Review of El Al Israel Airlines flight Tel Aviv Dubai in Economy

Flight LY973
Class Economy
Seat 27K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 12 May 21, 13:10
Arrival at 12 May 21, 17:50
LY 39 reviews
Yonatan Paz
By 2087
Published on 21st September 2021

Hello and welcome to the first flight report that describes a commercial flight between Israel and the UAE since launching diplomatic relations.

A short brief about israel normalize agreements with arab countries

On August 2020 Israel had signed on peace and normalize agreements with four Arab countries included United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. four months after the agreement was signed, commercial direct flights began to operate from Israel to the UAE and back.


As September 2021 there are many airlines that fly between two countries:

El Al flies to Dubai with the 738, 739, 788 and the 789.
Israir flies to Dubai with the A320.
Arkia flies to Dubai with the A21N and the E95.

 FlyDubai flies to Tel Aviv with the B3M8.
 Etihad flies to Tel Aviv with 789 and A320.
Wizz Air flies from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv with the A21N. 

All in all, there is a great competition on these two routes (DXB-TLV and AUH-TLV). Fares starts from 12$ per direction with Wizz Air.  


I've checked the prices of the flight tickets from Tel Aviv to Dubai 2 months before the flights. 

Firstly I wanted to try flyDubai but  the price was expensive like 620$ for round trip tickets with only hand luggage. 
Arkia was cheaper, flight price was around 320$ but it was boring to flight on a regular Embarer.
Than I saw El Al's flight for 390$ with a suitcase. I decided to move it on as the hours of the flight was great and the flight scheduled to operate with a brand new 787-9 Dreamliner, an airplane model that I didn't fly on.

Israelis are requested to have a VISA to Dubai, I made it for 110$. Also I had to bring a proof of a negative PCR test, I made it in TLV airport 48 hours before the flight for 10$.    

day of the flight

I went out to the Airport at 9AM as the flight was scheduled to 1:10PM. TLV airport was pretty empty as tourist aren't allowed to visit Israel yet. Check in and security were fast and I had at least 2 hours to "burn" at the airside, so I made some spotting.

photo 20210512_085123photo 20210512_085647

There were more than 12 flight from TLV to DXB and AUH on that day!

photo 20210512_101558

Spotting at tlv airport:

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-8 will depart to Addis Ababa (ADD), Ethiopia:

photo 20210512_113649

Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 landed from Kiev (KBP), Ukraine while United Airlines Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner will depart soon to Newark (EWR), NJ, USA:

photo 20210512_104708

Flydubai Boeing 737-800 landed from Dubai (DXB), United Arab Emirates:

photo 20210512_122634

Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner landed from Abu Dhabi (AUH), United Arab Emirates:

photo 20210512_121040photo 20210512_121417

The duty free area in TLV Airport:

photo 20210512_113327

El Al Boeing 737-800 will depart later to Larnaca (LCA), Cyprus:

photo 20210512_112810

There aren't many flights of El Al today:

photo 20210512_114059

Waiting at gate D7 to board our flight to Dubai!

photo 20210512_114403

Our Airplane is waiting at the gate! A brand new 787-9 Dreamliner of El Al, reg 4X-EDJ

photo 20210512_123836

boarding the 787 dreamliner of el al

Boarding was quickly as the flight was 40% full, I was the first passenger to board the airplane so I had a great opportunity to explore the cabin

Premium Economy in 2-3-2 configuration: 

photo 20210512_124604photo 20210512_130828

Economy Class in 3-3-3 configuration:

photo 20210512_124612

Business Class in 1-2-1 configuration:

photo 20210512_130804photo 20210512_130755photo 20210512_130812

The pitch in Economy Class is quite good!

photo 20210512_124734

A giant 12" screen was in the seat before mine:

photo 20210512_124716

I got a kit with masks:

photo 20210512_132003

The planned route for today's flight with a total flight time of 3:30 hours:

photo 20210512_131504

Passengers board the aircraft;

photo 20210512_124718-16798

Great view of the massive wing!

photo 20210512_124738

Taxi was made on time!

photo 20210512_132808

Our flight on flightradar24:

photo screenshot_20210512-133714_flightradar24photo screenshot_20210512-133705_flightradar24

Taxi to Runway 08 bound to Dubai:

photo 20210512_133747

Take off and the flight

photo 20210512_133800photo 20210512_133827

Flying over Jerusalem:

photo 20210512_133957

Flying near the Dead Sea, Entering into the Jordanian airspace:

photo 20210512_134644

The snack for today's flight was a bottle of water and a corned-beef sandwich, The sandwich wwas very tasty. No hot meals were delivered to Economy Class passengers due to the pandemic: 

photo 20210512_140150



Israeli aircraft flies over  the Saudi airspace!

photo 20210512_143851

Flying over Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

photo 20210512_152056

The games that were installed in the IFE:

photo 20210512_152051

Over the Saudi Desert! What a insane view!

photo 20210512_155814photo 20210512_160120

There was a self-service bar at the rear galley of the aircraft! Nice thing for 3.5 hours flight!

photo 20210512_155550

Window was dimmed by me:

photo 20210512_151701

All in all, El Al's Economy Class is a wonderful product!

photo 20210512_151711

Enter text here…

getting closer to dubai and approaching

photo 20210512_161420photo 20210512_161531

Starting our descend to DXB:

photo 20210512_163835photo 20210512_164031photo 20210512_163924

After a perfect landing in DXB airport!

photo 20210512_164735

Cabin after landing:

photo 20210512_164932

Taxing to our gate, you can see an A320 aircraft of Israir before take off to Tel Aviv (TLV), Israel:

photo 20210512_165041

Bye bye 789 Dreamliner and thanks to you and El Al's cabin crew for a wonderful flight, also in COVID times!

photo 20210512_170221

Taking our luggage and going to explore Dubai and the the amazing country !

photo 20210512_173348
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El Al Israel Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Tel Aviv - TLV


Dubai - DXB



It was a great flight onboard El Al's brand new Dreamliner! I had a dream to visit Dubai and it happend!

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6719 Comments
    Hi Yonatan, thanks so much for sharing this first report on the new and symbolically important TLV-DXB route!

    There were more than 12 flight from TLV to DXB and AUH on that day!

    Wow, that's so much traffic demand that was left on the table for years before normalisation of relations

    Premium Economy in 2-3-2 configuration:

    That's a good-looking W cabin. Design is very chic. El Al have come a long way recently with cabin design

    The Economy cabin looks quite nice as well, and the seat-back USB port is conveniently placed--much better than under the screen, as is more often seen.

    The catering is a bit disappointing, but understandable for a short regional flight during the pandemic. A sandwich and snacks is fine for a 3h flight, but EY provide full hot meal on TLV-AUH.

    Thanks for sharing!

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