When I flew EK on EK764 (a flight with almost identacal timing), I didn't get a 2nd hot meal. TKs catering looks great. See my FR (recently published).

    • Comment 336795 by
      Yonatan Paz AUTHOR 57 Comments

      Hi MrMax,
      I really like your EK report, and I would like to try one of their flight (maybe on MXP-JFK or GIG-EZE routes).
      IST-JNB flight time is about 9 hours, and IST-DXB flight time is about 7.5 hours so that's the reason for getting a light meal/snack and not a hot meal like on my flight. Sometimes I prefer to get a cold meal than a omelet with a lot of oil and un-baked ban. Thank you for comment in my report!

  • Comment 160121 by
    KévinDC TEAM 3911 Comments

    South Africa is popular this week, with 2 reports in a row from Jo'burg! TK offers a great product for Economy, aside from the seat pitch that looks tight. Catering looks good as always ok TK, they are known for their good catering.

    I hope you had a good time in South Africa. It is one of my favorite places I've visited and hope to go back in the next few years.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 336794 by
      Yonatan Paz AUTHOR 57 Comments

      Hi Kevin the manager!
      I had been seen that you like South Africa so much! South Africa is a great choice for vacation and it's my 4th time there! TK offers a great product, nice cabin crew and great meals, But I think that I will stop using their flight as the attack in Istanbul last weekend. Next report will be about the A346 of SAA on CPT-JNB route, stay here!

    • Comment 336798 by
      KévinDC TEAM 3911 Comments

      Sounds good! Don't hesitate to put bonus tourist pics of South Africa :-)
      It is sad about the attacks in Istanbul. I hope it doesn't hurt TK's business too much.

  • Comment 371351 by
    bryoobee 3 Comments

    Great staff there. i believe you had a wonderful flight and i have never been to a place where temperature get to zero i hope i will mange when i visit Istanbul. how many hour is it to fly from JHB to IST?


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