Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Chengdu in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL891
Class Business
Seat 3a
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 09:45
Take-off 13 Mar 16, 20:55
Arrival at 14 Mar 16, 13:40
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Published on 23rd March 2016
This is the second report for my trip to Nanjing, China.

The flights are as follows:

MAN-AMS KL1094 -
AMS-CTU KL891 - this report
CTU-NKG 3U8993


I arrived in AMS from my connecting flight late and only had around an hour before my departure for Chengdu. I headed for my gate, F06 from my arrival at the D gates. The departure board was saying that I should head to the gate for boarding to begin 45 mins before departure. That seemed far too early for my liking especially as there was the Crown Lounge to explore at the end of this pier!

photo IMG_4469a

I figured I could have a quick look in the lounge anyway.

photo IMG_4470photo IMG_4471bphoto IMG_4472a

There wasn't a great variety of stuff and I didn't notice any warm meals on offer. Perhaps it was too late for that. I sampled a bit of dutch cheese and a glass of juice before heading back out. At least here there was a little bit of space to sit unlike in Manchester. I also noticed that there were signs for improvements going on in the lounge as well. Hopefully even better things are to come.

At the gate I used the sky priority lane and boarded my 747-combi for China.

photo IMG_4473aphoto IMG_4474aphoto IMG_4475a

I took my seat in 3A. I wanted to hang my coat in the wardrobe it the front but couldn't see any hangers and there was no cabin crew to take it for me. So far not great service. Here is the IFE screen and plenty of room for my legs. The Ottoman was a bit of a stretch to get to :P

photo IMG_4476a

And the magazines and safety card.

photo IMG_4477a

Finally, I was offered a drink. I took the champagne and handed my coat to be hung up.

photo IMG_4478a

The amenity kits were then handed out and included al the usual: toothbrush, comb, socks, ear plugs,eye mask and pen (which I almost immediately lost down the side of the seat, nevermind.

photo IMG_4479photo IMG_4480

The headphones were nice too and did a decent job of blocking out the background noise.

photo IMG_4481a

Here's a little better look at the IFE. I knew straight away what I would be watching tonight - Star Wars VII.

photo IMG_4482

The menus were soon handed out. Although I had already order my special vegetarian meal, here were the choices for tonight's flight.

I was asked for my order, and said that I was to have the special meal. Surely the FA should have known this already, or am I expecting a little too much from the business class service? The captain came down and had a chat to each of the business class passengers and mentioned that they were having problems with the power sockets at the seats, but offered to charge any devices we might want up in the cockpit in turn.

Time for push back and the safety video with the KLM blue delft tiles.

photo IMG_4490photo IMG_4491photo IMG_4492

Once up in the air, we were offered a choice of cheese or nuts. I took the nuts and ordered a gin and tonic.

photo IMG_4494aphoto IMG_4496

Shortly after the real meal service began. Today I was having a quinoa salad with grilled aubergines, and quite nice it was too. It was served with some bread and a small salad and I opted for a glass of sauvignon blanc to with it.

photo IMG_4497photo IMG_4498

Once finished the plate was taken away (but not the tray and used salad bowl etc. and the main course came along. This was some ravioli and was served with another bread roll. It wasn't a particularly amazing meal.

photo IMG_4499

The tray was taken this time and I chose the cheese for dessert.

photo IMG_4500

After finishing my film, it was now time for bed. I reclined my seat into a fully flat position and got comfy in my blanket looking forward to my first proper sleep in the sky without being wedged into an economy seat. Bliss. Unfortunately I don't sleep well on flights and although it was much more comfortable I remained awake for the most part. But I can say I didn't have to endure and neck stiffness in the morning.

Once the lights came on, I checked our position. I wasn't particularly impressed with the different views the IFE scrolled through. They all seemed to be either too zoomed out or too zoomed in, so it was quite difficult to get a good idea of exactly where we were. But here we are somewhere to the north west of Chengdu.

photo IMG_4501aphoto IMG_4503a

The view outside was just rather monotonous brown mountains and then it clouded over for the rest of the approach.

Breakfast is served.

photo IMG_4504photo IMG_4505

Some rather random raisins and cheese (no bread or biscuits) with a bean/potato/egg combination, a croissant and yoghurt and fruit.

Before landing we were offered a choice of Delft blue houses.

photo IMG_4507a

Arrival in Chengdu, China.

And here was my plane for the trip.

photo IMG_4514a

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Amsterdam - AMS


Chengdu - CTU



On this my first long haul business class flight, I thought the food was pretty good. There was a good range of films available on the IFE although the flight tracker was either too distant or too close to be of much good.

It was great to have a flat bed to (try to) sleep on. I think the service however was pretty average. I had expected more from business class (maybe too much).

From what I saw of the lounge, it was ok.

Would I fly KLM business again. Probably. I'm looking forward to my AF return flight as a comparison.



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  • Comment 160278 by
    marathon BRONZE 9876 Comments
    Could you rotate the portrait pictures ? There are too many in this report for comfortable reading.
    Thanks !
  • Comment 160280 by
    pitcain747 92 Comments
    FR partiellement raté du au trop nombreuses photos de travers. Faut un début a tout et le prochain sera parfait j'en suis certain !
  • Comment 160293 by
    5x11 1 Comments
    Definitely need to please rotate the photos. Makes the report really hard to read!
  • Comment 160305 by
    BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments
    Thanks for letting me know everybody, strangely they look fine on my computer....
  • Comment 160311 by
    KL651 TEAM 4527 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.

    Well, the Crown Lounge sure is nothing to get excited about.

    The KL's amenity kit definitely needs to be updated!

    When flying business, oredring a special meal usually means getting something of lesser quality than the standard J options, this is actually the reverse of Y class food where special meals are usually better.

    Looking forward to reading the FRs of next flights.
    • Comment 336993 by
      BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments
      Thanks for reading.

      Yes the crown lounge isn't particulary exciting but at least it saves you a tidy sum in some of the foodoutlets in AMS.

      Certainly the amenity kit could do with a bit of something, it's not better than the stuff you get in economy with eg Singapore or Virgin.

      The food wasn't all bad, just the main was a bit meh. I quite enjoyed the starter. I've had a mixed bag with Y special meals in the past, they can either be great, (Kenya, Singapore) or really bad (some US carriers).

  • Comment 160318 by
    CounterSurprise 80 Comments
    Speak of the devil - KLM will update it's amenity kit starting March 27! - (in Dutch). Thanks for the report - enjoyed it!
  • Comment 160321 by
    Scott05 566 Comments
    Thank you for this FR :)
    The main plus on this trip is the updated seat and IFE.
    However the meal is not very appealing. Perhaps you'll be luckier on the return flight ;)
    • Comment 337009 by
      BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments
      Yes having a proper flat bed at night is really great and the IFE was plenty big enough with a good choice of films. I hope AF has a similar selection as there were some choices I haven't seen yet and and would like to watch.

      I'm not expecting a great veggie meal on AF though. We all know the French don't do vegetarian!
  • Comment 160331 by
    marathon BRONZE 9876 Comments
    I would not grade 10 in comfort an aircraft which does not provide power for my laptop in business class.
    I would not grade 8.5 an IFE whose airshow does not provide a clear information on where you are.
    This FR is much more pleasant once the pictures are correctly oriented. Thanks for fixing this, and for sharing your flight !
    • Comment 337010 by
      BobbieD AUTHOR 95 Comments
      To be fair the power really wasn't a problem. As this was a night flight it was very much a eat, sleep, eat, land experience. There was very little time to do anything else. I don't think I saw anyone trying to do some work.

      The IFE lost the 1.5 points because of the strange flight views. Otherwise the screen was of a good size in a position that was great for viewing and with a good choice of films.

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