Review of LAN Argentina flight Sao Paulo Buenos Aires in Economy

Airline LAN Argentina
Flight LA4541
Class Economy
Seat 22L
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 07 Mar 16, 11:15
Arrival at 07 Mar 16, 14:20
4M 6 reviews
By 1202
Published on 25th March 2016
Hi! This is the last part of the series of reports from my trip to New York City last month.

So I had landed at 7.55 on flight JJ8103 from JFK and I still had about 3 hours for my flight to Buenos Aires. As I mentioned in my previous report, this time I arrived to Terminal 3 in GRU and I was departing from this terminal as well.

When I booked my trip, I was really looking forward to get to know this new terminal they opened for World Cup in 2014. I remember I was twice in GRU on the beginning of that year, and they were still building the structure.

The European side of GRU

photo 2016-03-07_08-25-08

Swiss Airbus 340

photo 2016-03-07_08-31-51

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 “Fanhansa”

photo 2016-03-07_08-41-50

More Terminal 3

photo 2016-03-07_08-43-43

Duty Free and food court

photo 2016-03-07_08-45-07

I found a place where they serve açaí! What is açaí? It’s a tropical fruit from the Amazon. They freeze it and crush it, and the final result is like a sorbet. They eat it with muesli, and it’s a great source of energy.

photo 2016-03-07_09-02-59

LAN Argentina Airbus 320 arriving from EZE. This was the aircraft it took. Register: LV-BET

photo 2016-03-07_09-22-03

Another view for LV-BET, next to a TAM Airbus 320, departing to EZE as well, at almost the same time

photo 2016-03-07_10-14-28

Argentineans really anxious for boarding haha!

photo 2016-03-07_10-32-22

Date: 07/03/16
Origin: Sao Paulo – Guarulhos GRU
Destination: Buenos Aires – Ezeiza EZE
Scheduled departure: 11.15 (11.35 real)
Scheduled arrival: 14.20 (13.55 aprox real)

At 10.45 the boarding started. The flight was 100% full. Most passengers were Argentineans connecting flights to get back home. From what I heard most people were coming from MIA. So maybe because of that, the airline agents knew there will be some people will be bringing extra cabin luggage pieces. During boarding they announced that if they see any passengers with more than 2 cabin luggage pieces they will have to dispatch one. So at the entrance of the plane there were a lot of people waiting to dispatch the extra luggage. When I heard this I worried, because I had my backpack and a huge bag where I put my big winter coat. But they didn’t say anything to me.

Acceptable leg space

photo 2016-03-07_10-46-54

United Boeing 777 near us

photo 2016-03-07_10-47-28

At 11 the captain and the chief FA introduced their selves and we taxied to the runway. At 11.35 we took off and headed west.

photo 2016-03-07_11-33-18

I had amazing views from the city. I even could recognize some neighborhoods, the Paulista Avenue, etc.

photo 2016-03-07_11-36-03

When we reached cruise altitude, the FAs delivered lunch service. There was a cheese and ham sandwich and cold or hot drinks. Pretty poor, but it’s a 2 hour flight…

photo 2016-03-07_12-18-09

Something interesting about this flight was that there was available wifi service for in flight entertainment. There is an app for Android and iOS that must be downloaded before the flight (because wifi only works for this app), and you can access to the all the contents that include films, TV series, also you can follow the air map. I knew about this but I completely forgot to download the app. thankfully there is a chance to access this by the internet browser on your portable device.

photo 2016-03-07_13-04-49photo 2016-03-07_13-21-34photo 2016-03-07_13-21-48

LAN’s Airbus 320 doesn’t have PTVs, so this is an excellent way to entertain yourself!

The flight was quite short, and I didn’t want to focus on a long film, so I watched the air map, and enjoyed views from the window.

photo 2016-03-07_13-24-59photo 2016-03-07_13-39-59

At 13.45 we started descending quickly over Buenos Aires

Rio de la Plata

photo 2016-03-07_13-43-43

Buenos Aires Federal District

photo 2016-03-07_13-44-44

Ezeiza Airport

photo 2016-03-07_13-47-55

We made some turnings, and I don’t know why, this never happened to me before, but my ears started hurting me so bad, I scared a bit. Even they hurt when we landed. I took some chewing gum quickly, but it didn’t help.

At 13.55 we landed and headed to Terminal A

photo 2016-03-07_13-54-43photo 2016-03-07_13-59-59photo 2016-03-07_14-14-47

Migrations and Customs were a breeze. Only the suitcase delivery took more than I expected.

photo 2016-03-07_14-16-09photo 2016-03-07_14-23-49

From there I took a shuttle to the bus Terminal in Retiro, and from there a bus to my home city
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LAN Argentina

Cabin crew8.0

Sao Paulo - GRU


Buenos Aires - EZE



It was a very short flight. I enjoyed from getting to know Terminal 3 in GRU. The flight was OK. The FAs were very kind. The entertainment system through wifi is definitely a great offer.

Information on the route Sao Paulo (GRU) Buenos Aires (EZE)


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  • Comment 160401 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 803 Comments

    Gracias por compartir. Me encantaron la fotos! Nunca he estado en Sao Paulo, y la foto que pusiste es increíble. Es un océano urbano!

    Me llamó la atención lo de la Liegada en la app de LAN.

    • Comment 337176 by
      viajero90 AUTHOR 94 Comments

      Gracias por el comentario! Me alegro que te haya gustado
      Realmente es increíble sobrevolar Sao Paulo. Me acuerdo la vez que estuve, subí al mirador de la torre Banespa, y aún hasta el horizonte solo se veían edificios.
      Lo de la liegada será porque la app está en portuñol? Jajaja

  • Comment 160464 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR!

    Overall not an impressive performance by LA. I do find the catering very underwhelming for a 2-hour international flight during a meal time. If this flight was from 2pm to 4pm then maybe a snack is okay, but not during the main meal hours.

    Is the content on personal devices free? UA offers free content, but their moving map is nowhere close to as good as LA's. The LA moving map is quite nice for personal device use.

    Nice weather for spotting in GRU.

    • Comment 337178 by
      viajero90 AUTHOR 94 Comments

      Thanks for your comment!
      The catering serive was poor for the time of the flight. They should have served something hot maybe. But I think LAN doesn't offer any hot food on Airbus 320 aircraft...even in Premium Economy class..perhaps they dont't have ovens..

      All the content on the app is free. That really makes the difference. I remember flying LAN some years ago on simmilar aircraft without PTVs, with nothing to do, specially on those night flights you can't sleep. So this improves a lot the experience onboard!

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